14 thoughts on “Model Monday *35”

  1. Nice boy. Very pretty eyes. It’s easier to see his eyes in some of the pics at “The Ones 2 Watch” link.

  2. A new Tadzio! Most handsome teenager. Let’s wish him success as a model. Thanks, Claude

  3. Such a lovely and knowing face…. lovely lips and eyes, I like the nose. He is gorgeous.

    I still miss Vladik lost just a little over a year ago. He just popped into my mind for some reason.

  4. Ay q lindo, donde te encontrare?? quiero conocerte con animos de tenerte para siempre…

  5. What a beautiful angelic face Jonatan has; i wish him every success in his modelling career. I especially love his lips and gorgeous eyes. Thanks for this picture.

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