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    1. As he gets older??? Fuck as he gets older!!! He’s hot, hot, hot right now!!! And as usual, Josh has picked the best photo of him. Now all we need to do is to shrink those shorts down a few sizes so they are skin tight.

  1. Are you sure he’s only 15?? He’d be the tallest 15-yr. old I’ve ever seen… I’d have said 17-18 y.o. from his height and face. Smart outfits on his site, though – a natural model.

    1. He does look older than 15. The clothes have that 1940’s style which was a great time in fashion for men and women. I love the short shorts as an american boy would not be caught dead wearing them. Yes, he is a natural model. It is a lot like acting, you take on a role.

  2. Wow I love short shorts. If I cut off jeans I make them short like that, wish that would be the style this summer. He is a cute.

  3. I love the clothes. When I was about that age, (centuries ago) my parents were once approached by an agency that wanted to have me model clothes. Of course my homophobe, superstud, bar room brawling father would have none of it. I always thought it woulld be so much fun. I think this kid is having fun as a model and I’ll bet he gets to keep the clothes. Beautiful kid and he would have been my type.

  4. Cute lad. When I was young my calves and thighs were thin like this. Then I started running, walking, and biking. Tehe :)


  5. I don’t care how old he is, he is certainly handsome in the kind of unreal way professional models are. I bet he felt ridiculous putting those shorts on though as, let’s face it, how many teen boys would choose to wear short shorts these days? When was the last time you saw a boy wearing them? When i was a kid in the 80s the addidas shorts we wore were so short that they would probably be considered provocative today.

  6. ‘Bout damn time !!!!!!

    Those shorts would not have been considered “short” back when I was in junior high and high school. I’ve watched the last few years as girls’ fashions have returned to what girls wore when I was in jr. high and HS – skin tight, hip hugger jeans, even some bell botttoms – but have been disappointed that the boys kept wearing long shorts – sometimes goofy long, like to the ankle – and baggy jeans.

    Hopefully skin tight high hugger jeans and shorts that are actually “short” are finally coming back into style for boys.

    1. I agree! I’ve been talking for years with people (both inside and outside of the fashion/modelling industry) about a fashion revival for men and boys. I’ve met so many like minded people who believe that short shorts, skintight jeans, leggings, bike shorts, and briefs are long overdue for a comeback.

      I used to run a popular e-community for non-gender conforming boys back in the day, and there were regular discussions about the growing disparity between girls and boys dress choices. Because clothing options were so limited, many of the boys would regularly buy clothes in the girls department (and this was back in an even less tolerant era, when challenging the conventions of fashion was still unheard of.)

      Unfortunately it may still prove to be an uphill battle for men in America thanks to our increasingly conservative mores and rigidly heterocentric gender roles. Ugh. The puritanical elite see it fit to curb any trend that does not bespeak the “overtly masculine ideal”. I’m actually surprised to see that skinny jeans made it this far :)


      1. HI prettyangelboi….I fully agree with your views. The situation has reached such a point that a six-year-old boy throws tantrums to wear shorts that are just above the knees whereas a sixty year old lady doesn’t think twice to wear short shorts even ignoring her fluppy shape !! I am waiting for the short shorts to stage a come back for boys and men like in the seventies and eighties. But I think….this is not going to happen as the society is getting more and more homophobic day by day….Thanks.

  7. This lad has beautiful legs and a very handsome face.He is tall for 15 years old but,I would love to see in person how tall he is. I did modeling when I was younger and it was loads of fun.Never got any free clothing but it still was fun.I wonder if the teens in the Netherlands wear this short shorts.

  8. Somebody get this guy a grilled cheese sandwich stat! A little too “boney”.

    Also, he should do some nude sunbathing. Farmer’s tan on the legs was too distracting for me.

  9. The super slender figure is what goes down well in Milano and Paris. As to the farmer’s tan well as I say: he probably does sun bathe but in long boardies. I can’t see this look selling too well tbh. Probably designed by some queen of a designer with wishful thinking on his mind :)

  10. @Michael : No not seen them the times I have been over there: usual US inspired below knee baggy stuff.

  11. He is tall for his age. My mom side of the family is dutch and we’re all short lol

  12. This lad was born March 28th 1995. He is 6’2” tall. In is other pictures he has very outstanding cheek bones which don’t show up in this photo.He is a very good looking lad and most likely he well go far in his modeling career.

  13. Statistically the Dutch are the tallest nation in Europe. Regarding skinny jeans they have (thankfully) made a come back in Britain and can look sooo sexy on some boys, but short shorts seem to have gone for good sadly…

    1. I totally agree about skinnies. I love the fact that pretty much all guys wear them now. Still not sure if I should get some, uncertain if they’d suit me.

  14. I appreciate a lot his slim and smooth legs, long and lovely. His delicate knees turn me on.

  15. In Australia the boiz are leading the revolt against Amerikan fashion fascism.
    They wear Bonds briefs or boxer-briefs and Ozzies Rules shorts which are proper shorts.
    The daze of boiz looking ridiculous in calf length big baggie boardies and underpants like a tent underneath are, happily, on the wane.

    1. That is so good to hear. I am so tired of looking at butt cleavege and gangsta dress replete with the walk, the talk and the attitude. But that is our american mochizmo driven culture. Shave your head and work on your mean mug and six pack but by all means do not look sexy. That is reserved for the bitches and the queers. I am now happily retired in Eugene where I don’t have to look at that.

      1. Bruce, you have that right. I also am so tired of seeing all this exposed underwear and shapeless clothes the youngsters wear, along with their attitudes and so forth. When I was in my teens, we all wore tight jeans that showed off our figures, and all seasons of the year we wore as little clothing as possible, including very short cut offs in the summer, as well as very short school issued gym shorts. The girls back then were the complete opposite, dressing very conservatively with pleated dresses and sweaters showing very little. In the mid ’80’s was when it all changed, and all of this baggy clothes arrived on the scene, and it’s been dreadful ever since.

  16. I noticed the difference in looks in some of his other pictures. There’s one where he looks much older, he has layers of foundation that would need an ice pick to remove and looks painfully thin and not as attractive as here which is a obviously a very natural pose. I disagree with the fashion world’s stick thin preference to be honest. And as to Australia and the shorts it’s good to know. America seems to be very prudish. Even on a baking hot florida beach I have not seen one speedo. Go to Brazil, the Med or better still the Black Sea and you will see loads. The Russians are big on them still.

  17. This is the magical ‘changeling’ period where many boys are all arms & legs. I hope that he can look back on these pics someday and feel nothing but the warmest of memories. <3

    1. I’m certain he will. This looks like a very aware and intelligent kid with a well grounded sense of who he is. I just love these sexy, clean and sophisticated types that Josh will often post. The boy on Sport Sunday has this look.

    1. Those are really some nice clothes and look very expensive. I cannot imagine that style of dress taking place in america. Maybe on the upper east or even west coast.

  18. From what I’ve seen on the internet (and I have studied HARD) Dutch boys are the sexiest. Don’t care how short his shorts are, the boy is just adorable. I agree with those who detest the baggy shorts, anyway.

  19. :-)
    Well, here’s my take on this boy / his fashion / etc….
    Josh has chosen one of the better shots of him in shorts. There are a couple other ones, to be sure, and the shorts extend lower on his thighs and lend to an overall balance to the picture. In truth, the best pics are those of just a bit of skin showing amidst a full body of clothing. That, and the “sweeping from one side to the other” hair, and you’ve about nailed the best modeling shots for this boy.
    As for his age, if he’s indeed 15, geeze…. he can only get more beautiful and slay more hearts as he grows older.
    His eyes and facial features are wonderful, and his hair seems to just add to the mood with nearly whatever coiffure the boy dons.
    Nicely done, Josh.
    And to Demy, keep up the good work, kiddo….

  20. He’s a nice looking kid – but if he’s 15… I thought the modelling agencies had decided to put an age limit of 16 on catwalk modelling?
    Hopefully he has the self-assurance and mental strength to Stay a kid for a little longer and resist the pressures to start acting like a grown up.

    1. Given his height and mature looks, I suspect that he may have long been pressured or expected to act older than his years.

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