18 thoughts on “Model Monday *60”

  1. I’m gonna go plant my face in front of him on the other side of the window and make faces until he smiles! I bet he has a wicked cute smile =)

  2. Why posts this old? He is a great looker, I admit. But now a little older with a little belly, wrinkels and getting a bit bold..OKAY, i’ll stop here!

  3. Makhugh; you don’t know shit. I look this lad up and he his 17 years old with no wrinkels or losing his hair.This photo is not taken when he was 17 but he no old dude now .He still has a way to go before he well look like you.

    1. So he is still young? This kid really has a nice face and I like the Nordic look. Anyone can grow old gracefully if they exercise, stay fit, drink moderately and don’t eat like a pig. When he does grow older and takes care of himself, he should have a distinguished look. This is a beautiful guy.

    2. I just talked today to someone who says: you better can stay yourself then trying to be someone you’ re not.
      So I don’t mind my wrinkels. Btw. how many wrinkels do
      you have? We can join maybe!

  4. Sorry but somehow I don’t feel he is attractive at all. Must be the pose or his stare, can’t put my fingers on it.

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