19 thoughts on “Model Monday *61”

    1. lol I didn’t even notice that until I saw the comment. It’s like there’s a hanger hanging up behind him.

  1. That coat hanger is there to hang him out to dry after use…
    Okay…I’m talking rubbish again…

  2. The vacant neutrality of his expression made me have to look twice to make sure he was an actual person, as opposed to some mannequin or very good CGI rendering; the skin is almost too flawless. Perhaps it is the flatness of the lighting.

  3. “Don’t bother doing a Chinese guy… You’re just horny again in an hour…”

    Cute. But the ones that I’ve been with usually had no problems “keeping up” with repeated actions. :-) And being horny for them within the hour just means they can be so damn hot!

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