7 thoughts on “Model Monday *62”

  1. Love this lads hair,plus he has a rather handsome face. Wish I could tell the color of his eyes. I don’t know where you come up with this very good photos Josh,but keep it up,and thanks alot.

  2. He has blue eyes, there are a number of very nice colour photos of this handsome lad online (especially with the modelling agency fashionmodel.it). Amazing hair…

  3. The mop of hair gives a nice, unruly counterpoint to his finely chiseled features. I wish I had this sort of photographic eye. At least in this digital age, I can burn off a 100 frames or so, in the hopes of getting a good shot, without breaking the bank on film and processing.

  4. In the tradition of Benny Hill:
    “Do you know Jack May?”
    “No but thanks for the tip.”

  5. Thanks for the info,Geoffrey.I got some very good pictures saved now because of your info.

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