25 thoughts on “Model Monday *64”

  1. Hot & adorable!! He looks like he is open to a lot things…

    Anybody know how old he is? I am really really bad at guessing ages.

  2. yeah, really beautiful. specially i liked his haircut. but i ask myself in such occasions what can i do then? can i possess the boy? what happens to me after my feelings get involved with his beauty? is it something better than regretting not being with him or being the closest one in the world to him or being able to look at him or have some communication with him all the time? what’s beyond sighing how it would be if i could make all of these come true? just think a bit about it! what’s beyond a boy’s beauty? doesn’t this just collapse and spoil us? what is the thing we could earn during this whole time being gays or interested in young boys? i don’t believe that boys are not beautiful. i don’t believe that this beauty is ignorable. but until when? with what value? we’re reducing ourselves without getting anything and without reaching anywhere. they know our feelings about them? do they pay attention or take care of it? is this a practical way? do they pay the price of our loves? and what do we think to be the value of our love? what do we expect them do in response to our praise? ever asked yourselves this question? when this balance never occurs isn’t it better not to torture ourselves by stimulating our feelings?
    this is my prescription, at least for myself:
    never see a pic of a beautiful boy and never even be looking for it!

    1. It’s torture for me as well. I don’t know what they feel in return but I hope sincerely they feel something. Flattered maybe. I hope they look beyond the possibility that I am old and unattractive and see me as a human like they are. As cheap as that sounds.

    2. jaackov, nothing is permanent. All things perish. That is the real law. The rest is illusion. Admit the void… accept loss forever.

    3. but i really don’t want it to end. i need it to happen. i need it to persist. and if we believe that a Lord has created all of us and knows what we need, he’s more beneficent than can see this can’t happen. i feel this as a serious requirement inside my heart. i’ve also examined many boys during my life. none of them could understand me or even tried to understand me or think about me as an objective subject. understanding me has been a nonsense material for them. maybe i would also do the same if i were a young beautiful sexy boy in response to an old ugly guy. and why it should happen? although they grow and lose their beauties, i can’t expect them to pay attention to a man who has nothing for them.
      oh my beneficent Lord! i’m sure that u’ve not written my fate so tragic. u know what i need…
      sometimes even tears can’t do so much help.

  3. Cute, clean and fresh. face. I can read a lot into this face. I would imagin him to be intelligent, sensitive and sweet.

  4. It doesn’t matter how old this young lad is,because he is just gorgeous. Love to see more of this adorable lad. His expression is just out of this world,beautiful.

  5. I sort of get the feeling I know him just from his expression. I feel like I want to take care of him. If you don’t understand then fuck off.

      1. Oh yes, if course i’d go for that too. Imagine, this beautiful boy with this great expression!

  6. I understand 100% t1mbo. I feel the same and only wish I could,and your right,if there is anyone who doesn’t understand,and they should just fuck off.

  7. it takes me 6 hours to Paris by car (lucky me) and when i think of french boys this lad is what i dream about. Love him.

  8. I’m sure I felt my heart murmur when I saw that face. When I can afford insurance again I will check a hospital…

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