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  1. to thin,artificial hair cut. clothing – nothing fits togther. the face not photgraphed optimal. In some way not attractive.

  2. Long, lean and lithe. He has an athletic structure a dancer or a mid-distance runner would love to have. I love the effeminate persona.

  3. Am I the only one getting tired of looking at the Koreans? Land of Sun Myung Moon, kimchee, and a Christian conversion rate that is going to make it a Christian majority country very soon. Is this guy in the photo supposed to be beautiful? Pray tell.

  4. @Merry Marty: No you are not the only one whose getting tired of all the Koreans. I’am not saying I don’t like Koreans,because I have some very nice Korean neighbors,but I would like a change. I don’t care if their Christian or what ever,but Pray tell can we have a change.

  5. Merry Marty: “Am I the only one getting tired of looking at the Koreans?”
    Michael: “No you are not the only one whose getting tired of all the Koreans.”

    . . . . . As many of us who appreciate Asians endured week after week of “blondies.”
    [And this one is desperately trying to emulate a blondie.]


    But I have to say, this Asian seems to go out of his way to make himself look rather unattractive. Just be yourself (Asian!) and skip the tacky “blond attachments.”

    Skip the kimchi, this one needs buckets of rice and/or potatoes! :-)

  6. Is that outfit supposed to be “fashion?” Excuse me, but I get out plenty and, happily, I can’t remember the last time I saw any boy look like this. Call me a rube, thanks.

    1. I think you’re on the wrong blog horselips. Perhaps you wanted something more…heteronormative.

      1. YEAH, “heteronormative” like the boy THIS BLOG posted for Sporty Sunday #53 a few days ago. Get a clue Matt, this blog isn’t just for adolescent basket cases swimming in teenage angst, or amorphous gender-bending models. It’s for BOYS. ALL BOYS. Even the ones you call “heteronormative.”

        1. Right, it’s not just for pretty boys, but you act like there’s something wrong with the fact that he’s dressed that way just because you don’t like it. Not, “well I just don’t like that”, but rather “there’s something wrong with how he dresses because boys don’t dress like that”.

  7. To each his own but I like the body type and the girly attitude. I think he is cute and possibly very individualistic. If I were young I’d have to strike up a conversation with him.

  8. Wot a miserable mithering bunch of bastards !

    I can imagine those long skinny legs wrapped around my neck whilst feeding me his cock saying,
    ” You like that white boy, don’t you “?

    Thanx Josh for another Oriental beauty.

    1. I knew I would not be alone here for long. Click the bottom of the post for other photos of Jun. This is really a beautiful and sensuous face.

  9. Meh,never really fancied korean fashion when majority of them wear clothes that don’t match.Japanese on the other hand…see fashion magazine scans like Mens Non-no,Street Jack and you’ll know what I mean.

  10. First you guys were sick of scene kids, then you were sick of androgyny, now you’re sick of asians… There’s thousands of blogs to suit your taste, no one is forcing you to look at the pics. At least have the common courtesy not to talk badly about the people in the pictures.
    And why are asians not allowed to have blond hair, wtf?

    1. Lighten up there cornflake. So what if some guys here are “sick of” scene kids, androgyny and Asians. They’re all free to have their preferences. As I told Matt, This is blog about BOYS and our munificent host, Josh, does yeoman work giving us a variety of boy types to drool over, or pass on.

      I would hope the boys pictured here would rather read an honest opinion of their appearance than a courteous lie. Criticism of Jun’s blond hairdo is meant to be constructive, not insulting.

      We all have our druthers. Personally, I don’t like boys doing anything to themselves – any piercings, tats, dyed hair, make-up, nail polish, etc. are all major turn-offs to me. So what. I also don’t find Asians the least bit arousing. So what, again.

      But there are visitors to this blog who really get off on blond-haired androgynous Asian scene kids and I say go for it -and them. Enjoy.

  11. There seem to be many people who want to fatten up beauties like this; I don’t understand it! He is healthily thin and looks great.

    1. He is, what I refer to as, “lean”. Thin is a description that is only relevant as a comparison to something else. I’d be willing to bet that his lipid profile is excellent and that he doesn’t eat a lot of meat. As long he isn’t a smoker, then I’d say he’s probably perfectly healthy.

      As for whether or not he is visually attractive, I have no comment; I feel the human body, in all it’s variations, genders and expressions, is a wonderment. If someone finds his look challenging or non-attractive, that’s more their problem than his, wouldn’t you say?

  12. there’s only been a small handful of asians on this blog-just most of them within the last 2 month’s-I don’t see what all the complaining is about, it’s nice to see new and interesting things

  13. wow, boys look absolutely sexy as hell, wearing skin tight
    jeans, even more sexy wearing skin tight jodhpurs and riding boots, Lol

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