12 thoughts on “Model Monday *66”

    1. Kalki, you hit the nail on the head.
      Tait has always been beautiful, but as he matures / gets older, it is not only interesting to see the development / latest chapter, but literally mesmerizing how gorgeous this boy is becoming.

    1. Looks like he’s getting a bit long in the tooth from some of the recent photos of him. But yeah, he’s nice, of that there can be no doubt.

  1. Oh my! I think I would die if he was to look at me like that. How very wonderful. I second what Kalki said. :)

  2. Models sometimes confuse me. I don’t know where the real boy ends and the makeup artists, hair stylists, lighting wizards and photoshop magicians begins. If he’s real, he’s a handsome guy, but I think I’d rather have the boy in Snoop Sunday #5.

  3. I follwed him (his nice pics) on the net thru the years. I like his actual look . But I’m affraid about his change / development. Soon he will lose his ”soft look” and will turn manly …sigh…

    1. He cannot remain beautiful forever but the photos will. We are not likely to see the likes of him ever again. He is that good.

  4. He’s a little too ” FEMALE ” looking for my taste. I would have to question my homosexuality.

    1. I wish he would cross over into acting. I think I read somewhere that he has a classical music background but I could be wrong. I percieve intelligence in his face and I think he would be emotionally complex and in a good way. I would be the first in line to see his first film and not just for the sake of art appreciation. As a rediculous romantic I would most likely fall in love no matter what character he would portray.

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