16 thoughts on “Model Monday *67”

  1. This is a truely beautiful face. I tried to follow the link below but I.m still struggling with Google censorship in my area.

    1. The person doing the linked blog set it to invite-only apparently, I’ll remove the link.

  2. There you go! Now we’re getting somewhere! About time you get off that peninsula and go inward and upward! :D

    Damn attractive with absolutely beautiful eyes. And those lips are pretty damn sumptuous also! :D :D

    Keep up this good work!

  3. He made my corneas expand and dopamine reach out to the other pleasure centers in my brain.

    1. @Sienna2
      I’m not sure I understand your comment. We have had an ample number of attractive asians posted here.

      1. or perhaps it’s shocking for Sienna2 to be excited by a non-white boy?
        just wondering…

  4. I wonder if pictures can cause heart murmurs… if so I just lost months worth of life looking into his eyes… <3

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