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    1. Well if he does not moan I sure am moaning at the moment. Are those piercings he has under his eyes? If so this is so sad, at least for me. Such a beautiful kid.

      1. Get with it Bruce. Real1 thinks tats and piercings are how the modern boy distinguishes himself from the past. Mutilation as “progress”. Yeah…

            1. The “truth” is that modern boys should be able to do anything they want to their bodies. Showing your disapproval and telling them otherwise makes you a fucktard.

  1. I think it’s sad too Bruce, because it distracts one from the beauty of his eyes. What does your eyes first notice. Those ornaments under his eyes. You spend time trying to figure out what that is on this lads face and just why he would put this junk on his face. hell, he has a very handsome face once you get past the junk ornaments you can see that.

  2. I don’t think those are piercings but maybe just glittery ornaments stuck on, possibly by spirit gum? He doesn’t need any adornments at all to look amazing, and truly beautiful. <3

      1. No, they are piercings. His agency also says he has several other body piercings around his genital region which make him highly desirable for modeling boys’ underwear.

        1. Well even though I’m old fashioned, I’m not all that against boys who pierce themselves. They can be easily removed, and the holes will close in and heal in a short amount of time. Tattoos however, are a different story. I hear there’s a lot of people who are going through lengthy and expensive procedures to remove them.

  3. He is a Very attractive younge man. what i like is that he has a full head of hair:) I do not mind the gold accents, if the young Tsar desires such things, then my will should summit to his.

  4. If that shit under his eyes are piercings, and he’s also had his ‘genital region’ pierced, this is one very screwed up kid.

    Sorry Baby Bakery, there’s nothing ‘modern’ about self-mutilation. If he wants to ‘distinguish’ himself let him do something intellectual or important.

    Sorry Pricket – a pierced ‘genital region’ is exactly what would gross me out if I was buying underwear.
    You don’t see the really successful corporations like Hanes or Fruit of the Loom using mutilated models. Maybe a few fly-by-night boutique makers who sell a pair a week to the subculture.

    Bruce Tharp. “Illegitimati non carborundum.” You’re 100% right-on about this boi.

    As far as I’m concerned, this kid needs to schedule an appointment on the couch. Too bad since he’s such a beautiful boi -on the outside.

    1. I have no interest in piercings but I also would never engage in this kind of judgmental bullshit. Do you really people who have different aesthetic preferences than you can’t be healthy individuals?

      1. I have every right (and so do you) to approve or disapprove of everything I see in the Universe and, of course, I have to live with my judgments. If I decide that a boy who opts for facial and genital piercings belongs on the couch, that’s my privilege. Just as you might find a person opposed to gay marriage a bigot, a person who chooses not to associate with Klingons a racist, a person who loathes Muslims to be Islamophobic. Etc. ad nauseam.

        As for “this kind of judgmental bullshit” you do realize that calling it “bullshit” is just as judgmental about me as anything I said about our Monday Model friend. How dare you?

        1. “As for ‘this kind of judgmental bullshit’ you do realize that calling it “bullshit” is just as judgmental about me as anything I said about our Monday Model friend. How dare you?”

          Intolerance of intolerance is not intolerance. stfu

          1. NONSENSE! You have conveniently, politically correctly, confused intolerance with disapproval and opinion.
            Yes, I believe facial and genital pierceings to be stupid (disapproval), and I think this kid belongs on a shrink’s couch (opinion). But if I were intolerant, I would ask for some action in law to be taken against the procedure and the people who have it done.
            You may, for example, safely say I am indeed intolerant of most abortions because I don’t just oppose them, I want laws against the practice and penalties for participants.
            Your intolerance of positions opposed to your own and of free speech, which you arbitrarily label as intolerant, is indeed intolerance (as you define intolerance in this context). You’re a borderline Nazi in your own way. How’s that for opinionated judgmentalism!

            1. Typical argument “you can’t oppose me without being worse than me.”
              By saying he should be on a therapist’s couch you are not simply saying that you disapprove, you call his sanity into question, because obviously anyone doing anything you disapprove of must be a crazy person.
              In doing so you question his right to control his own body, even though no interpretation of his actions is harmful to another.
              And you’re right, I am intolerant of you, but that’s not the same as being an intolerant person, and that is the distinction I was making.

            2. YES, at worst I call his sanity into question. At least, I question his maturity and his judgment. However, it is a real stretch to say ANYone doing ANYthing I disapprove of is crazy. The world is full of people doing things I disapprove of that I believe to be perfectly sane – just different.

              YES, in law, the right to control one’s own body has always been called into question. The government has regulated or sought to control the ingestion of certain foods, mind-altering substances, killing fetuses, and, of course, the ultimate insult to personal liberty -conscription. The government reserves the absolute right to take complete custody of your body and place it in harm’s way in defense of the Constitution. In Britain, during WW2, Parliament passed a law placing “every British Subject’s LIFE, PROPERTY AND TALENT at the disposal of the Crown.” King George VI actually had more legal authority than Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini. That law has never been repealed. The Royals of the House of Windsor don’t fuck around and they don’t mince words.

              Despite Aristotle’s observation that “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society,” be “intolerant” of me if you please, and “tolerant” of others in general. That’s not a bad beginning. You’re actually one of the most intelligent members here, surely brighter than I am, and it has been a pleasure debating with you.

              Oh yeah – if that’s really your pic, your freaking cute as Hell and I’d do you in a New York minute. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

            3. You clearly don’t know what free speech means. It doesn’t mean people can’t disagree with you or get mad at you, in fact it means the opposite.

              The problem isn’t your preferences being different from others’ (I’m not even into piercings), it’s your belligerence and judgmental attitude.

    2. If the “successful corporations” you so xenophobically espouse use amerikan models, there is a good chance theri genitals have been permanently mutilated .

      A few piercings aren’t self-mutilation !

      1. kinkynik – You’re right! I wasn’t thinking at all about circumcision. That is, indeed, a mutilation, although not usually done as a ‘self-mutilation,’ but by parents. I was commenting in the context of “pierced genital region” as originally mentioned by our good friend Pricket.
        What is Xenophobic about mentioning a couple of corporations? I’m sure there are underwear giants elsewhere, I’m just not famliar with them.

        And yes, “a few piercings” do indeed constitute self-mutilation. Not as severe as scarification, or lopping off a limb, ear or nose, but mutilation nevertheless. While obviously not for you, for me it is a total turn-off. Viva la difference.

        Just between you and me, in his own time, Xenophon was right -they really were barbarians!

          1. Ear lobe expanders are fine if you’re a pre-Columbian Mayan and you had your forehead angled and flattened with a board tied to your skull when you were a baby. LOL

  5. @Real 1. Notice we now have two of Tim, Andrew, Mike, and Ivan along with a few new creative names. I think it is the work of one. Not everyone here is onto this ill-mannered clown with many alter-ego’s who will gang up on a poster. I have also suspected flags from Canada, Austria and Thailand.

    1. Hey Bruce…
      you are a bloody paranoid riot. Don’t you ever go to sleep? What are you on?

    1. Well, living in West campus area of Eugene is kinda like living in a giant bong but I think my perception is clear on this.

  6. If those are piercings, I wonder exactly where they are fastened through the skin, because I can’t immediately see it. My concern would be for anything so close to the eyes, either by piercing or with an adhesive, they can be so easily damaged.

      1. Expressing concern for this model’s well-being, hardly qualifies as trolling. Calling someone a troll for no apparent reason, however, does fit the definition nicely.

  7. I first thought they could not be piercings until I Googled ‘eyelid piercing’… Oh Yuk! In colour too.

    But he looks great and the eye jewelery is brilliant. It’s still a totally dumb thing to do though.

    1. I would think the risk of infection would be a real concern with eyelid piercing. Perhaps Dashiell could comment…when he is done trolling of course.

      1. Bruce, with all due respect, I think you should contact Dashiell privately to discuss some of your own symptoms which are now becoming rather obvious.

      2. Infection is a risk with any piercing, but when done professionally, under aseptic conditions, this is rarely a problem. I generally recommend against self-piercing because this elevates the risk. Certain types of piercings, such as tongue and genital piercings, run a greater likelihood of infection due to their location in warm, moist environments. Also, piercings through cartilage tend to have more complications than those that just go through skin. The key is attending to one’s personal toilet, making sure the jewelry and the piercing site, are both kept clean.

        I am curious to know how these piercings, if indeed that is what they are, actually attach to through the skin.

        I have no personal problem with piercings, I’ve seen many which are beautiful and interesting. Any concerns I have arise from injuries that I’ve seen related to jewelry getting snagged on something. For this reason, I would personally avoid piercings near fragile areas such as the eyes.

        Bruce, if you can make it across country to NYC, I have an appointment reserved for you a week from Thursday. Bring a Cousin Jack’s Wild Mushroom Pastie, if there’s one thing I miss from the Pacific NW, it’s those little beasties.

        1. So you are familiar with Happy Valley. I’ll bet you also shopped at Kiva. I never ordered from Eugene Local Foods but I’ll have to try the Pastie. Do you think they would cure my paranoia?

          1. You know I don’t do Internet diagnoses, Bruce, but I feel it’s important to observe that just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean there ISN’T somebody out to get you… just sayin’.

            1. It has been said that all perception has its basis in paranoia. But I will look into the pastie and not for menicnal purposes.

  8. Cute? That’s the last word I’d use about him. Proper scary – not pretend scary. I wouldn’t trust him to tie my bootlaces even. His name isn’t Damien by any chance, is it?

  9. Gimme a break! He’s cute, the pictures posed, and it’s makeup.
    It’s art, he gorgeous, get over yourselves!

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