11 thoughts on “Model Monday *69”

  1. I would take the carpet, the belt, the jeans the belt holds up and the lad in those jeans. He could take better care of his hair, but that’s what he likes. As for his expression he is saying, you want me come get me. He’s a good looking boy and he could be anybodys type, if they have a open mind and good eye sight.

  2. I’ll bet a touch of a crow’s feather just near the belt line would get a smile from him….

  3. He is a good loking guy in a very masculine way. The girls would love him and his expressionless face. They will see it as a sign of strength.

  4. He’s handsome & well built but I’ve had it ‘up to here’ with “attitude” on models. Why some photographers favor a blank face or a scowl over a smile is beyond me.

  5. Ok, seeing as none of you want him, I’ll take him, gladly, whichever way he prefers.
    I have no doubt he can summon plenty of expression when he needs it :)

  6. He looks friendly to me – you don’t need to have a face-splitting grin to be attractive.

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