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  1. Ive read only a couple, but they are incredible books. Those parents are just not open minded enough

  2. Catcher In The Rye and To Kill A Mockingbird yes! But, a beautiful story of two gay penguins who want to adopt, noo. Xd

    1. LOL.

      Usual suspects I suppose, the sister shaggers from the bible belt.

      “The perks of being a wallflower” looks like it will be worth reading, it’s got everything going for it.

  3. Why the hell would anybody want to ban the Catcher in the Rye? Are they crazy??
    It is a classical piece of literature!!

    1. Apparently some people take issue with the few instances of the fuck word. Last year I read it for my English class, I think it’s like My Little Pony compared to some of the stuff in the media nowadays.

  4. No one should ban books at all. Just don’t read them if you want, but that’s your choise. Leave me my own right to read what I want.

  5. eventhough it’s those specific American parents we’re talking about with certain views – i’m still shocked that
    Catcher, Mocking Bird, Purple & Twilight are in the list?!
    lighten up Moms & Dads.. it’s only fiction..

  6. It has been said that intelligence and disease can be linked.

    Which is explains the mentality of “Ban a book, save a soul. ”


    1. This is how you know that the people banning the books have no idea what they’re about.

  7. Perks of Being a Wallflower is my favourite book of all time, not surprised to see it up here though as it does address drug use and homosexuality.

  8. I agree with them on Twilight.
    My eleven year old cousin read the series, which was full of quite implicit sexual subtext, and now all I hear her talk about is how she gets “shivers down there” from interacting with boys. :/

    The TTYL series is just not good at all. Imagine saving all of your texts and chats for a month, and publishing it for kids to buy and read.

    The Tango book is nothing but sweet and education. Children should be exposed to LBGT culture early in life. I teach my 3 year old sister of my being genderqueer and FtM TG, and of gay marriage and families all of the time.

  9. To be fair, Twilight might be on that list because some people have good taste. That book is terribly written.

    Seriously though, The Chocolate War, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Color Purple are all great books.

  10. I’ll support all these books being removed from libraries as soon as the bible, the torah, AND the koran are added to the list. They’re the only three books that I can think of that include every last item on that “challenge list”

  11. Its surprising how Huckleberry Finn is not on the list. Im certain someone would spout it as being “racist”

  12. Banning anything is simply stupid and myopic.

    We should allow it to stand, either it will be read or not, and if a simply thing as a story is going to send a person down the path to hell, then I suggest they already had their foot on that path. People, especially kids, are more resilient and adaptable than given credit for.

    This is nothing more than the old “If you don’t see it my way, then you are obviously wrong/sick/demonic/*plug in your favorite bad thing*. ”

    Most education and parents’ with their twisted beliefs or their own inner issues, screw up children far more than a story or a picture.

    What this planet needs is an enema. XD

  13. I heared somewhere that ” The Adventures of Huckleberry fin” and “Tom Sawyer” , have been banned from school libraries.


    1. Yer…. that was like 10-15 years ago. Not in all libraries, though, just a few school libraries.

      I find it interesting that they target certain books that are almost always either books that have been on school reading lists for decades or current best sellers. Yet they never target books by authors like Steven King, Philip Jose Farmer, Piers Anthony, etc which are all in school libraries and all contain either far mote sexual references then those they do target or ideas I would think are far more subversive to their way of thinking.

      I’ll never advocate the banning of any book, but I wish those that do would be a lot more rational in their choices.

  14. I really don’t see how it is legally possible to ban any type of literature in the US because of something called THE FIRST AMENDMENT.

    My grandfather had talked about this a few days ago, and it’s one of the few things we agree on. He said that if he walked into a bookstore and saw something like a gay magazine, that naturally he would be disgusted, but he wouldn’t want to ban it, because who is he (or anyone) to judge what a person likes or dislikes.

    1. Oh, it’s simply amazing what laws can be pushed through “to protect kids”. One of many reasons why mentioning kids in a debate is a quick way to get me to seriously have to think hard before agreeing with yer view.

  15. Twillight is the only book that should be on that list…

    But thats entirely for nerdy Pro-vamp reasons.

  16. That’s outrageous to put My Sister’s Keeper in that list,
    it’s by far the best book that I’ve read and which really shows how
    life is complicated and that you always have to make some tough
    decisions. Here is the link of the main song of the movie, it’s
    called Life is Beautiful and it’s sung by Vega4:

  17. I have to confess that, during my 17th year, my mother, a recent Bible-Thumper covert, began to censor my reading material. We lived a short walk from the library and I was even severely questioned if I went there after school. Things might have lightened up if I knew of a washroom with a glory gap in it, but I was a stupid small town boy…..

    1. I’d be surprised if many libraries have it. And even if it’s probably not well known enough to get any attention. Otherwise they would have to ban a lot of books far more controversial than LTROI :p

  18. :O thats absurd Most of those books are really Good.Especially Catcher in the Rye I Read that Last year for School.Great Book

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