9 thoughts on “Moviestar Monday *11”

  1. He is a Pasadena, California lad born July 12th 1991. He is an actor and yes he is very good looking. I find it hard that he was 21 years old when that photo was taken.

  2. he was best buds with that other uber hottie, Jake T. Austin and they did a series of cool short videos together called “The Adventures of Sebastian” or something like that (Jake was nerdie Sebastian, while Chris was his good looking, but dumb, older bro Ken. They are easy to find, and well worth a viewing, on You-Tube

  3. ~Wait, you mean he’s cute and legal to lust after without the morality police crying!?
    Thanks mb’s!
    Oh yeah, his name is fine considering I would have called him Cutiepie!

    Knew I remembered that face: “The Perfect Game” !

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