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  1. Interesting scene (gifs here). Who/what is stripping and turning around for? Did anyone see this episode and can describe this scene?

  2. Oops, forgot a pronoun. I should be:
    “Who/what is he stripping and turning around for?”

      1. OK, thanks. I even watched that movie …. just forgot that brief nudity. For some reason, I assumed it was from “Skins” since that was what was mentioned above. Thanks again.

  3. That is not Nicholas’ ass. If you go to the credits of the film you will see there is a stand in for the nudity scenes. Sorry for the spoiler but it was a disappointment for me as well, personally I think his ass is plumper than that at least it was in Skins.

    1. @ Mario
      Thanks for the spoiler and I mean it!
      ❦ I’m actually appreciative because I thought the ass shown in the gif sucked but didn’t want to say so because I’ve loved Nicholas Hoult since “About A Boy”!
      Did enjoy “Single Man” regardless but since I had already liked Colin Firth from “Love Actually & “The King’s Speech” a year after “Single Man” it was still worth a view no matter fake boy ass or not…though Hoult was 20 at the time so maybe he was just shy around Colin ツ… As a whole other than that I only recall seeing him in “The Weatherman” with N.Cage and a episode of “Keen Eddie”/’Who Wants to Be in a Club that Would have Me as a Member’ which I recall was fairly good. Never could get a handle on “Skins” and even ‘he’ couldn’t keep me watching that, too teen trendy I suppose!

      1. @ Indra
        “-it seems to be the same but in the same scene but I haven’t seen the credits.”
        ψ Me either, I only have “About A Boy” which I’m actually watching right now; thought it quite apropos for this post!
        ❦Dang you’re right…Looks like him in the going into water shots here but in the bedroom scene he seems flatter and smaller; but it may just be the lighting…if he’s willing to go naked on the beach guess he’s willing to go naked in the bedroom..tee-hee!

        ╔═➽Prepare yourself Gents…
        It appears as if it may have been Colin Firth who requested the body double not Nicholas Cutie Pie Hoult shocking as that may sound: ☞From the Toronto Sun, Nov 19, 2008, by Michael Rechtshaffen)
        ‘No Hair Off His Back’
        Colin Firth isn’t anxious to display his entire, uh, range for his new movie, a drama called A Single Man.
        Over the weekend a request went out looking for a second man, namely a nude photo double for the British actor, whose job description entailed running to the ocean, jumping into the waves and then running back to the sand. Additionally, the casting call specified “NO LOVE HANDLES,” stipulating that the successful candidate “must be willing to shave certain areas if they don’t match the actor (that is, back and buttocks.)”

        Ah, the plot thickens…

        1. ❦Just found this in the note section of the OMG link I posted up above; though it’s only conjecture not necessarily factual.
          ☞If I may note…apparently, there were scenes in the film which took place IN the ocean/water, which were deemed to hazardous for Nicholas, so therefore a body double was used. However the bedroom scene is definitely him (unsure about him on the beach, but in the water IS a body double).

          » posted by CB
          actually, if you look you’ll see that it’s clearly not a body double, at least in the bedroom scene– you can see Nick’s face in the same shot as his butt.
          » posted by Bmad
          If you read the credits = he has a body double for the nudity
          » posted by jjmca

          1. ☞If I may note…apparently, there were scenes in the film which took place IN the ocean/water, which were deemed to hazardous for Nicholas, so therefore a body double was used.
            From IMDb:
            Sean Taylor
            2009 A Single Man (body double: Kenny) {N.Hoult}

  4. i am surprised of how small his bum here.. he really have a big ass. I remember watching the classic “About a Boy” starring High Grant and Toni Collete.. i dunno how old he is there probably 14 or 15 and i can’t focus on his scenes because oh how big his bum while wearing that brown fitted pants. lol

    1. @ Justin
      “Must have been baby fat! He was so cute though, you just wanted to hug and protect him!
      ❦He actually was 13-14 during production of “About A Boy”. It was his first big screen role after only having worked TV before but he must have gaining experience to go up against the likes of heavy hitters like Collette and Grant and be totally believable while doing it.
      He also did “The Weather Man”,(needed more screen time!) with Nick Cage and a episode of “Keen Eddie” titled: Who Wants to Be in a Club That Would Have Me as a Member? (S1.E11) that was pretty good.
      Personally couldn’t handle watching “Skins” even with him in it; too teen trendy for me I suppose.

      “Single Man” proved Hoult has the acting chops for a long career as a adult star too so I wish him the best.
      ☞He was 20 when he did that so maybe a body double was used because he was too shy in front of Colin Firth!

      1. ψ Sorry about the redundancy there re Hoult’s past roles.
        Had forgotten I mentioned almost the very same to Mario after finding out ‘la butt’ was a fake-a-roonie!
        ☞Was in mods so I didn’t see it till just now and it was too late to change.

  5. @Mario you’re right, it’s not his ass. He’s got someone who did the nude-scenes.

    Intresting is, that Mr. Firth doesn’t need that :)
    *go colin, go colin* ;)

  6. I’ve never heard of Skins (although I’m thinking it’s a movie I should check out). I know him from X-Men. Awesome actor.

    1. Skins was a British TV series, based around a group of teens. It had lots of sexual content, some nudity, lots of bad language etc so I don’t know if it ever made it to Canada or the USA uncut. Its available on DVD. The first series with Hoult and others was the best, not so good in my opinion when they grew too old and the cast was changed. Hoult was amazing in it as was the incredibly sexy Mitch Hewer who has featured here in Milkboys in the past.
      There was a rather poor American remake but that only ran for one season I think, it was deemed too controversial I suspect.

  7. Should be, “Nicholas Hoult, best known as Beast in X-Men: First Class.” Though I first saw him and started following his career after About a Boy.

  8. Haven’t seen either Skins nor Single Man. From About a Boy, I mainly remember him killing the duck with his mother’s bread loaf, and the scene where he arrives sopping wet in his socks, on Hugh’s doorstep. Oh, and the end song on stage.

  9. When all is said and done, who cares. It is a movie and movies give depictions. If I turned round and picked holes in what is real or not in movies it would be a full time job. I’ve had a non-sexual fascination with butts since ten years old when I saw my friend’s white ass glowing in the moonlight. Whose ever butt this is matters not, for the purpose of the film it is the character played by Hoult’s butt and a very nice one too.

    Q: What did one butt cheek say to the other?
    A: Together, we can stop this sh*t.

    LMAO ヅ….

        1. Okay you asked for it, how about….
          A: Cheeky
          A: Why am I the butt of so many jokes?

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