26 thoughts on “Moviestar Monday *2”

  1. This kid us seriously cute. Love the blonde hair and blue eyes. He is growing up nicely.

  2. I love Kåre. He’s absolutely adorable. *sigh*

    I wish they’d release Cupid’s Balls (Amors baller) over here in the US.

    1. First of all, thanks for the translation. I’m afraid a movie about really cute and sexy teens having sexy fun will be too offensive to our religulous law makers. Kara alone would be too much for them.

  3. I wonder if he used a butt double. Sadly I learned that Emile Hirsch used them in Girl Next Door and Mudge Boy.

    1. Mudge Boy was one of the classics of all time! THAT was Emile Hirsch? The sex scene(s) in that movie were smokin’! Not that it wasn’t a quirky movie, but it was an impressive foray into the gay side, to be sure. Damn. Then onto being one of the great actors in Milk, too. Hmmmm.

      1. Emile Hirsch was pretty damn good in The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys (2002) as well. He shaved for that role — thank goodness as he is naturally quite hairy — but a great actor — rather comparable to River Phoenix.

      2. Emile really came into his own in ‘Into The Wild’, the movie about real-life Christopher McCandless. I’ve watched him from the beginning of his career…I believe he could be as big as DiCaprio if he makes smart, career choices. He’s a little bear-they’ve been shaving him even back in his boyhood movies.

  4. When will we see more of him? Especially on Fapping Friday ;) We saw some of his very handsome back side while his clothes were off but not enough of his front.

  5. He is adorable. I highly recommend the sci-fi series Akta Manniksor (Real Humans). Just finished in Sweden I believe. Kåre features in it heavily and very good he is too. And yes. He undresses in it! Perhaps I could rewatch it and take some caps.

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