10 thoughts on “Moviestar Monday *4”

  1. I did a Google image search for “Mitch Hewer Nude” and all I got was fakes. For cryin’ out loud, where can you go to see this guy’s package? What’s a boy to do?

  2. I love Mitch Hewer. I’ve had a bit of a crush on him ever since I saw the first two series of Skins years ago. He’s so cute!

  3. Another beautiful blonde boy. I can’t get enough of this and Milkboys is the only place to find them.

  4. So… what’s he been doing since 2008? That seems to be the last entry on his IMDB. Anyone know?

  5. Skins was his and a couple of the other boiz very apotheosis.

    He appeared as a guest on Never mind the Buzzcocks where he came across as cute and cuddly but dumb.

    He was also in a dreadful series called “Brittania High” which was irredeemably awful. He adopted an apalling hair style in it too.

    I have a vast file of pix but no knob shots, if anyone has any I’d love to see them.

  6. I dont know why but the above comment sounds realy sexy to me, ‘cute and cuddlly but dumb’ im always in the mood for someone who looks like him and is exactly that. Mikee.

  7. Worst of all, he claims to be straight! And I always thought “straight dancer” was an oxymoron.

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