34 thoughts on “Moviestar Monday *5”

  1. Yeah, teenage Tom Riddle is so hot that I give movie 4 stars just for having him in it.

  2. The best part of that movie was just how absolutly gorgeous Frank Dillane is. drool….

  3. He looks not the least bit like Tom Schilling, whom I watched on german TV last sunday. But Frank is a class of his own, I´d say. Propz Pilgrim

  4. Heh. I was going to post about him on the board when HBP opened using this very same picture :P

  5. I didn’t know who he was from the photo! He’s certainly cuter IRL than in the movie: preppy is not hot IMO. And he’s cuter than a young Tom Schilling (and MUCH cuter than Tom Schilling is today).

    Did anyone else find the even younger Tom Riddle just a little bit cute too? Maybe it was just his contempt that I found cute….

  6. He is indeed very attractive. I especially love his hair and his outfit, and would love to see more pictures of him. Time for a hunt, methinks!

  7. Isn’t he (Tom Riddle Jnr.) Ralph Fiennes’ (the one who plays Voldermort) nephew?
    I think I head that somewhere…?

    He definitely is cute though, more so in real life than in the movie… (I think it was too much white make-up and bryll-creamed hair!)

    1. No, Ralph Fiennes’ nephew played the young Tom Riddle in the Orphanage. This cute boy played Tom Riddle in the later scene with Professor Slughorn.

    1. ウワァー

      1. Syaoran, please post in english or french or german , so we can understand you, thank you .

  8. Hmmm. Having a crush on Voldemort. Tolkien wrote “All that is Gold doesn’t not glitter.” Here we have the opposite case of something (or rather someone) that glitters, but is not gold.

  9. when I saw him in the film i was like OMG he is like an angel and definitely he’s so gorgeous

  10. Wait isn’t the boy from this post the one who spoke out to a pannel of judges to support gay marriage.
    It was a video clip featured here a while back.

  11. He’s sooo cute , i love to see him in a speedo … or even better in his birthday suit ! Any help here Josh ?

  12. The funny thing is, with his blue eye contacts and neatly combed hair for Harry Potter, he looked how I naturally looked as a child. Most people commented on it when they saw The Half Blood Prince. I never liked his personality as a real person though. He came across as arrogant.

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