22 thoughts on “Moviestar Monday *6”

  1. I see three people here… do You?

    Is this from some movie? If so which one…?
    by the way very cute…. cute picture

    1. hah I was thinking the same thing. Was not sure if it had already been posted here, or i have just seen it somewhere else. Not that it would have been the first time an image has been reused here.

    1. The blonde reminds me a lot of my high school boyfriend. He has the same lips and eyes but slightly darker hair. I was very lucky at the time and knew it.

    2. Not for the blond hair, but for the lips and the dark eyebrows, and… what a glance! If he look at me direct at eyes, I would wet my pants!

    3. Yeah. I don’t prefer blond hair; in fact I tend to love dark hair coupled with pale skin, but that guy looks great!

    1. Well, since the pic at the top appears to be BEFORE his tattoo, I prefer it. “Unmolested” skin is preferable to me if I have a choice.

  2. When you’re with boys who look like this, who cares about the color of things? They could be purple with orange hair and they’d still be drop dead beautiful.

    1. It’ not from a film but Jamie Campbell Bower played Grindelwald in the Harry Potter films.

  3. I would like Good vs Evil to sit on my shoulder and guide me through the day. Obviously Jack will be my good side and Jamie will try to make me do bad things……or vice versa. That’s it… Jack will be my evil side and Jamie the good. I’m so confused.

  4. Sorry for hijacking the thread like this but it seemed the quickest way to get across to u a problem I’ve encountered when clicking on one of the links here “Mes Boys’. Now u may be familiar when clicking on such links that u get an adult advert popping up, clicking it closed usually does the trick and then u r free to browse away. Until this evening that is. Clicked on the usual link, using a dam windows pc and was met with a fake warning from the Met Police, this is now a well known virus and u r asked for £100 to have your pc unlocked. Yes! Your pc is rendered useless, no program’s will open, the screen just freezes. Using an iPad I checked on YouTube and thankfully there are a couple of remedies, (search for PCEU VIRUS) so if u r lucky enough to be reading this then u r either using a mac or u haven’t got around to cruising Mes Boys’. Take care. Once again, apologies for hijacking your post.

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