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  1. Nice kid. Been singing on You Tube for years. Got into acting in X Men and then Spud. Jewish, born in South Africa, now living in Australia.

  2. Yeah, have seen him around, though not lately. Been on youtube for awhile now. He is a great singer, well I think so.

    This was a younger picture I think.

  3. I’d be proud to have him around the house. He’s super cute and real. Nothing synthetic from my standpoint.

  4. I really do think that some of these monday night quarterbacks would look at this lads other work before you cut,and dice this lad. First of all he has a beautiful voice,if you took the time to listen to his other songs. Second he has such beautiful eyes,and third if he has his way and things go well for him,he most likely help with the homeless children of the world. As boka said,he is perfect!

    1. you sound like you’re responding to criticism, yet all the responses so far seem positive.

      and on that note, have not heard him sing yet, but his eyes are wonderful (and the rest isn’t bad either)


    1. Michael, don’t worry about it, we all make mistakes! Yes, ALL, including me!

      If you feel that you came across as an idiot, don’t! You should see (or probably already have seen) some of the absolute rants and tirades that people leave in the comments that go on and on, back and forth, paragraph after paragraph!

      Just tell us that you think Troye Sivan is adorable, has beautiful blue eyes, and sings like an angel, and all is forgiven!

      (Oh, wait, you already did!) See, my mistake!

      0345 12.8.12

  6. Can’t know for sure, but I think Troye is gay/bi. But he has not outed himself yet. I guess its because he is at a critical point as a rising star and will lose much of his fan-base as a result. That said, it will be the small-minded fan-base discarded, and the real portion retained. These things are still extremely complicated, though.
    Have you watched any of his recent videos?? There’s that lasting flicker of queer in every one of them. (Not even bieber acts this way!), but its not the disgusting and girly type of gay. Instead, he’s the slick, boyish and classy type. And my god, is it hot…

    Look at his friends – only girls! (who he has known since he was a baby, and he says each and every one of them are beautiful etc..) He doesn’t care to make any of them jealous because they probably know his secret. He’s so sweet and thoughtful. I hope this doesn’t hurt him.

    He has always been “single”, even now at SEVENTEEN!!! No pressure Troye, you’re awesome this way.

    He recognizes his gay fans, and I respect him infinitely for that. Like when he re-tweets this: https://twitter.com/RenzoTweedie/status/274492177227337728/photo/1
    and if you read the conversation, i love it when he says, “P.S, it was hardly sneaky! hahah”

    He is also recently obsessed with the boys of One Direction (not their music, the boys themselves) but you can’t blame him lol
    eg. here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151208795508923&set=pb.18699663922.-2207520000.1354969584&type=3&theater
    and frequently finds ways to bring them up in his comments on twitter and his videos.

    There’s so much to say, but I suggest that if you really want to feel confident about the answer to this question, you need to visit his twitter, youtube or facebook accounts and spend a few hours just getting a feel of his expressions, comments, thoughts and body language.

    Troye is an incredible actor, singer and one of the most extraordinary young men in a world of degenerative youth. Don’t you dare hate on him because none of you could ever come close to that talent and hard work. He’s amazing, and as a girl, I’ll love him no matter what his sexual orientation turns out to be.

    We love you, Troye
    No matter.

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