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Ezra Miller was always a pro-equality advocate who talked openly about his “happy ending sleepovers” as a kid and took sexually unorthodox and queer roles like the ones of an adolescent chubby chaser in 2009’s City Island, a gay boy in 2010’s Every Day or the gay brother of Emma Watson in the upcoming The Perks of Being a Wallflower (trailer below) in which he’s the boyfriend of his High School’s quarterback and now we know why he had no problems whatsoever fitting into these roles: Because he is, indeed, queer.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Official Trailer)


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  1. He was perfect in “We need to talk about Kevin.” Cool actor. He’d fit in good here. Can’t wait to see him in Perks.

  2. Ezra Miller and other younger gay actors and other professionals are now part of the Fourth Phase of Social Homosexuals.

    Phase One was the nearly total covert agenda of homosexuality. No one would “come out” if at all possible because of obvious social ostracism and social punishment — including death.

    Phase Two was [and is] the act of being “outed” by someone who was more interested in getting the homosexual ostracized, humiliated and punished.

    Phase Three is when a usually older and more comfortable in his career homosexual who finally decides to “come out” on his own, [generally] in some attempt to show society that being homosexual is not a detriment to his career and society at large.

    Phase Four is now represented by Ezra and other younger actors (i.e., Neil Patrick Harris) and other professionals that feel there is nothing to hide any longer from either their careers or society at large and are now proud to be who they are.

    And now we’re also entering Phase Five where teens as young as 13, 12 and even 11 or 10 years old are declaring their “sexual identities” as they feel they need to and also showing society that there really is sexual identity at a younger age than what society wants to admit to. Also during this Phase, we’re seeing more “trans…..” being declared at even ages 3-5 years and being accepted fully by their parents.

    1. I like the phase concept. Is this a concept of your own creation or is it some what commonly known? I think of Ronan Parke as an early phase four in formation.

      1. “I like the phase concept. Is this a concept of your own creation …”

        Yes it is …. just paying attention to [USA] history and culture. It’s all quite logical.

    2. phaze 5 no body care what you call it and lots of changes this way or that way or any way even every day. declare waht???? declare fun is good word in english lang.

      1. Phase 6 would be like people doing big parades about their newfound sexuality like it still is a big deal and nobody gives a fuck

    3. Well, I lived in the Phase I era, never experienced Phase II; Phase III being something along the order of Ellen Degeneres with a quick transition to Phase IV (aka Neil Patrick Harris – who has always been a cool individual, in my book), as well as Erza, who is a class act all on his own.
      I have in my martial arts classes a kid (or two) who (as time will tell) fits into Phase V as you have described it, rather nicely. I also know a friend who works w/ the wife of a family where the younger son at age 5-6 EVERYONE knew would be gay if things progressed along an unaltered course. It’s been a few years since that point, and this young kid is one of the coolest kids I think I’ve ever witnessed / met / heard about.
      So, Penboy, I don’t how you came by your Phases, but if they are of your own description of what is, my hat is most definitely and respectfully off, to you.
      If you are relaying information that you read or understood from another source, I thank you for your input and enlightenment.

      1. “So, Penboy, I don’t how you came by your Phases, but if they are of your own description of what is, my hat is most definitely and respectfully off, to you.”

        Thank you. This idea just came to me while reading about Ezra and at the same time thinking about how much younger many boys in the Arts (such as acting) are coming out publicly as well as all the “coming out” videos I’ve watched on YouTube and other channels. The Internet is offering not only the methods, but also the impetus for brave young men and young teens to speak up for and about themselves. And it’s this recognition they seek for themselves and society at large that is a large element in today’s society for the eventual break-down of both religion and homophobic influences both have for so long gripped this country (and others).

        For so many younger males having access to the Internet, it now becomes the new “playground” (as such) or “school hallways” to see that others are similar to themselves and also to reach out to these or others similar in their attempts to not be alone in their lives.

        1. “….eventual break-down of both religion and homophobic influences have for so long gripped this country (and others).

          Although this idea may not be new but none the less profound, I think this is the first time I have read it in a single sentence.

  3. haha, I liked the movies he actued! Kevin was impressive!!!
    I can’t wait for Perks! Emma, Robert and Ezra!! Three beautiful and amazing actors… And now this: a queer one! I have to whatch it XD

    Thx Josh!!! o/

  4. This guy has amazing facial symmetry . And he seems like an awesome person too.. But wow, that face.

  5. He reminds me a lot of Logan Lerman (droooool). I’d give every cent Penboy has for a night with both of them.

  6. Ezra Miller is my favorite actor, he’s beautiful (bangs head on table) ridiculously beautiful; he’s got this asian+semitic exoticness. Oh, and also intense charisma and talent.

  7. i am boy who like older farang for luv… not to much butterfly but with no label or word for sex. much better to just have fun many times.

  8. I was reading the interview with Ezra and found this very interesting quote:

    Ezra Miller says, “I really think that most violent confrontations are just dudes repeating cycles of abuse from their fathers or testing their own machismo. It’s more of a weird homoerotic animal ritual than anything else. If you look at two dudes who are about to fight, it just looks like they’re going to fuck.”

    Something to think about. :-)

  9. Is he part Japanese – lovely face. Btw ‘Horslips’ were / was a cool Irish rock band on the 1970s…

  10. Caught him first in “Royal Pains” and couldn’t believe the beauty of him at that age, only then did I backtrack his movies and see that indeed this boy was more than just beautiful he’s got a brain and a sharp wit too.

    To be openly out too there could be no more a perfect role model for the boys of today still trapped within themselves. Each to their own in their own time but at least they have someone like this boy to see that indeed there is a future possible.

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