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  1. I am not familiar so I looked up some videos. Friendly face and cute mannerisms. I’d love to meet someone like this.

  2. Not sure what just happened but my comment was erased. Anyway, I’d love to meet someone like this.

    1. You have to wait sometimes when you are the first comment. A “burp” (old internet term that I just made up) occurs, and nothing seems to happen right away. I’ve been the first before, only to come back later and find that I was bumped by someone else who most likely commented at the same moment. In your case, however, I think if you just hit F5 (refresh) first, you would see the first attempt was actually there all along.

      0729 03.10.12

  3. We all love him as “Moosh” on “Tara”.

    I particularly liked “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” in which he plays a cute, sensitive, somewhat troubled not-gay guy, who has a friendship with an older, somewhat fat, bearded man.


    older fat bearded men ftw!

  4. The “United States of Tara” is well worth watching. It ran for three seasons on the Showtime pay-tv network in the United States. Keir Gilchrist played “Moosh”, the gay son in the family. His story lines were a major part of the series, especially during seasons two and three. They portrayed a complex and nuanced portrait of a very believable gay kid.

    1. It is a very brief part as the nine or ten year old son of a politician in Episode 9 of Season 3 of the American version. He only has a couple of words and is barely recognizable as the same actor.

  5. He was the reason i watched that U.S. of Tara show.

    Another nice guy , though not quite teen , is Ryan Cartwright.

    He is real sweet in Vergin territory (film) , Bones and now Alphas (Tv-series).

  6. Off topic, but want to get this off to Josh and others on this forum. Yet again Sweden proves itself to be nothing more than a repressive pawn and proxy for Amerika. Just saw this article on Boing Boing:
    *Swedish police raid ISP for Pirate Bay and Wikileaks*
    They gave Karl Andersson a pain in the ass over “Destroyer”, are trying to persecute Julian Assange on trumped up and false charges and they are shits in general.

  7. He’s cute, and I enjoyed watching him in clips of him playing Moosh in United States of Tara. Not sure why, but he kind of reminds me of Will Wheaton a bit, at the same age.

    1. Wil was far thinner when he was this age. While he never went shirtless in STNG, he did have that hot underwear scene in The Curse (the only nice part of the film). I have met Wil a few times and I must say that while no longer a boy, he is still quite hot.

      1. I have the DVD of “The Curse”, and, yes, the scene where the meteor strikes and he gets up out of bed and goes to the window in just his tighty whities is HOT! Good front and back views – I think I finally wore the DVD out watching that scene over and over!

        Gilchrist is a cutie, but I don’t see a resemblance to Wil Wheaton.

        0755 03.10.12

  8. I can’t believe he is 20. Well over any legal age of consent while looking a lot younger, like Milo, lovely hehe. I had the hots for Wheaten as well when he was in ST lol.

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