10 thoughts on “Musicals are so Gay”

  1. definitely out of left-field (heheh) with the big stars getting involved in this. I was surprised when I watched it. He plays a fab jesus

  2. OOOOO thanks thats great!!!, Good to have you back on here, i get updates on my phone. hugs

  3. haha. there is the board and there are the chans and then there are the hundreds of wordpress/blogger/blogspot/indie blogs with tons of fun stuffs. milkboys is pretty unique though. I love it and its always the first thing I check everyday… assuming that my roomie is asleep still or everyone is huddled around me in the lounge :P. Not really a porn swapping site though.

  4. @gaimichboi Try the chans… like LeonC said, this isn’t really that kind of site.

    Love this video.

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