My dear Watson…

Sherlock is a great modern interpretation of the stories around the world’s most famous private detective. And while the homophile subtext was rather subtle in the actual episodes, the TV station OCN who is airing them in South Korea seems to be determined to get the idea of a liaison between Holmes & Watson right outta there as you can see in the trailer below ;) More here.

OCN's Sherlock trailer 1


6 thoughts on “My dear Watson…”

  1. I less than three this. The whole programme, in fact. Can’t wait until a resolution of that incredible cliffhanger, and Russell Tovey will be in it!

  2. LOL! Is this a real advert? I mean, they played with the whole sexuality thing especially with Holmes, but this is sending folks a totally false message. The show is about Holmes’ obsession with puzzles, not with being single, lol. Oh well, whatever gets people to watch it, I guess. I can’t wait for the second series.

  3. I loved this series. I hope the 2nd is as well written, produced and acted. Gay undertones or not, Russell Tovey is hot, hot hot!!!!

  4. I really like what the british networks are producing in the last few years. Skins, Strike Back and now Sherlock. The Acting of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch was great so far, and in the production break of the Hobbit Freeman had time to film new episodes of Sherlock, so we have not more long to wait for the resolution of the cliffhanger.
    I am hoping for great second season :D

  5. I agree with you Laiquendi. After the iconic interpretation by Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke this series is a refreshing modern interpretation of the stories.
    And it is very funny that that the Koreans make explicit what someone somehow sometimes may think: what relationship have Holmes and Watson?

  6. I speak Korean and it’s just saying that they are alone and they need each other, feed off each other in order to solve their crimes. Sadly not intentional :P

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