My Secret Friend

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45 thoughts on “My Secret Friend”

  1. Another smiling and cute young boy. Beautiful eyes and hair. It’s always pleasant to see photos of such a marveilous youth. You are another of the lots of angels on this website. Welcome, dear.

  2. I await penboy’s critique of the photo. Perhaps it’s too grainy this time, or the colour of his shorts should be different to offset the carpet..

    He is definitely a very cute boy :)

    1. And have dark skin and hair. ha ha
      This boy is a natural blond. Check out his eyebrows along with his hair………….beautiful

      1. I believe CSI told you too that here there are no youths, only nude women and monkeys walking around the beach ¬¬”

        Brazil has the greatest variety of human beings you can find in the world, all togheter and sharing the same language. A happy place where everyone will smile back for u, and that smile will be enough to begin a friendship. No matter what culture you belong, you can ever find a group that will share the same opinion as you. It’s just not the heaven cuz of these fckn drug dealers you’ve commented.

        Sorry about the text, but i love my country so freaking much!!! =D

  3. those lips on that face are more perfect than a pumkin pie (plenty more lame, nonsensical metaphors where that came from)

  4. cute. but leg not really beautiful. shapre not really that great + looks like have a bit of hair which is not beautiful for his age(guess bout 13 or so?)

    1. lol boy you envious, but I agree there are few Brazilian cute beautiful and perfect as this, most stay away from me. Most of them live in the south of Brazil and I live in the southeast but precisely in rio de janeiro.

  5. There are certainly worse ways of spending four minutes than by looking into that face…^^

    The track was interesting, Josh – one of the more interesting ones that you’ve featured of late. It sounded like doomed romanticism to me…and in that vein it was particularly well done.

  6. I think Ive seen him in my deepest dreams. Next time he is in there, I do not want to wake up again

  7. he expresses the definition of boy in the word boylover.
    i agree with his legs. it’s not boyish. if one doesn’t look at his face he thinks it belongs to a man! he will lose his beauty anyway. :(
    i also agree with the music. it’s so beautiful. today i listened to it times and times.

  8. Great looking lad with a lovely smile! His face looks young for a 16 year-old (I’d have said 14-15), but if he is that age it’s hardly surprising he has hairy legs… Check out other hot boys from Brazil on YouTube, such as Rafael Lopes and Ricky Rodriguez, flamenco dancer!

  9. That boy is to die for…he is probably the most cutest thing I’ve ever seen on this site, ever. His legs…wow…I like them very much – the hair on them is sooooo cute! He is cute cute cute cute. Yep. Love him. I want to see his feeet now :) that would be nice

  10. A beautiful lad…Gorjus face-love that smile…And of course he’s rockin’ that hair…lol. And love the hair on his legs….Dunno why,there’s something about it-that on him-just works…lol. He’s young,fresh and clean. The perfect ‘boy next-door.’

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