Na Na Nah!

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35 thoughts on “Na Na Nah!”

  1. Just about my favourite physique! Not too skinny, not too muscled – and oh! what wouldn’t I give to be that pair of tighty whiteys cling to him!

  2. Just about my favourite physique! Not too skinny, not too muscled – and oh! what wouldn’t I give to be that pair of tighty whiteys clinging to him!

  3. He is beautiful and so animated. A lovely physique… divers and gymnasts have the prettiesst bodies. And I love his hair but I am a nut for blondes. :P

  4. Of course my first thought was that the music and the pic matched, lol, Josh. But second was that the boy has an incredible smile, fantastic hair, and as already amply noted, just about a perfect body. Not too muscled, but still nicely developed and toned, not too slender, nice arms, and then there’s the action pic itself.
    Yeah, very nice indeed. Thank you once again, Josh.
    And………who is this boy, anyway???

  5. This is obviously the archetype and blueprint of the perfect boy. But only as Caucasian…there is also ‘the perfect’ Asian boy, African boy, Latino boy, Native American boy, Boy et al of all mixes……..

    I don’t know how you can’t look at this pic and not smile.;-))

  6. There is definitely something special about his smile that makes it hard not to love! Great pose, outfit and body!

  7. OMG lol!!! This here is a very young photo of Dylan Patton. I have seen this before, but it’s still great. He’s all grown up now and (in my opinion) looks fantastic. But-YES-this was taken when he was at the height of his late ‘boyhood’ beauty and about 2 crossover into his mid-teen years. Love what he’s modelling, his smooth, toned, lightly tanned physique. And of course his brilliant & energetic expression. Classic.

  8. C’mon, that can’t possibly be Dylan, can it? For one thing, Dylan is always pouty, but this guy has joie de vive.

    1. No seriously… It’s Dylan. Yes, in ALOT of his early photo’s he’s got his “pout’ goin’ on lol!!! But also there are (thankfully) just as many with his full-beam smile.

  9. Oh to be 14 again and to be dominated by this hunk. I’m getting all moist thinking of it. lol. I WANT TO BE HIS BITCH. XD


  10. I seriously doubt this is Dylan Patton. Just doesn’t look like him at that age.

    I have a few more (low res) pics of him modeling other underwear pieces for the same company. I’ve posted them on the milkboard >> gallery >> general gallery >> underwear boys

  11. It’s a shame that Calvin Klein underwear does not exist for kids and preteens ! What a nice body ! I would like him to wear some CK brief or trunk. What’s his name ?

    1. And he could also wear a jockstrap ! I wish I had his body. I would like to know what kind of teenager he has become.

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