Nazi Teen planned Hate Crime

An American student is to face court after police uncovered what they said was a plot to kill a gay teacher and six students using homemade explosives. The 17-year-old, a self-proclaimed white supremacist, was arrested on Friday after a teacher at his High School discovered what appeared to be his journal, containing plans for the hate crime, using homemade grenades.

Out of the seven people on his list, six were black, and police believed that the 17-year-old thought the one white male was noted because the accused thought he was gay. Unfinished Lives has more.


13 thoughts on “Nazi Teen planned Hate Crime”

  1. His Daddy & Mommy must be soooo proud. Of themselves, and of little Derek. “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” indeed. Why couldn’t he just get hooked on guns and ammo like normal kids?

  2. Where is it said that teachers help Alabama white Supremacist plan to use Explosives at school. From what I have seen and heard the Teachers helped by turning in this kids notes that he left behind.

    1. Really? How do you figure that? Because of the way he speaks? His accent? Well it’s a good thing that gay guys are never stereotyped by the way they speak. I have a feeling you’re quite the expert on “dumbness”.

  3. Ah yes, White Power, whiter than white, dumber than dumb. I remember an article a few years ago that was about this guy that hated jews with a passion. Then, a blood test showed that he had jewish blood in his lineage. Now instead of being some white nazi trash he’s just white.

  4. It’s a shame that “White Power” is automatically associated with racist, demented hick and “Black Power” with the “cry of the oppressed” (with no racist connotations at all), yet in reality is Black Power any less threatening than White Power and is either term so black and white as they’re made out to be (if you’ll pardon the pun).

    1. might be because unlike white people, black people look back on a long history of ACTUALLY being oppressed? just an idea…

      1. Agreed. Last time I checked most historical genocides were perpetrated by white people against anyone that wasn’t white. Also those genocides were supported by the “god told us to do it” people.

  5. You all talk about the oppressed black people don’t forget the genocide perpetrated on the American Indian. The migrating Jew was surely oppressed across Europe. The Irish and the Italian surely oppressed when they frist came to these American shores. The Chinese where treated like slaves when they labored on the railroads crossing this country. There where signs in upper State of Pennsylvania that read”Help wanted Irish need not apply.” Genocides go on all the time In Africa. Hitler had his own genocide with the Jewish people and anyone who did not fit his perfect German Reich.

  6. not to troll–but biggest recent genocides that come to mind: turks against armenians, cambodians against cambodians, hutus against tutsis, sudanese against darfur, chinese against chinese, soviets against everybody…certainly, there was the holocaust, the new world, and slavery, all of which were wrongs committed by religious whites against non-whites, but I’d only really say one counts as a genocide. no comment on contemporary race dynamics, I don’t feel qualified to speak. Oh well, if only we could all just love eachother and get along…

  7. I don’t know why all the bad people come across to you progressive-liberals as religious whites. Hitler, Stalin, Fedel Castro where not religious in anyway. Now the holocaust was headed by a crazy no-religion white man against anyone who did not meet the German-Reich code. I do believe that most where white who where killed. Mao Tsc-tung was neither white or religious.

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