It looks like all blogs hosted on Nibblebit are gone for good. Here’s what they posted about the situation:

There seems to be some confusion. WE(NibbleBit) DID NOT remove any blogs. The company who hosts the NibbleBit servers recieved a complaint. The server was suspended. We have no access to the server or the backups. This is why the blogs are gone. We DO NOT condone child pornography. The hosting company recieved a complaint that NibbleBit was showing a blog, which they believe was showing child pornography. This is ILLEGAL and against our Terms Of Service. Due to this fact we are unable to recover backups. We will now keep daily backups offsite, with other providers to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We encourage visitors of blogs to report any innapropriate material using the report a blog page. Reports will be dealt with promptly. NibbleBit will now operate a ZERO tolerance on illegal materials, so please make sure that any adult content is 18 years +. For a limited time signups will recieve UNLIMITED BLOG SPACE.

UPDATE: I have removed all Nibblebit blogs from the link list in the sidebar which seem to be completely dead. If you’re the owner of one of them and planning to bring your blog back feel free to contact us once your blog is back up to get added back to the list.