I guess the guy running Nibblebit, a new blog hosting service running the WordPress multi user engine, was hoping for some free PR when he mailed me about his new service and the first blogs hosted there are popping up already, so here we go. Nibblebit is pretty much the same as WordPress.com as for the technical aspect. There are a few differences worth noticing ‘tho. For example: It allows “adult” content

The downsides? It’s clearly there to bring in cash. Nothing wrong with that of course but before you dump your current blog you should be aware of the fact that ads are shown on top of free blogs hosted at Nibblebit and some features are “Premium”, which means you have to pay for your account to get them. Besides that I have no clue who runs this, if their server is reliable, how long the whole project will live on and where they draw the line when it comes to deciding which content is really allowed there (their only statement on this is “it should be legal” – whatever that means). But if you feel like making a picture blog you might wanna give them a try.

Tried their service? Share your experiences in the comments. If you’re looking for a place for your personal blog you could also get one at milkblogs, just in case you prefer name.milkboys.org over name.nibblebit.com ;)