No more Skirts in UK Schools?

The British Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said making skirts part of a compulsory uniform could breach the rights of female-to-male transsexuals.. In official guidelines published ahead of the Equality Bill, which comes into force this autumn, the watchdog says that "requiring pupils to wear gender-specific clothes is potentially unlawful". It goes on to state that "pupils born female with gender dysphoria experienced great discomfort being forced to wear stereotypical girls’ clothes – for example a skirt." The EHRC, which can force public bodies to comply with equality law, said schools are obliged to be "proactive" in ensuring there is no discrimination against transsexual pupils. More details at the Telegraph.

No more Skirts in UK Schools? // Xag
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14 thoughts on “No more Skirts in UK Schools?”

  1. I gotta admit… I do love fem and emo boys in skirts. Maybe it is the Scottish genes in me?

    But I gotta say, this trend to legitimise our ideas of what is right by making laws about it is really disturbing. I support the thought behind it but the reality of laws like this is intrusive government. You cannot beat people into behaving the way you want them to on everything. Some of this is so subjective, one has to ask who is able to make such decisions for everyone? And how will this be abused?

    This is obviously a concern in the US. Well for those of us who are uncomfortable with Government worming around in our lives.

    1. I think you misunderstood something here. The is not gonna make a law about this nor will they force schools to change anything. They just strongly encourage schools to check if compulsory school uniforms discriminate their transsexual students.

      And even if they would make it a law I can’t really see how giving people a free choice about what to wear to school could harm anyone.

      1. Oh probably… Im glad if it helps and doesnt hurt.
        I do love the picture. I understand your point, and it is an excellent one.

        I am fundamentally against writing laws to tell people what is the best way to think. It may make sense and be right for now, but in the future, it may be found to be distinctly wrong. i.e. making it illegal for a person to ride at the front of the bus if they are black. At the time, it made social sense (even if it seems totally stupid), but obviously 50-75 years later, it is totally wrong and unjust. The books are full of idiotic and dangerous laws that are ignored but can still be used. It is so much harder to get rid of a law, than it is to write it. We should be much more aware of what our representatives (and I say that sarcastically) write to be ‘politically correct’.
        I’m just saying. :D

      2. I see your point, but that so-=called ‘freedom’ is anything but when you have to wear the latest nike’s and have the ‘right’ bag etc. etc., in a way having a compulsory uniform IS freedom from all those marketing stereotypes.. and a damn sight cheaper for parents ;-). proper rules of course need exceptiions; but I agree with Randyokami that we shouldn’t be legislating peoples’ behavior, it polarises and stifles debate..

        1. That’s not quite the point here. What they’re doing right now is forcing (transsexual) boys to wear stereotypical girls’ clothes. That’s like forcing all boys to bikinis at swim class.

          1. Or like forcing Pre-operative Transexuals to use a girls bathroom. And when forced to allow them to use the boys room, the authorities made him go to a boys room three floors down and in another building. I get the point that when people do not give even the most common decency to others different from themselves, it is time to force them to. It is a tragic problem with no good answers.
            I hope it works. The bottom line is that we all should just be able to live in peace.

  2. We’ve had this in my school for years, girls having the option to wear trousers or skirts. Unfortunately for me – boys with gender dysphoria – the freedom to allow boys to wear skirts is not allowed. I will smile the day boys may wear skirts to school. Maybe I should do on a non-school uniform day…

  3. Bit silly really, i know there are probably a few schools out there that enforce a dress code between boys and girls but most schools dont enforced this. The parents are the ones responsible because most of them like to make sure their child is veiwed as being normal in their eyes. They buy the boys trousers and the girls skirts regardless of their childs opinion. Personally i think there should be one dress code at schools it is either skirts or trousers for all but i guess that would mean a young girl dressed in trousers could walk into a boys changing room unnoticed. Don’t think the boys would care but it the idiots who think it is wrong for that to happen that make up the crazy rules. I just wish clothing had never been invented in the first place then nobody would care

  4. Hey, I’m in favour of laws which make it illegal to spread hate – whether it be about gays, blacks or disabled people. So careful about throwing out babies with the bathwater!

    As long as boys can continue to wear those lovely and almost unique school blazers, I think it’s great that people are going to be allowed to wear skirts and trousers as though they weren’t gender-specific!

  5. My kids go to schools in Florida, USA that require uniforms. Boys and girls alike wear exactly the same thing, with the only difference being that girls can choose to wear pants or skirt.

    It works very well. A girl would never be forced to wear a skirt. Since pants are acceptable for both boys and girls there is no problem there.

    Now, in my perfect world, the boys would be allowed to wear skirts, too!


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