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  1. That was a nice Christmas present for me, who cares about tha quality, it was really hot and fun 2 watch. Reminds me of when I was “straight” and experimenting with my best friend.

  2. Don’t remove this!!!! This is one of the most hottest things I have seen on this blogs (this vid is up there with that famous wet wednesday erection picture!!!!!) Damn, instant hard on! What made this vid hawt was the fact that these are straight boys. It was so funny when they trying to do the 69. Where do you find this vids????????????

  3. I think it’s sweet they put thier first time on video to share with the rest of us, who cares about the quality, its the thought that counts. Besides, with all the web site out there claiming to feature first timers (even though they have appeared on half a dozen other sites claiming the same thing) it’s nice to see one that you can actually believe it’s thier first time.

  4. I’m sure they never thought about the risk of this video spreading over the internet. I’m sure thousands of people have already seen it, and millions more will.

  5. wow, this is my all time favorite post! please post more like it in the future, it’s the best video I’ve seen on any blog in a long, long, long time!

  6. This is the best, hottest video I’ve seen in quite awhile. When I was in my teens/twenties I openly labeled myself as “bi”. At one time or another nearly every straight friend I had arranged it so we could fool around. I had many experiences like this one. Wish there were lots more vids like this one. Great find. THANKS. Don’t take it down. If you took a poll this would probably be in your top 10 on the site ! ! !

  7. Quality is bad yes, but it is made up for by the “actors”

    where can we get more like this

    oh and uh, were they doing that for a chick?

  8. i think they were doing that for a chick as they often refereed to as “is it really worth it”

  9. That was freaking awesome. I’ve been reading the blog for a while and this one warranted my first comment ever. Thanks for the early xmas gift, Josh. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  10. I have lost track of how many times ive jerked off of this video in 5 hours…i just keep viewing it…i cant help it lol

  11. I agree- this is one of the best videos I have ever seen…. but seriously the one on the right is definitely not straight. He is hard quickly and stays real hard (and then says hes going to cum!) throughout. Totally hot- I would love to know the story behind this and if there is a sequel


  12. was ich immer wieder sage, so schlecht kanns nicht gewesen sein :-P.
    so viele kommentare und dann doch nur ein ergebnis, klasse video.
    naja, auch ohne finale sehenswert.
    und wer nicht genug davon bekommt, der kann ja sein eigenes finale schon mal manipulieren :-P.


    p.s. selamat hari nadal dan selamat tahun baru.

  13. that could be me! good thing we never recorded it tho.
    @everyone over 20: friggin pervs

  14. It reminds me so much of some of my early sexual experiences. I’m trying to construct a scenario how this video came to be. Why did they do it for a girl? Blackmail, dare, money, sex? Too bad we didn’t see them cum. I’m sure they did at least jerk off after the camera went off. Did they do it again? Did this help them find their true sexuality?

    1. Ouch. That almost happened to me once. It was the early 1960’s and we were really in the closet. God I miss those days.

  15. @nellouise

    It would be hot if she joined in…sucking their little sausages and letting them double penetrate her. Mmmmmm

  16. The kid with the prince valient cut sure had a good size bone. Wonder what else they got up to after they turned off the cam. :)

  17. @ bb45ct

    Scenario? The brown haired guy on the viewers left seemed to talk about how ‘they’ do it as the vid starts, like ‘they’ were guys and gay vids. He seems to be the one instigating the whole thing. I think ostensibly to find out if they could make popular gay porn with an eye to making saleable ones in the future. A daring and exciting thing! Covertly of course the movie biz is only an excuse to get into each other’s pants.

    It was hot to see the black hired guy take more of a lead role; at first always stroking his partner’s dick when he was being sucked, then directing the ‘69’ action.

    I’m ready for ‘You Told Her: Part two up the A..!’

  18. @meerschaum: That’s nearly what I thought. But the making of saleable gay vids is just an excuse to get the black haired guy to this action. And of course, apparently he likes it after a while.

  19. The guys seem so amateur, and that for me is what makes this vid so hot. Doesn’t matter about the quality at all – this is erotic!

  20. Loved the video. Same as everyone else the quality doesn’t matter when you have boys act like that. True homemade videos like that are the best. I hope Josh finds more or at lest more like this. Love this site.

  21. Now that certainly is hot video (O_o)
    I’m going to regret leaving when I once had the occasion to fool around with my friend T_T *jealous* It kinda scared the shit out of me … especially since it would prove me being gay.

    Anyway… after watching this vid, I think it’s kinda funny to see that kid on the right, being a little uneasy at first is going for it at the end of the vid :D Looks like he found it quite enjoyable.

    I wonder how they would feel after knowing thousands of other people are watching this, which I think was not intended at first…

  22. I agree this is a rare and in a strange way innocent video. as to perhaps saving the file — kinda large to save tho –what kind of file is a flv? what software reads it?

  23. I’d have to agree with most of the above posts, there are so many fake “boys first time” videos, it’s nice to see a real one. I ‘ve always wondered (suspected would be more like it) what “straight” guys got up to when their girlfriends wern’t around (or when they didn’t have girlfriends) wish they would have got up to some rimming and fucking though. Whatever the reason for this was I ‘d be willing to bet that it wasn’t the last time that they did it though. Too bad you can’t run it through a refocuser

  24. Also agree with most of the comments: the quality of the video doesn’t make a bit of difference…this is an incredibly HOT video. Long-haired lad definitely gets into it, and, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if more took place once the camera was off (which is a shame, as I’d love to have seen them finish themselves – or, better yet, each other!)

    Thanks for this, and, hope to the gods there’s more like it!

  25. I’ve seen much worse in picture quality!
    Always a disappointment when I can’t see them finish, but certainly epic!
    As someone else said, the truely homemade ones are the best!

    “what kind of file is a flv? what software reads it?”

    Get a recent version of the K-Lite Codec Pack (Media Player Classic) if you’re running Windows.
    I think VLC is what you want if you’re using OSX.

  26. A) I wish I had friends like this
    B) I’m gonna have to find a way into getting my friends to do this with me
    C) Thanks Josh this was a great film even if the quality was poor
    D) I agree with the other “visitors” in that you should try to find more video’s either featuring them of similar to this one

  27. @Dar .flv files can be played with VLC player, Media Player Classic, and GOM player, but Media player classic works best. Also RealPlayer 11 will let you download and save almost any Flash player video.

  28. Are there (m)any women out there who like to watch a couple of sexy guys going at it? I know quite a few men like a bit of woman-on-woman porn but I’ve never really had the chance to ask enough women to get a decent sample size.

    1. You bring up a good point. I’ll just bet the women prefer to watch girlish teen boys.

    2. -Cough- Ahem, yes, there are plenty of us out there who enjoy male-on-male action, thankyouverymuch. I certainly wish a couple of my friends would do this. Or even my (soon-to-be-‘girl’) girlfriend. But in the meantime I settle for videos. ;)

  29. that was such a great christmas present only 6.5 minutes in and i have to take a break, i already came twice

  30. hot vid.


    i am a girl and i watch mainly gay porn. straight stuff = turns me on. gay stuff = turns me on AND is a feast for the eyes. imo, straight sex is hot, but not very aesthetic. boys are beautiful, girls arent. boys make sweet noises, girls are annoying. and so on.
    sure, girls enjoy watching boys kissing, and even yaoi, but hardcore stuff with real boys? – dunno, we are incognito =P a few female xtubers have gay porn in their faves, but i don´t it is that common.

    1. I appreaciate your post. I have spent a life time trying to overcome the guilt over my highschool boyfriend. He was more attractive than a guy had a right to be. You talk of sweet noises. He did that. We were more than lovers and were truely best friends. As adults we were straight. After many years I met his daughter. It was uncanny how she had his personality and many of his features. She flirted with me and my friend acted as though he didn’t mind. But I was beside myself with guilt. She was in her early 20’s at the time and I was in my early 40’s. Yet I did not persue her as much as I wanted to.

  31. Not to go too off topic, cuz this is hot as hell, but does anyone have the wet Wednesday pic that was mentioned earlier, I think Wet Wednesday 18? If so, could you send it to Polishhammer83@gmail.com

    Thank you, and Happy Holidays

  32. Does anyone know what the story behind this video is? From the dialog it seems like this might have been some sort of a dare/request from a girl/woman but it’s hard to tell.

  33. Thanks. And now about the video: is there anyone else who finds it strange that neither of them ejaculated? I mean, after fifteen minutes of masturbating i know I would have came three times at least. What do you think are the reasons that they didn’t come? Did they masturbate earlier that day or what? Oh, and if anyone has that Wet Wednesday *18 photo, can u send it to me at resnevemkaj@gmail.com ? Thank u very much!

  34. very hot video. wish the quality were a bit better but still one of the best vids i’ve seen. The guy on the right seemed really hot – pretty big dick on him too. And was it just me or did the guy on the left sort seem like toby mcguire – the guy who plays spiderman in the movies.

  35. So Josh, do you think you’ll post more videos like this one in the future? (assuming you can find them…)

  36. Wish someone would repost this to Rapidshare – it was only up for ten downloads and I missed out! ;(

  37. omfg, i reallllyyy wish i knew who these boys were. this video kinda made finding this sight worthwhile, simplyyyyy amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggg (:

  38. fantastic! yes it was a little dark, but soooo entertaining! Reminded me of when my friend dougie and me sat on the edge of his bed and got each other off. more like this would be great!

  39. I think an earlier poster was on the right track. Watch this video of Phil and Dean and listen to Dean’s voice and see if it is the same as in our video here.

    1. Never saw this vid before I want Phil , I ♥ Phil, to hey with Dean! That’s one very cute boy like a throwback to the eighties!

  40. tbz86 and hesuhi : I tried both of the Rapidshare links and each one has expired because they have surpassed the 10 download limit (!wtf!?). would either of you be willing to email it to me or post again?
    sleeplessinhfx at gmail dotttt com

  41. Can anyone post the video on rapidshare? megaupload, and mediafire will be great too. Thanks!

  42. that was awesome…it was sooo hot they didn’t know what to do for 69
    hot boys with hot cocks

  43. Nice – funny though how theres little to no visible extasy or feeling to the 2 buddies gropings and pleasurings.

  44. Due to a tech diff we watched with sound down. It is still a blue print for the perfect sodomy free basement glamateur boyboy picture show which will hopefully see widespread replication in the future by guys with exceptionally good lighting, focusing and other camera skills. But cutiepie city with supersized bilateral guygristle? How are you gonna beat that? Well, they show us, don’t they?

  45. This is not an “Amateur” video, everything is set too create a perfect erotic “encounter”.
    The background colors, (different tones of sepia), brownish, making the bodies sort of diffuse,
    ethereal, the constant giggling, the “What now?”; are some of the “refine” or subtle parts that
    are intended to accomplish the following: 1- The target is too tease and stimulated each viewer imagination, (Are they under age?, what would you do in the same situation?, bring back memories,etc.)
    2- I believe, that s the main reason that in 20 minutes (plus), there s no ejaculation, even more,
    they are not ready if one should occur, (tissues, Towel….). The magic resides more in what you cant see, rather than explicit, “inside the box” videos.

    1. I am almost certain your just over looking things. Ever heard of the saying “Right place at the right time.”. I think this was just a stunt to get a couple girls, yet I do think the dark haired boy could have been Bisexual.

  46. After posting a message claiming this video was inappropriate in light of another comment made that it was a video done by Phil Kessler on YouTube and his friend Dean, I have had direct communication with Kessler via YouTube and he emphatically claims this is NOT him in the video. This matter seems to have been resolved to the extent that Kessler has disclaimed any involvement in the video, so we really don’t know the identity or the ages of these two guys. For all we know, they could be college age guys who are exceptionally smooth. Therefore, I withdraw my previous assertion about this video being inappropriate. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    1. I have to agree it’s not Phil Kessler. This video was posted in 2008, who knows when it was made. If you look at Phil’s videos from 2008 he is definately noticeably younger than the guys in this video.

  47. I just want to tell the guy in charge of this website (I think its Josh), that this video is one of the best ever, and you please post the rest of the videos if you have them, and continue to post more vids like this one? by the way, your blog is excellent, thanks.

    more info on the video could help so we can look it up.

  48. Love this video. I remember that fun age of foolling around back when I was “straight.” What do you guys think the background story of this is?
    Thanks for the post. Hope to see more!

  49. if that is a video I could buy, could someone tell me the name please, the dude on the right of your screen when they first sit on the couch, omg…stop the press..wtf..wicked yummy…and his twig and berries are, well you saw the video…

  50. I liked watching this, but I truly feel bad for the guys. I doubt if they wanted anyone to see this except the girl they were doing it for. I’m guessing she was the one who distributed it and I hope they didn’t become social outcasts at school because of it. It’s one thing to be a little bi-curious as a teen, it’s another to have a video like this all over the internet and to have all the kids in school see it. I think you should take this down. I only hope the old camera means this is an old video. At least the kids aren’t that recognizable.

    1. That is something ppl need to realize. When you share a video with someone it isn’t private. I realize that it is embarrassing for them but their actions have consequences.

  51. Can anyone put a new link to download this video. The rapidshare file is corrupted or something.

    1. Do you use Real Player? That lets you download videos. I downloaded it using that.


      Can anyone put a new link to download this video. The rapidshare file is corrupted or something.

  52. Reminds me of my days of expermentation. But I was so inhibited What a shame. All we did was fondel each other. I wanted to do so much more. This video makes me ake with my memories of my best friend. He would put every kid on this site to shame. He really was a sight to behold.

  53. I have to say that this is still my favorite video of all time. I just wish there was more.

    1. OK Kidfromamerica – how about letting us know if these two cuties have any more videos out there. This is really one hot video!!!!!

  54. I love these boys. This is one of my favorite videos of all time. So innocent, but so hot, too! And damn nice cocks & asses, too! I hope they’re now full-fledged boy friends. Would love to know more about these two cuties.

  55. eh i think it’s adorable cause the one dude is like already chill and then the other one is all timid and stuff.

  56. Love these 2 lol!!! The guy on the left is so in2 it while his bud finally swings round :-) Cute young pups having ALOT of fun.

  57. Why are they doing this and who for? Was it meant to appear online? Very strange, but very hot at the same time.

  58. This pretty much sums up my first time. Only there were no webcams involved. There was this fairly crappy straight porn video my buddy had put on. But we didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it.

  59. OMG fucking hot, i want to see it one more time, is it deleted or something? i can’t see it DD:<

  60. I re-watch this video every so often. It’s just THAT DAMN HOT. Such a turn on for me. Big cum shots every time, just sayin.

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