Now these are cute Sinners

Towelroad featured an interesting video yesterday. It’s from ‘White Throne Films’ which stars Bobby Blakey, "a High School Pastor with a passion to help young people follow Christ with a love for God and his word" and two kids who reveal they thought they were gay but then found God, and Blakey who’s using them to spread his damaging message that kids can "pray away the gay".

The creators of the video have removed it from YouTube and asked us to do the same (which we did to avoid legal troubles over the copyright et cetera) but it is still online on another channel *cough*

"If you don’t accept homosexuality, you’re not in with what’s happening today….In high school classrooms homosexuality is being aggressively promoted." Blakey says. Read on…

I have a feeling there’s more than just praying going on between those lads. Seriously though, you shouldn’t let some intellectually challenged nitwits make you feel guilty about who you are just because they happen to believe in some fairy tale in an old book that also says it’s OK to sell your daughter into slavery, that girls have to marry their rapists and that people who work Sundays need to be killed (and since Blakey says in the video above that he is against throwing out certain bible passages just because they don’t seem “modern” I have to assume he supports these as well).

You are perfectly fine the way you are and when you care more about the personality of someone you love than his or her gender or when you fap over the idea of nibbling on the dick of this cute fella in your class you’re as much a sinner as people who eat sea food. Fuck what other people think, fuck hate. Embrace yourself and live a life that makes you happy, that’s all the responsibility you have. Now go out and be proud, goddammit! :)


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  1. Fuck what other people think, fuck hate. Embrace yourself and live a life that makes you happy, that’s all the responsibility you have. Now go out and be proud, goddammit! :)
    I’ll go with that quote, Josh. Forgive the lack of parentheses, please.
    Read the words.
    Yup yup yup…

  2. Message re: video:

    “Don’t worry, homosexuals, we all love you. Now, listen to our full-on bullshit and have faith — we will CHANGE YOU [wait -- didn't you say you loved me just the way I am?] in the name of Jesus H. Christ who will come for you [never mind that no one EVER has "seen" him] and TAKE YOU AWAY from your STUCK “lifestyle” of …… shhhhhh! HOMOSEXUALITY that you THINK you were BORN this way [sorry, Lady GaGa].

    If that’s not Brainwashing 101, nothing is.

    I could take that totally ignorant video apart word by word of that fucking asshole who wants nothing more than to make a “name” for himself and to gain some modicum of fame and of course, his “share of the wealth” that is supposed to go along with it.

    1. Jesus according to the bible loves everyone, which means NO EXCEPTIONS (can’t have both ways)

      Also: loving everyone, would make him the biggest slut in history… But hey, he can’t sin… he’s the son of…. (please fill in your favorite god here)

  3. watched the clip: Can you say “brainwashed”
    also those 2 guys are dressed and move screaming “i’m gay”…

    Screw the black and whiteness of churches… you can go to church as a gay person… Some/most churches in Holland don’t give a shit about sexual orientation…
    Why do people stop believing? because the “book” that dictates what you can/can’t do is 2000yrs old-ish- it needs an update…

    We desperately need places where guys like these can escape, and be their selves, discover who they really are…

    1. “Why do people stop believing? because the “book” that dictates what you can/can’t do is 2000yrs old-ish- it needs an update…”

      Yes. The trash can or the bonfire ….. your choice ….. either one is the perfect “update.”

      1. Can I use yours then?
        I never owned one, after my holy communion* I went Atheist…

        Back then still mandatory when going to (Catholic)school… these days it’s a choice rather then mandatory…

    2. A little pedants note;

      There are lots of different bibles.

      The Torah, jewish bible, was revealed to Moses in 1312BC. I guess Ywhw himself wrote it but a little research reveals it pre-dates creation itself. Some book.

      The xtian book was mainly constructed after the Council of Carthage, in 397, issued a canon of the Bible.

      Here the Church of England use the King James I bible, which is a political manifesto by a Scottish bisexual who was trying to keep his new kingdom in line.
      As Amerika was in part founded by the religious nutjobs we threw out, I suspect they took their book with them.
      Is that the book that is used ?

  4. This American way of expressing the christian ideology, is as wrong as how extremist Muslims express theirs. They talk about ‘love’ and discriminate in the same sentence. They actually spread hate talking like this. Shameful that Youtube does not ban this kind of video’s. In our country, the Netherlands spreading hate against a certain group of people is forbidden, which makes it possible to forbid this kind of video’s. in my eyes it would not be necessary to forbid a video like this, but being the platform that makes people like this able to this spread kind of thoughts at least show that you strongly disagree. Shame on you Christians, shame on you Youtube (Google).

  5. Patrick and Tyler are so full of it! I’d be willing to bet that they later recant the statements they made in this video, the same way people do after the duress of an intense interrogation. If you are gay, YOU ARE GAY! Once is always.

    A technique used by forensics, government and civilian police investigators, and military interrogators is to watch, in addition to body language and head movement, the eyes of someone as they speak. Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

    Watch at each point that Patrick and Tyler make an assertion, either positive or negative, about themselves, others, their beliefs, and their actions. Notice the subtle shaking of the head “no”, a Freudian action that gives away the fact that they are lying. Also, the eyes: blinking your eyes shut, albeit in a nanosecond, at these same moments is another subliminal and unconscious way that your mind reveals to others that you are lying. Looking away, instead of directly at the camera, doesn’t help either.

    This was used to great effect in analyzing videos of President Nixon after the Watergate era. Government investigators were spot on, later demonstrating when Nixon lied using this method.

    You are fooling NOBODY, boys!


    1. you, must have been around in the 60’s, now tell me.. do you care for a long chat with an impressionable young lad?
      i got all the time in the world.

          1. Tyler – No, I’m not black (should that matter?). Markus is the German spelling. In my experience, Marcus is more African-American and Latino/Hispanic. Sorry about chat, I did look for you, we never crossed. You can find me there as “skunch”, my chat userid.


    2. One of the kids, the dark haired one, appears to be the video maker! He looks so similar to the picture on the moviemaker’s website.

      This is not a documentary. This is acting, with a script.

  6. So let me get this right… you want me to believe that there is an old bearded man living in the sky, watching and judging everything I do, and he demands I worship him? And if I don’t bow down in servitude, another word for slavery, he will torture me forever. But he loves me.

    I’m sorry, but I am having a real hard time believing any of that. I accept that there may be something out there, but if there is, I seriously doubt it cares who I love…

    Love is the real omnipotent force in the universe. Everyone has the capacity for it regardless of race, religion, creed, national origin, or orientation. And it doesn’t make any demands on us, because it is Love. And Love thinks you are perfect just the way you are.

  7. If you insist on studying some kind of religious philosophy then pick one that is liberating. Read the Shiva Puranas and the Linga Puranas.

    “I am not distinct from the phallus. The phallus is identical with me. It draws my faithful to me, and therefore must be worshipped. My well-beloved! Wherever there is an upright male organ, I myself am present, even if there is no other representation of me.”
    -Shiva Purana, Vidyeshvara Samhita, I, chap. 9, 43 – 44

  8. For inspiration, read William Blake. He made this issue very clear over 200 years ago:

    William Blake

    The Garden of Love

    I went to the Garden of Love,
    And saw what I never had seen:
    A Chapel was built in the midst,
    Where I used to play on the green.

    And the gates of this Chapel were shut,
    And ‘Thou shalt not’ writ over the door;
    So I turn’d to the Garden of Love
    That so many sweet flowers bore;

    And I saw it was filled with graves,
    And tomb-stones where flowers should be;
    And priests in black gowns were walking their rounds,
    And binding with briars my joys and desires.

  9. I’d bet anything that sometime in the next ten years that guy gets caught with a male prostitute….

    1. me be lonesome too, but I suck at chatting… I don’t want to but do hurt people (verbally) due to poor choice of words especially vs strangers

  10. ok, I got one thing to for ya’ll to ask yourself, can you be born a christian.

    Could a child be born into this world and without outside influence become a christian. Love God, belive in Jesus, and know what the bibal is. Of course not !

    Is it not realistic to think a child could be naturely homosexual. Indeed we know it is true that all humans have a desire to be accepted and loved. In what form is the question here.

    For me, the real issue here is how long we’re going to let the religious extremists dictate the rules of humanity to us.

    I say, no….your not born a christian, your taught to be one. Yes, you can be naturlaly gay but theres no way you can become gay because of outside influences, and if your in doubt about that , then your an idiot.

    Acceptance people, it’s not rocket science, just accept people for what they are and move on.

    Peace to all.

  11. Why do I get the sneaky suspicion that this tool narrating wants children to feel ashamed of who they are so that he and only he can sodomize them lubless and capture the blood of the holy virgins in a holy grail to drink from with his hunting buddy DICK cheney the waterbord waterboy. God who the fuck do these leather faggots think there fooling, wont a true american hero put a godam slug in there skull.

  12. Great message for a film. Reject common sense and science. Praise be to hate and discrimination. The makers of this crap, whoever you are, are an insult to christianity and intellegent people in general. You wanna know the REAL truth? Being gay IS NOT a choice. you ARE born that way. And guess what? You should be PROUD of who you are no matter whether you’re gay, straight, bi, black, white, handicapped or WHAT religion you are.

  13. Tyler is a very cute, good-looking young man and the only ‘sin’ here is that his moronic pastor has brainwashed him into appearing on camera to make this statement. Does Tyler really believe what he’s saying? The pastor has obviously failed to pray (or beat) the gay body-language out of him… And how can any rational person believe that high-school kids can be bullied into becoming gay? The proportion of gay people to straight is ALWAYS going to be relatively small – it’s a constant, around 6-10% (tops) of the population. The only thing that is changing is the number of gay teenagers who are coming out as opposed to staying in the closet.

  14. I’d just like to mention that The Rapture failed to happen again yesterday.

  15. Uhm. I know I’m probably in the minority in my point here, but do the blog posts have to attack Christianity in general so viciously all the time? I mean, I know a good lot of Christians who are VERY strong in faith who are also VERY accepting of homosexuality (because they say God loves everyone and Jesus never said anything against homosexuality anyway and if slavery can be abolished, why shouldn’t homophobia be abolished too?). And many of them are Catholics. Surely we need to be making a point against the moral thinking of any who are against homosexuality rather than making a point for or against any religion (or lack thereof)? As a Christian meself I’d be much happier if we accepted all gays regardless of their beliefs, because acceptance is really what we’re all looking for above all else, I reckon.

    1. As a homosexual myself I’d be much happier if we accepted christians regardless of their beliefs.

      The problem is when they attack me and those like me. I don’t have their ethic of turning the other cheek, you see.

      Oh, and my homosexuality isn’t a belief, it’s a fact.

    2. the ranting against Christians applies to those who think gays should be banned, killed or worse, and imply you can change ones sexual orientation…

      Like I said before in earlier posts: Could it be God created gays as a natural birth control, to prevent overpopulation…?

      Anyway i’ve got nothing against any religion, just the ones that abuse it, or ignore misinterpreting it

    3. EnChamade, to give you a light perspective on my viewpoints.

      I spent a several years in a Christian environment in which every day I was pulled aside and reminded that if I did not accept Jesus now, I could die and spend eternity in hell fire.

      I later found out that they would tell the other kids that I was sick and that they should never talk to me alone, only in groups. I was also never suppose to allow another person to touch me on the shoulder or have any physical contact with me, because that would not be good for the whole of the group.

      Because of shoulder to shoulder contact when sitting in pews, I was sometimes isolated to sit by myself away from the other boys and girls in order to help me.

      Christianity teaches that there is only one path, and that the road to hell is wide. This is why they teach that there can be no acceptance of gay people. I do not see much discussion on the “lets get along” ideology with groups such as Christians.

      My views come from my experiences in a few different denominations in which each denomination tends to view the other churches as “somewhat lost to God word”.

      When I hear someone identify as Christian, but then they say they accept homosexuals, what I hear is that they do not believe one of the core beliefs taught of their religion.

      Christianity does have a lot of good points, but it tends to get lost in the witch hunts of saving the world through the armies of god wanting to do battle.

      But this is why religion is a touchy subject, everyone only wants to show what is considered the good side of a religious group and lets not talk about the bad stuff. Religion is a packaged deal, when you accept the God, you get the evil that comes with it too.


      P.S. maybe you can take the time and show where your church actually reaches out to help, not convert and condemn gays to hell? I would love to see articles that shows a church that is enlightened by scriptures to make positive changes in peoples lives through giving them something to strive towards, not something to run away from. It takes people like you to make the changes in how your religion is viewed.

    4. Listen, I’ll explain it once more so you can try to focus and understand. We do not hate your fucking fairy stories. What we hate is the fact that your tax free associations feel a sense of entitlement to change the law of the land based on your fairy stories. You are free to believe any coo coo Dizney cartoon you want to dream up, you are even free to fuck up the brain of YOUR OWN unfortunate children just keep your delusional beliefs out of my motherfucking panties ok? Now you get it? Once you start fucking with other peoples kids or trying to tell me how to walk down the street THAT I BUILT! that is when you get a “wake the fuck up” sock in the bloody mouth (and feel free to swallow that communion with a cracker). And if it sounds like were fed up with your horse shit, we are.

  16. I would never attack anyone for being anything, even christains.

    My point is just the opposite, I would advocate that we just accept people for what they are.

    I made a comparison of what we are at birth and what we become by outside influence simply because of the nature of the above clip.

    Some things in life we choose, others are more natural, either way we should be free to be ourselves.

    Peace to all

  17. I think this is a spoof? if its not they have a lot to learn about changing their sexual orientation or abstinence.

    1. Look on youtube, visit the youtube channel and go from there to the website of the movie maker. Unless the entire site is irony, which seems unlikely, the thing is genuine!

      I do wonder what this homosexual lifestyle is that blondie was allegedly living, though!

      It is scripted, of course, and acted.

  18. I really think this looks like a spoof.
    But aparently isn’t. I’m surprised at the quality of the video ._. I expected that from a spoof, not actual propaganda.

    I do love when the second boy says: “the next day i went to school, after i was saved (…)” just saying if i had been saved the day before, I would not be going to school right the next day.
    Also, creepy white teeth,, like i said the video has too much quality, I’m saying spoof.

  19. What I hate about this tool Blakey, is that he’s trying portray acceptance of people’s basic human rights to equality and fair treatment regardless of gender, as some faddy issue that students are embracing just to be cool. He’s trying so hard to be hip that if he started flashing gang signs, it wouldn’t surprise me.

    He’s the absolute most dangerous christian – he comes with a genial smile, pleasant mannerisms, and reasonable tone of voice – but hate speech is hate speech no matter how nicely you package it.

    The sad thing is, those two boys are now going to have their overwhelming hypocricy to add to their guilt if they ever do decide that they are in fact gay – but who knows, maybe they genuinely were simply experimenting or unsure. They’re entitled to that.

  20. What I find sad about this, is that for most boys, homosexuality is a difficult path in life to be given, so of course, some leap at the promise that they can be “saved” from their nature by prayer.

    I actually thought the dark haired kid sounded fully brainwashed: “after speaking to Tyler, the next day in school I noticed all the sinful things that people were doing.” I can bet he’s a lot of fun at parties.

  21. “Dude, this is a major step forward in accepting…” and then I got to 0:54. I like to watch clips before I read editorial notes and comments, so I did. I think this is even worse than condemning homosexuality!
    Instead of making people shy away from christianity, this makes an issue of conscripting perfectly good people for a life they’re not supposed to live.
    What should “define this generation” is enlightenment: the kind that started in France around the 1650s, not reverting to cheap stereotyping to recruit souls. True, without christianity the world wouldn’t be as it is today. But once past its heyday it should have more dignity than to wither and cling on to outdated values rather than… oh what’s the use?

    I love people, regardless whether they’re religious/bright green/hairy/ a Trekkie/into sculpting and I think everyone should ^^.
    To quote Jeremy Clarkson: “How hard can it be?”

    (btw even the light stutter of the Tyler character is scripted)

    1. That the stutter was scripted was painfully obvious indeed.

      And the world would be another place without Christianity as in we wouldn’t have lost about a thousand years in advances in science and art.

      1. Actually, the way towards universities was paved in medieval times. We have indeed lost a lot, but it shaped the way we live our lives now.
        Take the Chinese for instance. They’ve been backward for ages because they were so content with the great pottery they had. So there was no need for further development (i.e. glass). Therefore: no chemistry or anything that stems from it.

        It’s as asking “If you could start your childhood all over again… would you dare to change anything?”. We could have colonised Mars already, or still think the recipe for mice was a bag of grain and a bowl of water.

        I for one, fear the latter and am happy with what we’ve got. I have to admit though that people now are – or at least should be – smarter than to attribute difficult concepts to a higher power and religion… ANY religion should recognise we’re past them and leave well enough alone ^^.

        Maybe I’m too harsh… but I take religion as a whole as a personal insult to my intelligence. Just the notion that my species is capable of ignoring so furiously our typical curiosity we take pride in, is so incredibly frustrating!

        1. That was very nicely said and written. Well done. Especially the last paragraph — I feel the exact same way!

          And let me add that one of the most primary goals of any religion is to just keep passing on (forcefully and violently for so many of them) this incredible ignorance and stupidity of the entire concept of any ‘god’ or ‘all powerful being’ — to everyone they meet and attempt to have a conversation with and then using “double-speak” when anyone has enough intelligence to point out how illogical any of it actually is — (1) constantly proselytizing ad nauseam, (2) taking societal control, and (3) stealing as much wealth as they can.

        2. “childhood” is the keyword. When mankind reached puberty relgion stopped being an advantage. Religion was certainly a key for forming societies but like every technology it gets obsolete in its former function when something else is more efficient. Most of its functions are taken over and instead of concentrating on what’s left – spreading love, making people care for each other without having personal gain of it or doing anything positive at all – such a lot of the weirdoes try to make a u-turn and head back towards medieval times.

  22. That truely seemed like a spoof at points.
    Tyler seems gay simply to look at, come on, don’t say he doesn’t and Patrick looks like a young Freddie Mercury so there we go :P

  23. If you would give some very serious thought to your fundamental desire (sexual desire) you would become extremely hard put to honestly percieve of this as a choice on your behalf. What I see here is an attempt to intellectualize and rationalize away a basic desire that is, on a conscious level, not acceptable. Some prominant scholars claim that the concept of “Desire” is completely unconscious and that it’s fundamental purpose is to keep on desiring.

    I cannot help but think a deep denial of an unwanted desire would create some problems. Where would it go? would it remain stagnant (highly doubtful)? And at what price would the unwanted expression (slip) of this Desire bring about?

  24. This whole thing was filmed under some very sleazy looking underpass, exactly the kind of place you would expect to find someone looking for a quick blow job. This video is a satire without even trying. It is surreal. I think it could just as easily be a joke.
    Maybe they will make their next video in the men’s room of a train station? I mean you can’t make this stuff up even if you tried. ROTFL

  25. Hmm, er, can we be sure that this video isn’t in fact parody in the Landover Baptist style? Because my first reaction was to laugh rather than to be outraged – both pastor Bobby and Tyler look like absolute cardboard cutouts of, respectively, stereotypical prude and stereotypical gay teen. And both of them make my gaydar more or less melt down.

    Anyway, the good pastor says something that fills one with hope. Early on, he says that if high school kids were allowed to vote, gay marriage would become legally recognized in America today. And he’s probably right about that too – for all the gay bashing and bullying going on in schools, the majority of young people today are tolerant and in favour of gay rights. Which means it is only a question of time before American gays will enjoy full equality before the law, whether the pastor Bobbies of this world like it or not. They will soon have been reduced to a bunch of entirely irrelevant noisemakers.

    No, but really. Are you SURE this video isn’t parody?

    1. I’m wondering the same thing. When I poked around the WEB site for the church the guy that posted the video to you Tube claims to work at (his name doesn’t appear anywhere on their list of staff, but that doesn’t mean a lot), I didn’t see the video or links to it posted anywhere on it.

      I also didn’t find any references to anything LGBT on the church’s site (admittedly, I didn’t look at every page on the site), unlike what I’d expect if they were associated with the video in some way. The guy in the video does look remarkably like their high school pastor though….

      On one hand, I could see this video being aired as part of The Colbert Report, but on the other hand maybe they are serious. I don’t think I’d want to be associated with anyone that could be swayed by it though, that would be a dangerously weak and impressionable person.

  26. This also drives home the fact of just how stupid a sizable portion of the American population is. It’s absolutely frightening to think of the kind of mentality that would believe a word of this for even a moment. It is something I might expect to see in Saudi Arabia or Iran.

  27. Hi all, I’ve just found out this site a couple of days ago, for those who want to challenge the usual anti-gay interpretation of the bible:

    It’s really interesting, and gives a great insight into the roots of current Christian dogmas concerning homosexuality. More importantly for Christians, it explains
    why this can be considered as mainly resulting from wrong translation of the original texts.

    By the way, I wonder if the 1st boy is gay at all. People categorize on appearances only, and so are wrong half of the time. It seems people would ostracise him just for not reflecting virile stereotypes (loving musicals, girlish looks…), no matter what his own feelings are.

    I’m no body language expert, but the 2nd boy doesn’t look like someone at peace with himself. I would say he’s relieved from the burden of living an atypical life, and relying on a supernatural force as a guide instead of his own free will. But this kind of things backfires when you realize you are still the same man as you ever was, because you were born this way, and there is no new birth (sorry Christians).

    P.S.: both boys are cute indeed, Josh.

  28. whem the blond started talking, trying to make it look like he became gay because people said he was gay… i just started laughing xD

    It was just patetic!

    Gosh! Must be really hard to be gay in the United States of Christianity…


  29. Those kids are gay. Whether they “prayed the gay away” or not, they’re still biologically attracted to partners of their same sex. Quoting (the much despised by me) Lady Gaga: “We’re born this way”. They’re just supressing their sexual attraction towards other males.

    It’s an interesting phenomenon, kinda like priests becoming celibate. It’s unnatural, and a very hard thing to carry on with, judging the amount of pedophiles in cassocks out there. I wonder what Freud would have said about this.

  30. When will these guys wake up and realize that Jesus, whoever he really was, was either gay or at least lived a “gay lifestyle”?

  31. Thanks God, Tyler no longer sings and dances, hes the star of his High school Football team……….

  32. It is one thing for a teacher to come out and say hi/her believes, but this so-called “High School Pastor” I would not let anywhere near a school. (even if he had kids of his own in the school)

    As for the gay boys he turned straight, I do not they were gay and acting.

  33. I would be willing to go out on a date, just the two of us, with the blond and let him discuss why he is not gay. I’ve had a number of bf’s who hadn’t and wouldn’t date men before they knew me.
    My guess is that the two gay repenters are dating each other.

  34. TYLER IS F’ING CUTE!!! There is no way he is ever going to turn down sucking a cute boy’s sweet delicious smooth cock!

  35. he starts a point out strong then puts a cute kid on the screen who is telling us how others are telling him he is gay? Love the cute kids in the video best part. just muted it and skipped the preacher talking how bad of me.

  36. just a quick note.

    the youtube video has the like/dislike disabled and comments are moderated. however, the internet being what it is, there is now a copy available with comments open:

  37. Bobby Blakey: “… In high school classrooms homosexuality is being aggressively promoted.”

    He’s probably seen in recent months how futile “the gay agenda” propaganda is, especially with younger people, so he thinks “he’s the cool one” by doing a video like this and changing the code from “the gay agenda” to a more hip-like slogan, “homosexuality is being aggressively promoted.” Same song, different verse but means exactly the same thing.

    Sorry, dude, you’re just promoting the same stupid shit but this time under a highway overpass — which isn’t cool, either.

    I wrote a post in here over 9 months ago detailing religion vs. homosexuality. Here’s the link:
    The thread is: Anti-Bullying Lessons? Gay!

    Post: #6 written by PenboyX (direct link:)

    1. Your are right. It is promoting bullying, and that so-called High School Pastor is also bullying kids.

  38. Yeah I am living proof that this…doesn’t work. I hated myself because I was bi. I really did. I talked to the pastor at my church and prayed and everything. But I couldn’t hide who I was. I tried. But there comes a point where you have to be true to who you are. My church doesn’t denounce homosexuality, but doesn’t necessairly support it either. Its funny, the one thing I got out of going to church is the idea of treating everyone better and loving thy neighbor as thyself. Ironic how the others can’t. As far as I am concerned, my God doesn’t hate homosexuals, because he made us. If their version of God is the God that does exist, I want no part of that.

  39. I couldn’t watch more than 30 seconds of this before I hated it! Such hypocrites and liars! Anyone that believes that crud deserves it! As for the blond “gay” kid, he screams gay, and he should embrace it and enjoy life and get away from that preacher.

  40. That blond kid is so flaming I used the residual heat to warm my ice cold bedroom. Seriously though, this room is cold.

  41. I just clicked the youtube link for the original and it has been removed by the user.

    1. I downloaded it if anybody wants it. As others have said, just mute it and fast forward to the cute ones. It is just cheap thrills to watch him with a lame explanation while he screams “I really do like boys”. I do feel for him, that if his part is not a put on, he will have a long period of discomfort with his true self until he finally reconciles with what ever his true nature is.

  42. i do love it when they misquote the bible. or when a man edits ‘gods word’ in creating a new version of the bible. yeah a man can decide what a deity really meant.

    as for the token blonde. hes clearly brainwashed.

    oh yeah, the youtube link was deleted by the poster, my guess is he enabled comments. LOL

  43. best comedy i have seen for a while. this could actually be a video by the onion news network!

  44. That blonde guy is really cute. If I could be a young high school guy today I think I could seduce this kid. When I was that age I was weighed down with guilt. But I was also damn hot. Knowing what I know today and having suffered through so much, I would like to have a go at this guy. When you are hot you know it and this guy is really hot. Just a wicked and fun idea.

  45. Ughhh, why do so many people believe in the damn sky zombie. There is no merit for it…whatsoever.
    I don’t care what kind of “personal experiences” people have, or what kind of philosophical bullshit argument exists for an invisible man in the clouds….he isn’t there…and the sooner we realize that the sooner we move FORWARD as a society.
    But America likes to be the caboose of social progress I suppose.

  46. What I like is how the blond boy says the following:
    ‘After I read that verse, it wasn’t a choice for me anymore, I knew I had to do it (change)’. Then towards the end the man says ‘so you can live for jesus christ’.

    So they are saying you have no choice but to change and live for jesus christ. Ok that sounds like freedom to me… not

  47. I love the low moan of the cello at the start of the video. Perfect for a horror video. The only thing missing was a pink shark jumping at the poor poor jesus lovers. If I didn’t know better I would have thought it came straight out of The Onion. Disgusting. Of course, when the next kid dies because he found only hatred and rejection because he was gay those bastard will blame that kid for not praying hard enough.

  48. Can I just ask why the hell we are not meeting the fight against the tyranny of organized religion with the gloves off yet? They operate tax free (and don’t kid yourself their first “good works” charity is themselves) They insinuate themselves into our laws while they rape children, keep homeless people fed just enough to ask for more tax deductible donations. They teach HATE to children. They completely derail any rational political discussion in the election year. They want to sew up every woman’s vagina. They ignore any issue of climate change. They tear families apart with dogma. They desire to create slam hound obedience to church elders (because there is no god only old men giving speeches from a pointless ancient book). Why the fuck are we so afraid to put limits on these pieces of shit? They are hitting this country over the head with a brick and we are just sitting down bleeding to death. These people will destroy this country and the planet earth if we don’t stand up.

    1. Its easy to get into such a mood when surrounded by too much bullshit and probably the world wouldn’t lose anything if a bullet got caught in Fred Phelps head.

      But in the end your text doesn’t read like a statement against dogma and hate. Rather the opposite. Your inability to differentiate does not really suit the purpose. Fanatic atheists are no better than other religious weirdoes. Dismissing 1000 years of culture entirely shows nothing but ingnorance. And what makes it worse: The people you want to fight are those among the much bigger crowd you insulted who probably just get stronger that way. Since hate and ignorance are their playing fields and they will beat you on that level every time.

      To your initial question: I have no idea why the USA as former center of the free world become a center of religious oppression. Perhaps its because US americans are easily scared and due to a lack of really essential problems for the last six decades started to enjoy getting scared by blown up nothings.

      When there is a run on outdated religious ideas there is probably some deeper reason than simply people going mad and therefore being in need of a good smacking.

  49. You girls fail to realise there’s as much misunderstanding of the Christ Event as of homosexuality. As God = Love then love in Christ [hetero, homo or other] is far more profound than God = Zero. As God became incarnate He assumed polymorphous perversity more intensely than a mediocre fag. God erect is the libido Dei in ultimate form, so to listen to kak from pseudo-Christians, heretics, ignoramuses & ignor-anuses ETC is to miss the point. Whatever consensual form Love takes is the form God takes & that certainly includes ephebophilia & kissing pretty boys. I personally thank Christ He made pretty boys because they certainly show traces of the Beauty of Heaven. As a bi-artist I constantly paint exquisite youths & Google Images under Ralphangelo [my kissable pal for 30 yrs] shows some pics. Art is where gay genius flourishes, so some of us do promo-homo there for ‘the cause’. There are many false churches out there including 2800+ Protestant cults in the US alone, so the issue of authenticity is confusing. Still, the Vision of God is accessible – He’s not merely a rumour and I for one have had the Personal Interview. So kindly be careful not to confuse Him with distortions & mutations put in His place. I’ve just finished a painting of Pope Paul II died 1471 who was sodomised to death by a page boy. Now that’s one way to go …

    1. “I personally thank Christ He made pretty boys because they certainly show traces of the Beauty of Heaven. . . .
      Still, the Vision of God is accessible – He’s not merely a rumour and I for one have had the Personal Interview.”

      If you actually think you’re being serious about that, then you truly need to see an intelligent mental doctor — you’ve visited that ‘vatican’ way too many times. And for the record of fact, all those (and every) “pretty boys” were “made” ONLY by their parents

      1. The fact that consciousness is ensnared in matter [hyle] begs the question of WHO put it there [it certainly wasn't a WHAT that brought it forth from nothing]: ergo, God Almighty. Time you accepted the fact that Moses & Elijah & John James Peter ETC – men who saw God Almighty manifest – are vastly more intelligent than you. Incidentally, God in most ancient texts – Akkadian Babylonian Hebrew, for instance – is androgynous. You should examine the flaws/floors in your own theoretical foundations, if only because death mutates [negates] every mortal mis-identity, straight or queer. You should read that queer masterpiece ‘The Autobiography of God Almighty’ @

        1. It only begs that question if you consider consciousness to be a supernatural function. Rational people do not – we can see the chemical and electrical functioning of the brain, as well as identifying the parts of the brain that are responsible for self-perception, and explain consciousness in non mystical terms.

          It’s a typical christian piece of misdirection to start with an assumption that defies all scientific reason, and then demand a scientific explanation. For example, “If god didn’t create the universe who did?” The assumption that the universe was created by a someone, or that it did not always exist are assumptions that cannot be made.

          Furthermore, many pseudo-rational christians smugly present science’s lack of an answer to certain questions (such as our current inability to reproduce life from nothing) as some kind of proof that the christian voodoo must be correct. The greatest science of all time, starts with the answer “I do not know.”

          1. “Furthermore, many pseudo-rational christians smugly present science’s lack of an answer to certain questions (such as our current inability to reproduce life from nothing) as some kind of proof that the christian voodoo must be correct. The greatest science of all time, starts with the answer ‘I do not know.'”

            Great response and one that most rational people accept including myself. But, just for the sake of argument, we do know that even the smallest molecule presents either life or other matter, correct?

            Well, let me present some very possible “proof” that this Earth has the ability to reproduce life (or matter) from nothing. My proof? Everyone’s environmental and living space at its most “basic level” of understanding: one’s apartment or house. Everyone (at one time or another) cleans “their space,” right? And then, after any determinate amount of time, poof! It gets “dirty” (or at least dusty). And then, even later, this dust becomes even thicker and more abundant. What is this “dirt” or “dust” after you just wiped the area, say, about a few hours or days ago? Did this dust just form from “nothing?” The air around us brings this on. And at its most basic level, this air is the same air (slightly more polluted, yes) as was the air from millions of years ago. So, I conclude, that matter and life can most definitely be made from “nothing” and therefore evolve into more complicated matter or life forms.

            Are any religious seriously trying to say that “their god” created all the dust in our atmosphere around this Earth? That this “god” has nothing better to do than to “create dust?”

            If “dust” can just form, literally, out of “thin air,” then I suggest that a “life form” can just form out of our atmosphere along with the moisture in it and the land and sea around it and then evolve into more complicated matter and life forms.

            I’m just being the “Devil’s Advocate” here for the sake of argument. I’m no scientist but this seems perfectly logical and just another “proof of evolution.”

            1. Hey Penboyx,
              I always TRY to steer clear of debating with christians using arguments that are easy to disassemble, or that use misconception of verbal trickery. To look at your example of dust, which is easily explicable (most dust in the home is dead skin cells and debris brought in on your clothes).

              The most coherent religious argument is the one where THEY say “I don’t know” to all the minutiae and details. Instead they argue that the PROCESSES that create the universe (the big bang, and the basic form of matter and physics) are created by their god, and these process then go on to create everything else. So the chemicals and proteins in the primordial soup, the elements that form the more complex biological and non-biiological material that eventually breaks down into dust.

              However, inspired though this argument is (because it provides atheists with the least avenues of counter-attack), it nevertheless falls over completely when you ask for evidence of their beliefs, because there is no scientific evidence.

              The best they can offer is that the complexity and perfection of the universe and human life’s place within it, is proof of intelligent design. But this is bollocks for two reasons:

              1st – we assume that all life falls within the narrow range that we recognise, so we perceive earth’s conditions, and distancing from the sun, and the sub-atomic process that make our universe work to be optimal. However, if the earth had been half a million miles closer, perhaps, with the chemical conditions unique to earth 4 billion yeras ago, vastly superior heat tolerant life would have developed.

              Even on earth now, there are organisms that live in blobs of cave acid, survive temperatures at thermal vents in the 100s of degrees, and micro organisms that live for thousands of years in tiny bubbles in arctic glaciers. Life is far more tolerant and adaptable than christians or even some scientists give it credit for, so it’s impossible to say if the conditions in which we live are the optimal for life, even as we know it.

              2ndly, life is not perfect – far from it. We have frail bodies that decay, we are susceptible to destruction by our planet’s norms of hot, cold, ultra-violet, wet, and dry. Our genes randomly mutate and throw up unviable offspring, and other organisms on our planet frequently evolve to become deadly to us (flu, tb, aids, etc, etc). Our planet is violent and deadly, and virtually all life has been extinguished at least once. Our psychological nature is warlike and selfish, and we only live for a tiny blip of time. If anyone looks at human life on this planet and declares it a perfect example of a superbeing’s genius plan, I’d call him an idiot.

          2. There’s no scientific rationale for the origin[s] of consciousness & no scientific explanation as to HOW consciousness & matter are conjoined. It’s a fact I’ve met Christ Almighty [Jesus of Nazareth] Who kindly paid me a visit or two & it’s a fact I suck dick: the two are not incompatible & the former doesn’t contradict the latter. There have been some great Christian homosexuals – Brunelleschi Donatello Leonardo Michelagnolo il Sodoma Fra Angelico Botticelli Caravaggio ETC ETC which as an artist I celebrate. You guys are similar to folk who deny the existence of water, when I swim with giant squid & behemoth – it’s all a matter of experience: like homosexuality some have had it and some haven’t: likewise with the Christ Event.

            1. “It’s a fact I’ve met Christ Almighty [Jesus of Nazareth] Who kindly paid me a visit or two …”

              You’ve just proven that you’re certifiable and desperately need to see someone in the mental health field.

            2. Science & your vaunted mental health specialists considered homosexuals diseased & insane – indeed, some shrinks still do – yet you advocate them because someone differs from you? Homosexuals, like Christians, can be eminently sane & learned – I just score on both points. Furthermore, I’ve been a trauma specialist & writer on psychology for many years.

            3. Oh Jim, your arguments are completely nonsensical. You’re making specious connections. At no time, to my knowledge, has the learnedness of homosexuals been called into question, so to compare the intellect of a homosexual with that of a person of religious faith is a complete non sequiter. A does not follow b. In fact the two things are irrelevant to each other.

              Just because science or the medical community once consider homosexuals diseased, does not mean that science should be dismissed. Astronomers used to think the earth was flat – does that mean that I can’t trust pictures from hubble or the space station?

              Science moves on as the weight of evidence accumulates to better substantiate or disprove theories.

              Of course, given science’s record, (not to mention the politics of modern science) only fool would simply accept everything they are told without question. But at least with science, there’s tangible evidence that can be appraised to confirm assertions, unlike belief in god.

            4. Einstein invalidated Newton, Newton invalidated Archimedes or theorists & hypothesis-crunchers with their BELIEF-systems negated by their successors. Science is hardly stable & empirical ‘truth’ gets dumped on its head quite frequently. Evidently, it cannot decide if God exists or not & this alone is a vast limitation which cripples its advocates. It cannot furnish tangible evidence about spiritual realities so, alas, it saddles its purveyors with ignorance. Further, it creates the means of hideous mass death via biological & atomic weapons, so it is hardly the means of opening the immaculate dimensions of spiritual life. Worse, it forces its adherents into the absurd view individuals never were before birth & never will be again after death – i.e. – finite consciousness temporally appears & infinitely disappears, a brief interval of happy bum-fucking, as it were, surrounded by an abyss of nothingness before the start and after the finish. I thank the Lord God I know better, having been permitted access into those incredible spiritual dimensions with their awe-inspiring & miraculous vistas. There is immaculate beauty and its boys are all angelic & then some.

            5. I agree that scientific truth is constantly revised, just like Biblical truth.

              The fact that science progresses is its strength, not its weakness – just so long as one accepts that much knowledge is actually just theory. However, I can test scientific theory – I can drop a ball and watch it fall; I can throw it and see it fly; I can wind a watch and see the passage of time.

              Beyond personal spiritual experience (which is both subjective and unreliable), how can you test the existence of god, or the truth of the bible?

              Clearly, you live under the belief that because something like finite consciousness is an unpalatable prospect, it cannot be. That’s not science or even logic – just the clearest demonstration that your belief is simply about providing comfort for a frightened mind.

            6. Einstein did not invalidate Newton. Newton’s laws are now simply a special case within Einstein’s equations, when the speed of light is insignificant. Likewise, although Newton invalidated some of what the Greeks taught, much of what they concluded has held up quite well. Archimedes famous test for gold alloy is just as valid now as it was 2500 years ago. The Pythagorean Theorem is just as valid as it ever was, even though it too is now just a special case within non-Euclidean geometry.

              Science doesn’t totally invalidate previous theories — it corrects parts of them and improves them. Science is a human conceptual model of physical reality. Since it is a human conception, it has errors. Science is a conceptual model, however, that has continually gotten closer and closer to physical reality. Just because it contains unrecognized valid generalizations and unrecognized partial errors does not negate its overall validity. Science is certainly not on the same low level of logical validity as the largely mythical debates over “theological truth” (a definite oxymoron). You can make all the claims you want about “spiritual realities”, but in the end they are simply your religious beliefs, nothing more. Science has mathematics, logic, and a quite sophisticated testing and feedback system on which it can claim to approach true knowledge about physical reality. Religion, quite simply, does not have any system except humans giving “testimony”. Science and religion are not equivalent belief systems. To claim that science is just another belief system, equivalent to religion, shows a deep ignorance of science and its strong foundations.

              Responsible scientists also know enough to limit their assertions of knowledge to the domain that the are working within. Physical science (physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, etc.) model the physical universe, and the responsible scientists in those fields only make claims of knowledge about the physical universe. (If such a scientist makes more speculative philosophical assertions, they will almost always clearly separate those assertions from their purely scientific results). The social sciences (psychology, sociology, economics, etc.) only make claims of knowledge about human behavior. Since modeling human behavior is harder than modeling the physical universe, and the mathematics underlying the social sciences is more statistical than the math used by the physical sciences, the Social Sciences tend to have more questionable results. They still have an overall validity, with useful assertions of fact.

              Religious people, however, tend to make wild claims about all kinds of “knowledge” for which they simply have no support or evidence except their particular belief, or at most, the “evidence” that their favorite book is the “word of God”. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to religious statements and said to myself, “That isn’t necessarily true.”, or “You don’t have any valid support or evidence for that statement.”, or “That can easily be explained by …. (some other plausible explanation)”.

              I wish the religious would start admitting that their religion is just their beliefs, and not “truth”. Most of all, I wish they would recognize that their “truth” is certainly not the equivalent of scientifically derived knowledge, as imperfect as that knowledge sometimes can be.

            7. Wonderfully succinct,lucid, yet still respectful clarification Scott. So so much better than anything I could come up with. Thank you so much.

            8. What’s so fkking atrocious really is you sweeties don’t figure, remember, know your DIVINE ANDROGYNOUS HOMELAND – the loving HEIGHTS you came from – before being cast to earth as mortal victims. I paint the 10s of 1000s of gay kids who get slaughtered, who suicide themselves ETC because they don’t fit scientific identi-kit gender-patterns, which get enforced by the dominant pack – the only way to get FREE is to know divine dimensions where ALL sexuality comes from. God is actually reality, whereas earth is a murderous cess-pit seeking new corpses: ANDROGYNY REFLECTS THEOPHANY {God is Androgynous]

            9. Well there’s a circular argument for you.

              “Religion teaches self loathing, but when you loathe yourself enough to end your life, there’s a loving god waiting who accepts everyone. ” Except suicides and unrepentant gays I seem to recall.

              If you believe the bible, which I clearly do not, then we were all made in god’s image, but if we use our free will to commit the “sin” of homosexuality, according to 1 Corinthians 6: 9 and 10, there is no place for us in heaven.

              It wasn’t science that said

              “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. ”


              “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”


              “Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.”

              It was your loving god. Unfortunately, these views have been informing the opinions of the ignorant INCLUDING SCIENTISTS for 2000 years. So before you have a hissy fit, sweetie, don’t think that you’re going to ignore the guidebook of your religion and paint your god to be this all-loving, all tolerant being because it doesn’t wash.

              Old Testament AND New Testament, it has been made clear that homosexuality is reviled by god. Which is why christianity and the stupid intolerant father figure you all worship, needs to be eraditicated from the face of this planet as fast as possible.

            10. St Paul was on his own trip & obviously needed Roxy Red or similar to sit on his face or prod his cat-flap. There’s tons of shit in the New Testament that you can take or leave cuz it’s a mixed text which varies considerably – it’s like a menu & operates according to taste + much of the koine Greek in the NT & Hebrew in the OT is open to nuanced interpretation, much of it lost in transcription & much of it resonating incorrectly according to the translation. It’s the figure of Christ you have to correctly ascertain & He can be best seen in John X:34-35.

              God isn’t all-loving & all-tolerant [He hates evil bastards & rapists & child-killers & queer-bashers for example] but He can’t be judged according to the twisted projections of those who don’t know Him [anymore than homosexuals can be judged by reference to Jeffery Dahmer or John Wayne Gacey]. There are more species of Christianity than schools of Marxism & any cultic fruitcake can proclaim themselves ‘Christian’ – however, no man whether he be pope, patriarch, imperator, priest ETC is a Christian unless he shows THE UNCREATED LIGHT of Christ – i.e. – unless the IMAGO DEI is restored. God certainly restores this miraculous theophany on deserving homosexuals, so you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I personally don’t give a fuck for biblical pseudo-Christianity cuz reading about a hideous sky-ogre results in a vast misinterpretation of the man Himself.

              When God became incarnate He was mightily fucked-over & topped [slotted] as an atrocity, which demonstrates that True Love is hated in whatever form it takes. There was a war in Heaven which continues on earth & no matter how much passion we put into heterosexuality and-or homosexuality and-or bisexuality and-or asexuality, death will supervene in each individual case & we will be returned-to-sender. Only then will our temporal/earthly MIS-identities be seen as mere fleshly masks hiding the reality underneath. I’m extremely fortunate that Jesus of Nazareth aka God Almighty paid me a few visits, as He did Francis of Assisi et al. Your projections of God ['a stupid intolerant father figure'] are wildly inaccurate – He’s more slandered than really evil fucks, so you should look at Christ Himself & not the factotum/dummy/simulacrum inserted in His place by churchified morons & image-manipulators. I was thrown out of two university theology departments & debarred from a third, so I certainly do not run with any ‘Christian’ pack. The Church IN REALITY is a divine dimension NOT of this world & reading the Bible doesn’t provide access at all – it’s TRANSFIGURATION that gets one in aka apotheosis or metamorphosis, an ontological & visionary change ……

            11. So what you’re saying is YOUR take on Jesus/God is the right one, and all the others are wrong. What a refreshing viewpoint. But even putting that aside, and looking at one point that we can both agree on: you say of the new testament, “much of it lost in transcription; much of it resonating incorrectly according to the translation”.

              So you acknowledge that the modern bible does not accurately depict the exact sentiments of its original authors, yet you then point back to this flawed tome as evidence about the nature of Jesus. That would be like me saying “All science is lies and nonsense, and if you want to prove it, read this confirmation by Stephen Hawking.” I mean how can I take you any more seriously than the Universities you have been expelled from? Perhaps they too thought that your views and reasoning were so flawed, that even in their open-minded environment, you could not be tolerated.

              If the bible is the book that supposedly passes on god’s word to mankind – the most important record of his wishes for us, and the rules he wants us to live by, don’t you think that it would be reasonable that he protected it from tampering and mistranslation better?

              It’s like me giving you laws of the land, but only writing them in ancient Sanskrit, and giving the book to a known liar and cheat to pass on, then punishing you with death for getting it wrong. I mean – perleeease!

              Just like millions of christians before you, you cherry-pick from the supposedly unchangeable word of god to fit your own world view, allowing it to welcome some and castigate others. Your view is nothing more than personal opinion and belief, and when you recognise that that’s all ALL religion is, you might start to move somewhere useful.

              If on the other hand, as you also seem to be doing, you dismiss the bible altogether, what are you left with? A few unprovable myths about a man, and the hallucinations of thousands of wish-fulfilled people who needed a loving and all powerful father in their lives, and the hope that we are not mortal.

            12. I don’t point to the Bible at all as my source for Christ – rather, I point to Him literally – i.e. – the guy that paid me personal visits, the guy that mentions the Word of God before the NT was even written [John X: 34-35 - it refers to Himself & NOT a fkking book which is riddled with anomalies & contradictions & literal errors e.g. two different accounts of the death of Iscariot & two different killers of Goliath ETC] – only Protestants think the Bible is the Word of God, whereas I think it is a MANUAL OF DEIFICATION

              Heavenly dimensions can be accessed e.g. when Paul of Tarsus talks of the Third Heaven as in body or out of body I know not which, he is recounting a DIVINE EVENT happening in ANOTHER DIMENSION other than the earthly. The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN cuz just as we fell from Heaven & vainly imagine we are ‘human’, so we can return if we know the way.

              Life is a sentence which ends with execution but most fortunately God became incarnate & thus passed on the means HOW to become transfigured: this He did on Mount Thabor with James & Peter & John & it is necessary to become transfigured via metamorphosis to be human: otherwise one is sub-human. There are no human BEINGS [only God has being], rather mortals are sub-human BECOMINGS traversing death: in name it is life, in fact it is death. We become alive as the gods we once were & only God Almighty has the power to bring that about,

              Most Christians are believers & they have not EXPERIENCED God face-to-face – I have; and that entails CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION into the incredible. You should be pleased that a bi-kid age 16 was told by mil intell he was the most advanced mind in the entire armed forces of his country, that he should be lecturing to the highest minds in the land at a university, a boy who went on to win a scholarship in mathematical philosophy against 300+ competitors & who created Non-Cantorian set theory before the age of 20 [see the notebooks at].

              I was kicked out of my first university for allegedly fucking a devastating beautiful boy on the altar of X Cathedral – I assure you it wasn’t ON the altar; so I’ve had my problems with ‘straight’ Christendom from the beginning & they are no more liable to believe divine encounters than the next man. However, believed or not Jesus of Nazareth stepped into my study & showed me marvels of such utter radiance & splendour that my life changed absolutely. The first volume of my book is mentioned on the website above [there are two more unpublished]. My boyfriend is a professore di grammatica, so between us we’re not stupid & I’m sufficiently blessed to have friends, gay & straight, who’ve had similar experiences to my own. We’re not deluded but merely report to you experiences of the divine which are natural to those in Christ.

              I am a visionary artist these days & some of my work [much of it promo-homo] can be seen on Google Images at Ralphangelo. My huge painting Gayboy Crucified is in defense of young kids who get persecuted, beaten & killed by murderous & ignorant fuckers for being themselves. I don’t deal in mere beliefs – they’re the stuff of atheism & agnosticism: I deal in experiences. As I’ve said before: folk who don’t believe in water are contradicted by those of us splashing around in the deep end. I was a convinced atheist until the Lord God OPENED UP sites of ecstatic wonder. SEEING IS BELIEVING & we only love to find something lost in ourselves. Immortality is possible, plus everything that goes with it ……

            13. I think whether you are referring to the origin of consciousness in mankind, or the origin of consciousness in each individual person, there most certainly ARE scientific rationales.

              As a species, there’s a point when intelligence rather than mere electro-chemical stimulus response becomes advantageous. Over time, natural selection favours the reproduction of organisms that are better able to function in their environment, and thus the development of brains capable of reasoning.

              Individually, I don’t know the exact moment when a baby’s brain develops consciousness, but I’m sure it’s not terrifically difficult to discover. I guess it’s all a simple matter of cell specialisation, replication and maturity. When there are enough cells to form a brain, and those cells have reached maturity, they start to perform the function they were designed to do; no different to the testicles in puberty.

              It’s no greater mystery than assembling the components for a car, and the onboard computer doesn’t work until you add a battery and wiring, and hook it up, then flip the switch, and bingo – consciousness!

            14. The terms ‘species’, ‘stimulus-response’, ‘organisms’, ‘natural selection’ [etc] are merely elements of THEORIES, whereas you are sure its not terrifically difficult to discover precisely when [and if] an infant develops consciousness – how? by asking the baby? No, you would do better to access orthos paiderestein {the Platonic term for the right/correct love of boys] where all these questions are brilliantly answered. Flipping a switch on a baby’s head, and bingo – consciousness? Oh dear, I think not

            15. As usual, the christian denies the basic tenets of scientific methodology.

              Calling the word “organism” part of a theory betrays your determined self denial. Yes, the science world is predicated on theory – but at least it’s evidential AND logical, unlike religion. You guys are metaphorically still looking at lightning and ascribing it to Thor.

              If anyone could actually prove that Thor had ever existed, it wouldn’t be so laughable.

        2. “Time you accepted the fact that Moses & Elijah & John James Peter ETC – men who saw God Almighty manifest – are vastly more intelligent than you.”

          FAKE characters in a FICTIONAL “book” that talk about something totally IMAGINARY — “more intelligent” than anyone ACTUALLY ALIVE today willing to dispute that tome?

          You really NEED to GET REAL.

          1. Even Pliny the Younger, a secular Roman historian, attested to the existence of Christ as a fact. Of course I’m real – and if that is possible why can’t the reality of God be a possibility? Forgive me for saying so but I’m a theologian – i.e. – one with the power to access Heaven & I’ve been there on many occasions [likewise with trained contemplatives amongst monks, nuns & other divines]: so have many of my friends, many of them academics, lecturers, writers and so on. There is no proof God doesn’t exist – which should strike anyone as remarkable.

            1. Quoting the opinion of a historian from 2000 years ago hardly constitutes evidence Jim, nor does your belief that you have been to heaven or met god. The heaven’s gate lot were so certain that they were going to have their souls elevated by aliens that they commit suicide. That’s certainty for you. They were certain, but still wrong. In 78 918 educated Americans commit suicide in Jonestown Guyana believing it was god’s will. Certainty or spiritual experience or believed encounters with god does not constitute rightness.

              As for the fact that god doesn’t exist – well I’m beginning to think you’re a troll because you’re simply throwing up all the lamest, most redundant christian arguments.

              How can one disprove the non-existence of a non corproreal, non tangible being that does not exist within our realm or have to obey any of the laws of our universe, and who is beyond our science? It’s no more remarkable than the fact than no-one can disprove that the loch ness monster exists.

              If you tell me that you were visited by the blue space master who lives on a planet a billion light years away, there’s likely no way that I can definitively disprove your assertion, especially if you believe it.

              I’d start by asking for evidence. If that was not forthcoming, I would assess your sanity and I would examine your brain to see if it was working normally. I’d run lie detector tests. And then, if all that checked out, I would say, “Well, I cannot disprove what you are saying, and your brain apparently checks out, but on balance of probability, you are delusional, or simply a liar. But I won’t say 100% that it never happened.”

            2. I wouldn’t let you amputate my leg with an ‘O’ level in woodwork, so I tend to look askance at those who attack the Tanakh aka Old Testament and-or the Gospels without extensive knowledge of Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek with [say] Akkadian/Babylonian & Arabic thrown in, yet every monkey in trousers – thankyou Mr Darwin – throws kak at sacred texts with only the slightest knowledge.

              I agree with you that religious lunatics thrive but mentioning them is like classing child-rapists with intelligent gays, who do not automatically interfere with boys. As for my sanity, I ran a school for gifted kids for many years & I’ve lectured at Trinity, Oxford, before Mensa, won a maths scholarship against 300+ competitors, was highly academic ETC – still, in a way that’s irrelevant because the Vision of God [the Personal Interview] is attested to by highly intelligent critters over many centuries. The wheat needs to be sorted from the chaff obviously, but Orthodox & Catholic & Anglican divines report many instances of deific contact. As an atheist I did the philosophy of mathematics but when God Almighty opened up I was proven wrong. That’s all I’m saying really – with the rider anti-homosexuality should not be laid at His door. He does not love according to sexual proclivity.

    2. “Your belief in God is merely an escape from your monotonous, stupid and cruel life.”
      -Jiddu Krishnamurti

  50. Have you ever said to someone “I know how you feel” and they respond, no you don’t, you’ve never experienced what I just went through – well, homosexuality is the same thing. All of these homophobic bible thumpers are either in their own denial and trying to justify themselves, or have never experienced the feelings that make one gay. How can they say that it isn’t how you were born, or that the feelings will go away if they have never experienced it. Wait, maybe they have… Unfortunately I think we will see one or both of these boys later on these pages under a RIP… If praying fixes everything let’s pray the bad economy away, let’s pray for world peace, let’s pray to end hunger. Oh yeah, right, people have been doing that forever – and it’s working so well…

    1. That was fantastic and honestly made my day. Thanks so much for posting. I am so looking foreward to reading comments about your post.

        1. kw:
          Thank you for those! Both are cute and funny, but you’re right, the second one is definitely better.

          Btw, boys go through that incredible time between 7 – 18 (or a bit later) when it seems everything is somehow arousing and creating the obvious “embarrassment.”

          But, really, just how much “practice” does one’s penis of erecting and ejecting semen truly need just to perform for their “encore performance?”

          That’s just one of my questions for “god,” “jesus” and anyone else who truly believes in that bullshit. After all, [he] is all-knowing and all-doing, right?

  51. If you hunger for some ancient religion, make it a good one like this:
    “Vrihaspati, a defiant atheist founded the Charvaka religion about 600 B.C. He did not believe in the existence of God, in the Vedas and in the efficacy of good works, such as rituals. He professed that no living creature is immortal not even mankind. All are subject to death and therefore must live in pleasure and comfort until then. Let a man, then, enjoy himself to his utmost capacity, deport himself in his world as expediency may direct, accumulate wealth and spend it on the gratification of his desires.”

  52. the original video is gone, but as noted above copies exist, including one already on youtube.

    seems some of the folk who saw this story on Queerty made contact with the pastor through faceBook and caused him to take it down.

  53. This guy, Troy, is just too hot and appears too intelligent to believe in the comments he is making. For me this kid is a really attractive and why he would make a video like this is really strange. Is it really possible that beautiful face could actually be so shallow? Would he actually stoop so low to contribute to a video like this? I would love to see more photos of him.

  54. “It aint about black or white, cause we’re human! I hope we see the light before its ruined!”


    Narrow minded people, not all of them ofcourse. Just the most of them.

  55. Oh dear. Poor Tyler. By 40, if he hasn’t committed suicide for denying his identity, he’ll be married, with kids, and clinically depressed. I wonder what Tyler thinks about parts of the bible that define women and blacks as either a fraction of human, or property.

    This video is poorly acted, scripted, and melodramatic — it looks intended as a joke. Hate like this must be fought head on. Who is Bobby Blakey’s polar opposite, and where can I send money?

    1. It has to be a joke. Tyler is hot, hot, hot. Damn. Tyler come stay with me. I’ll put you through college.

  56. Religeous bullshit like this, and those who believe it really frighten me. No doubt this is all funded by some right wing big business corporation, but it just proves how far we still have to go to enlighten people.
    Unfortuneately, my own dad is a vicar (preacher) and he still thinks it’s a choice….

    1. Ask your father, John, when he first chose to be heterosexual. Ask him whether he considered homosexuality and made a conscious choice.

  57. Kinda creepy video… yet kinda funny listening to these two queens talk about being saved and no longer being gay. If they’re straight, I’m Diana Ross! :P I was going to post the original Youtube link to my FB. but it’s no longer up . :-/

  58. Ahh these christians are getting smarter!!! they’re luring us with cute guys and than hook! you change forever! lol. Why do these peeps always try to push there beliefs on you. Why can’t they be selfish and save there own damn souls. Ahh poo.

  59. So …right cause both those guys are not entirely gay! and now that god made them the way they are….gods supposed choosen ones…christians want them to change. If your gay…as i am gay….those boys dream about one thing…and it aint salvation and golden gates. No, its other boys, guys, men! You cant turn that shit off. So as gays maybe we should recruit….seeing as how if homosexuality is a choice then so is hetrosexuality? right? Di Christians have nothing better to do? are there not poor and impoverished people who truly need help in this world? this is what they waste thier money on? I mean you can truly help poor people in this world and they might actually convert. But, trying to change gay people straight is like changing straight people gay…sorry,,,you are born this way and with gods blessing as he made us!

  60. its about fucking time people realised there is no god and jesus can continue to rot in hell. I AM ALIVE TODAY, THIS IS THE WORLD I LIVE IN, AND I WILL LIKE THE LIFE I FUCKING WANT TO LIVE. SO FUCK OF YOU PATHETIC HATERS. :)

  61. The discussion of this vid got very hot’n’heavy. I don’t (particularly) believe in God – or gods – but if you want to that’s your business.
    The satisfying thing about this wee ‘moral’ fable is that the two boys will almost certainly end up screwing each other.
    And with bit of luck they’ll put their wedding ceremony up on facebook.
    I just want to see them kissing…

  62. No wonder my MALE BOX – er, mail box – was full with abusive remarks saying gays are perverts & I’m a disgusting pedo ETC – on the other hand, gay and-or bi- Christians take negative incoming from every direction, or so it appears. The galleria Arte del Fulmine is now open on FB and it displays some of my paintings, straight and gay. Enjoy – and God bless True Love wherever it is. PS Newtonian space is absolute and that doesn’t fit into Einstein’s cosmology.

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