OMG! Transsexual Necrophiliac Pedos!

That’s the kind of people that will go after America’s kids in school restrooms if laws are passed that would protect gays, lesbians and transgender people from discrimination. At least according to the 12,000 members (just in the state of Georgia) of the “Concerned Women for America” who were represented by Tanya Ditty before a house panel as Towleroad reported.

Tanya Ditty Becomes Georgia Gold Dome's Latest Anti-Gay Bigot

Ditty warned that approving the bill would allow gay people, who according to Ditty are pedophiles and necrophiliacs (she has a whole list), to get jobs as teachers or janitors and prey on students. She also tells a personal story about her ‘shocking’ encounter with a transgender person in the restroom. Whether her hateful testimony was influential or not, the panel effectively killed the bill by tabling it  in a 3-2 vote.


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  1. I’d like to violate the evil old dragon woman with the rough end of a pineapple.

    Queue Pen is Breath’s usual anti-religion rant but for once his tact, subtlety and general humanist approach will be apposite.

  2. It is dumb old broads like this, whose vags are so dried up they cant get any, that ruin the name for the LGBT community. She most likely is upset that we can get some and she cant. Statistically a white heterosexual man is more likely to become a pedo or a necro. even a White Woman is more likely, as are a black man or a mexican woman. Gays are actually not often Pedos.

    It is ignorant people like this that disgust me.

    1. I can understand your frustration. But in fall fairness, let’s remember that there are also plenty of gay people who are are ignorant — but for some reason we never bring into question the fallibility of LGBT people. We always focus like tunnelvision on the wrongdoings of those who are straight and religious, even though many are also our allies. I just think it’s always good to keep a balanced perspective.


  3. Pray on Children? Typical priest reaction, but we don’t ban churches from children….

  4. It’s women like her that makes it so hard for us to get the proper funding for our coolers to keep bodies. :P

    But, on a more serious note, she’s exactly what I’ve been talking about in other replies. You think she’s bad? You should listen to Les Kinsolving on his radio program in Baltimore(I think?). It’s hate speech at its highest crescendo. Of course they use the bible to feed their hatred and bigotry.

  5. Beyond irony… She claims to have been traumatised about a cross dressing man using a female restroom, where I assume they have at least cubicles/partitions, whilst herself wearing a suit!



  6. Even if you agree with Ditzy Dame’s definition of sexual orientation, sexual orientation should never be cause for discrimination in and of itself.

  7. What’s wrong with me?
    I’m just a boring ol’ Gay!
    Why do I never get any of the fun stuff?

    Necrophilia … MMMmmmmmmmm MMMmmmm

  8. I don’t think this woman is obsessed by hate. Such “concerned women” have limited abilities and a very narrow intellectual and emotional development. That makes them, overwhelmed by all the bad news in the media, anxious for everything: every stranger a terrorist, every pedophile a slaughterer of their children, every gay suspect, everything disturbing their quiet lives threatening.

    It is anxiety and fear that rules their lives. In a democratic society it is impossible to neglect their votes, so their influence reaches further than most of us would wish. It seems to me a very hard task to convince them of a more reasonable point of view and our politicians are certainly not very helpfull with that.

    1. I wish I could be as certain as you are. After ask, what else but obsessed by hate would you call her knowing that she will go out of her way to testify in front of a comity like she did? Still, she is exactly the kind of person preachers and politicians love to use for their own agendas.

  9. This old bitty was just jealous that the cross dresser looked better than she ever could. That is why she was shocked. Something tells me her husband should be arrested for Necrophilia.

  10. I honestly feel sorry for you Americans who have to put up with these people. Seriously, how the hell do these people gain a following and gain power of a sort?
    Surely someone so ignorant and uneducated mustn’t be allowed to start something like this.

    1. And I’m so sorry that you would point your finger at only one part of the world. Just google gay intolerance. You will find it’s a world wide.

    2. ow, I’m sure these… figures… are in your country as well… most likely in your own street :-)

      have a nice night ^^

    3. I wouldn’t be so sure. Just the other week, I was banned from Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook for coming out as bisexual. WHOF’s mission is to make everyone equal, yet the man who runs it clearly struggles with intolerance. Surely someone so ignorant could never become so powerful and respected? Indeed it happens all too often, even in the places you would least expect.

  11. Thanks for the sympathy, michael. It is, a total drag to witness the self righteous, pejorative Idiocracy in which I live.

  12. Listening to this woman reminds me of when people who had never smoked marijuana before were telling people how bad it was for you and all the harm it would do to you and that it certainly led to harder drugs. What a hoot.

  13. Surprisingly, I’m sure that she would have no trouble with an adulterer and fornicator like Newt Gingrich.

    1. Nah, no surprise there. After all if it’s heterosexual it’s all fine as long as the other partner isn’t dead. :P

  14. Yeah right Lady…. And I have a 14 to 15 page report that documents every thing you just said is completely homophobic and moronic!

  15. While I generally support bills like the one in question and oppose the positions of people like Tanya Ditty, the description of her testimony that is on the Milkboys web page is in error. She did NOT say that gays are necrophiliacs and pedophiles, she said that the definition of “sexual orientation” includes necrophiliacs and pedophiles — that gay and bisexual people are merely one of many “sexual orientations” against which discrimination would be prohibited under the proposed law.

    To determine whether that is true or not would require considerable legal research. If it is, perhaps the bill needs to be re-worded.

    Also, she described the person she encountered in the restroom not as “transgendered,” but as a cross-dresser, which is a significant difference.

    1. Somehow you succeeded in proving an important that went way past you without you even noticing it. She might not say that a gay is also a pedo or a necro but she does put all the “other sexual orientations” in the same bag as meaning anything but heterosexuality is a deviancy.

    2. In my opinion there are many other sexual orientations beyond gay, bi, and straight. Of course she presents that as a point of deviancy. The paraphilias in and of themselves are not wrong, unless you act out on them in a way that is harmful. There are many paedophiles who are able to live ordinary lives and never submit to their urges because they know the difference between right and wrong. We often are quick to stigmatize groups of people because we do not understand them, regardless of whether they are committing any moral wrongdoing. Many times it’s just about finding a convenient scapegoat upon which to offload (that is, explain away) our problems.


  16. This reminds me of Rick Santorum’s fixation on “Man-on-Dog Sex.” At least we know where his fantasies run.

  17. I don’t see the attraction myself, but nevertheless I support my bothers and sisters who would live & work in the South/Southwest. It ain’t easy being LGBTQI there…..

  18. This is what happens when we Americans sit on our lazy asses and don’t vote. The crazies get elected and start passing some of the most Draconian laws out there. If there is anyone to blame, it is not the woman in that video. We need to walk up to the nearest mirror and look at ourselves.

    Wake up, and vote! The conservatives do just that and now control most of the state governments and the US House.

    If you don’t vote, President Santorum will thank you.

  19. We need to vote and keep these kinds of people out of office. This country is in for major trouble if crazies get what they want. Spread the word and keep this kind of evil out of our society.

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