That’s the kind of people that will go after America’s kids in school restrooms if laws are passed that would protect gays, lesbians and transgender people from discrimination. At least according to the 12,000 members (just in the state of Georgia) of the “Concerned Women for America” who were represented by Tanya Ditty before a house panel as Towleroad reported.

Tanya Ditty Becomes Georgia Gold Dome's Latest Anti-Gay Bigot

Ditty warned that approving the bill would allow gay people, who according to Ditty are pedophiles and necrophiliacs (she has a whole list), to get jobs as teachers or janitors and prey on students. She also tells a personal story about her ‘shocking’ encounter with a transgender person in the restroom. Whether her hateful testimony was influential or not, the panel effectively killed the bill by tabling it  in a 3-2 vote.