13 thoughts on “Orgasmic”

  1. its funny, back when I thought I was completely straight the music vid to this song aroused me quite a bit (yulia, lena never did anything for me) and even then I though yulia kinda looked like a boy, i guess its pretty ironic in retrospect.

    For a while there i thought it was yulia again, /_^

  2. This video really didn’t do anything for me at all. Thanks for showing us something different, tho.

  3. Hm, this will sound more judgmental than I mean it to… but I think the only response I can come up with is… weird….

  4. Yeah that was… odd, lol. Different, I should say. Not necessarily weird or odd I guess. Different; that’s the right word for this.

  5. Lol, I kept hoping the plant picture would corrospond to the boy, especially with regard to seeds in the wind….? :-) Anyway, it was interesting.

  6. >adrian says:
    >does anybody know the name of the track playing in the background?

    t.A.T.u. – Prostye Dvizheniya (Simple Moves).

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