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An ‘enterprising and creative’ 17-year-old with Asperger syndrome convinced British aviation officials that he was launching a new airline. Posing as a visionary global entrepreneur — his email .sig files read ‘American Global Group, 35 Countries, 22 Languages, One Team’ — he used phony websites and human engineering to arrange meetings with airport directors and book a local appearance for the 300-person US cast of ‘High School Musical.’

Don’t get a teen boy bored. He might come up with funny ideas.

Tait, who pretended he was in his twenties, even flew to Jersey to attend a 1½-hour long meeting with the director of its airport. Their talks were considered promising enough for a further meeting to be arranged, which was due to be held next week. Other air industry bosses found themselves dealing by telephone or e-mail with Tait’s fellow executives, David Rich and Anita Dash, who proposed to launch a cut-price Channel Islands-based airline servicing most of Europe…  "Some of the things he said were the sort of things that were indicative that there might have been some substance to his claims," said Coupar. "If they were real then there would have been opportunities for us to expand our business and that’s not the sort of thing we are going to ignore."

Tait also made approaches, with varying levels of success, to other airlines, including Titan Airways and Aer Arann. When he made contact with Jersey airport, his patter was convincing enough to effect a 90-minute face-to-face meeting with Julian Green, the airport’s director, who said last night: "Jersey airport can confirm it has had discussions with Adam Tait over recent weeks about an ambitious network of services between Jersey, the UK and Europe. Full article at Times Online (Story via Boing Boing, Photo via Kloland)


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  1. When I was 16, I thought I knew it all, and when I grew up I found out I was right all along and my ‘rents were just as screwed up as I thought they were. So much for adults.
    Amyway, Tait is really fucking smart, confident, bold and fearless, and that gives me wood. This teenage Jedi already knows the art of the deal, and I can only imagine his talents applied to the Dark Side of sexual seduction. He must be irresistible. No matter what he looks like.
    Tait is going to be in prison for life or extremely wealthy in the next few years, and if the latter, I want him to adopt me.

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