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  1. To me, this looks like a well-done comedy routine it’s so ridiculous. I don’t know if I can believe the whole situation.

    1. Well, it seems most of you see it as something funny and ridiculous, so I guess I wasn’t so far off-base. ‹(•¿•)›

      And to kinkynuts & UNreal1 — both of you just continue to show your extreme immaturity.

      1. Dude, your inability to believe in a personal, shared story about a teen youth suicide has made you an enemy for life. It was your spiteful “immaturity” that led you to the original, hurtful comment that not only sullied his memory, but made you my enemy. Take some responsibility for what you write and the A-hole you mostly are.

          1. I shared a personal story in here about a teen boy I knew that committed suicide awhile back and how I discovered him in his bathroom. PenboyX didn’t think the story was real. Sorry, but I don’t forget “immature” spiteful shit like that or the dolts that type it…..

            1. Oh ok. No I recall that. It is tragic and I am sorry you had to find him. It would break my heart to find someone like that. At least when my mother died from head and neck Cancer, we knew it was coming. Still a hard thing to deal with but less so when you expect it.
              It was how she died that left me …. relieved. I was with her for 8 hours and in that time she just wound down. I held her hand and it did not feel real. Then her breathing slowed and stopped … like an old clock. Then nothing. Just …. nothing. I am glad I was there but she did not know it. So anyway… sorry for the rant… I am sorry for your having to go through it. It’s just sad.

      2. UNreal1:
        It is well known throughout the Internet (including gay blogs such as this one) that many people will say things that are or aren’t and try to pass them off as the opposite. I think we all know this by now. Many will try to pass off their looks and body types to be something of an adonis but are instead quite the opposite (and you just posted that “warning” in “Somewhere Around Nothing” thread). And others have before and will continue to make up stories just to pass themselves off as something they’re not — some hero maybe, a super counselor or whatever. Scams are scams, no matter what type.

        So you get pissed just because I questioned something you said. What you have shown me over the last few months is that you tend to be [in my opinion] a blowhard with regard to many subjects so, quite frankly, I exercised my right to question something. You know, just as you “advised” other young teens to question what they see/read on other blogs, etc. Yes, I questioned you, but I did not say you were lying, just questioned it. And after I did, you didn’t try to explain it with further “proof,” you immediately attacked me. YOU have questioned so many of my posts in the last month for so many various reasons. Yet I don’t attack you at every chance I get (if I haven’t been attacked by you first), particularly when it’s not appropriate. I just get over it and move on. So, blowhard, you need to not get your big panties in such a wrinkle and JUST MOVE ON. Like anyone else here and on the Internet, I will question anything I may or may not accept — if I so desire.

        1. I’ve recommended this in other forums. Perhaps it may be helpful here as well:

          1. We are wise to teach people not to be immediately trusting of people and information on the internet. It’s like teaching kids not to get in cars with strangers.

          2. On the other hand, when having a conversation — internet or no — it is rude and potentially hurtful to question everything a person says.

          Think about it: the first case is preserving your self from harm. In the second case you are in no danger of harm, whether you believe the story or not — but you have the power to inflict emotional harm on another person.


          1. “2. On the other hand, when having a conversation — internet or no — it is rude and potentially hurtful to question everything a person says.

            Think about it: the first case is preserving your self from harm. In the second case you are in no danger of harm, whether you believe the story or not — but you have the power to inflict emotional harm on another person.”

            Great point. In telling my story of a teen youth suicide, I had noting to prove or gain. I was just sharing some painful memories brought forth by a pic of an adult carrying the limp body of a teen boy. If was not something to defend, prove or an argument that needed bolstering. It was therefore a hurtful comment by a known antagonist, but I considered the source. He certainly wouldn’t get away with that in person and he should know that.

        2. You truly aren’t the ‘full shilling’. I offer you no proof, because I don’t feel inclined to and don’t give a shit in what you believe or not. For me to offer you any proof would indicate that I think you are worthy of that dialog, which I decidedly think you’re not.

          In most of my posting here, I talk about real life experiences with the youth I work with. Nothing you offer has any relevance except dusty perceptions of an in-the-box existence and mostly related to homophobic, Fundamentalist religious issues. Do yourself a favor and get it out of your system; go kill a couple of Wrath of God type preachers and report back if that cures you of your obsession with religious persecution.

          I come here to hear the voices of youth and interact with them but so often, these voice are polluted with your ‘font’ diatribes. And talking about calling the kettle black, you are the biggest “blowhard” and attention whore I’ve run across on the Net for a very long time. Your use of bold fonts and HTML scripting, just shows everyone how desperate for attention you are and does nothing to lend you any more intelligence.

          Question everything if you like, but it was your small minded, spiteful immaturity that drove you to challenge me for the teen suicide story I told. All because I called you an “idiot” about your convoluted take on the origins of rock ‘n roll. I refuse to do more ‘Clash of The Titans’ exercises with you….just keep doing what you do; posting irrelevant trash and then defending yourself.

          1. Wow. It just hit me while I was having my morning coffee. What was it? It was Bruce Tharp’s very insightful statement: “I was here first. Go find your own playground.” Bruce, you stated it just like it is and hit the nail squarely on its head! Thank you for bringing up such a simple concept. ‹(•¿•)›

            With this particular thread, I just realized how truly apropo it is and how it relates to what is happening on this blog. UNreal1 is one of a few who are just trying to make this blog their personal playground. They insist on being in the very center of this playground trying to keep others off their “merry-go-round” — they keep pushing it to make it go faster and faster to keep up the centrifugal force to keep all the other “players” off of it so they can say it’s theirs. But it’s you, UNreal1, who tries so desperately to be the “king of the playground and your [verbal] merry-go-round.”

            I know this blog (“playground”) belongs to Josh, but [as a comparison only] he is just the “Principal” in his “office” looking out the window onto the playground making sure no one “pulls a [verbal] gun or knife” and seriously disrupts the “serenity” of his “playground.”

            But it’s UNreal1 (along with Randy & Thomas) being the “1st string [comment] players” with their many long-winded comments to power their “merry-go-round.” Yes, I and a few others also try to comment quite a few times, but I concede that we are only “2nd stringers” at best. None of us “2nd stringers” put up nearly as many comments (and the number of words — count them) as they do. We “2nd stringers” are more like players on the slide or monkey bars. We just climb up and slide down a few times or swing on the monkey bars to get from one side to the other and then jump down. As soon as we or any of the other players get too close to jumping on that “merry-go-round,” he pushes it faster and faster. To slightly paraphrase a common adage, “Tell a lie enough times, the less intelligent will start accepting/believing it.” (And that also fits so well in any religious context.) Even if someone else has an excellent logical response, you and your merry-go-round cohorts will always jump in to provide the last word so that all others get drowned out. The main difference between this blog and the playground video shown [if you wish to think of us "2nd stringers" as hiding in the brush] is that I don’t think for a second that you’re even the least bit attractive or all that intelligent.

            1. Delusions of grandeur too, PenboyX…..nobody here writes more voluminous well treacle than you do.

            2. “nobody here writes more voluminous well treacle than you do”
              What a laugh! After what you’ve just wrote.

              BTW, if you go back to the “Sound Sunday *8″ thread, you will find a link that is just another example of why you don’t know jack shit about generational pop music.

            3. Uh huh, more proof that you’re a total A-hole? Do yourself a favor PenboyX and save some bandwidth-go back and do a word count of YOUR rantings against anyone else-I’m talking actual word count, since you have no substance or points. I don’t really believe that your eyes can see the sum total of your “merry-go-round” existence here.

            4. I’m pretty sure right now you’re like a rabid dog, just foaming at the mouth, aren’t you? “He certainly wouldn’t get away with that in person”

              After all, you’re actually threatening violence — all over a story that I may or may not believe. That’s actually worth all your mouth foaming and hatred?

            5. Take it at face value PenboyX…you don’t rouse me in the least-insult yes. No threats at all….I’m saying that only a coward would back-stab somebody like that online. And that I wouldn’t have allowed you to get away with it in person.

              Ponder for a moment in your delusional brain the possibility that I am telling the truth about the teen suicide…you have not even offered a tentative apology anywhere. This shows the metal of the man, so do sleaze forward….

            6. PenboyX & Real1,

              you two exchange mail addresses or whatever but stop having your personal flame war here (this applies to all your future comments, not just the ones for this post).

  2. Great – took me looking on it 2 times to get the point. :)

    Yes indeed they did hit the very point. We all (not regarding the sexual orientation) do tend to feel uncomfortable if somebody seems to have sexual feelings for us we do not share.

    This is maybe the big problem of many pedophiles – that they refuse to realice that a child is *never* attracted in a sexual way by elder men.
    Even when talking about sexual curiosity – childeren prefer to stay among themselves. They prefer to talk “these things” within their peer-group – and they play “doctor games” within their peer-group.
    Grown ups should keep their distance and focus on their roles as parents and maybe fatherlike friends.

    1. Are you some sort of bizarre recluse priest who has lived in a state of quadriplegia all your life?
      Where did you get your info? The Oprah show?

  3. De Speld.nl is pure satire in the form of an serious news webpage. Comedy with a twist.

  4. How many of these poor men are harassed into taking their own lives? Something needs to be done! The state needs to enforce a one pedophile per playground policy. Stop the bullying!!!!

  5. Hilarious! – and at last someone is ridiculing the absurd fuss and fantasy that the PC ‘protectors of childhood’ have created around a few pathetic old men who have a (probably harmless) interest in kids. Laughter is the best weapon against sanctimonious moralising.

    It made me recall a skit in a British TV program years ago that also tried to ridicule the fashionable wave of pedophile hysteria: it purported to film a boy of around 11 or 12 ‘waiting’ at a bus stop to lure customers – i.e. a youthful pedophile prostitute! Alas, there was a wave of hysterical protests from the humourless Christian-fanatical-PC-political-health&safety-clones who didn’t get the joke, and the BBC had to issue a grovelling apology. What a shameful reflection on our gutless society!

    I also want to protect children against molestation and ‘bad’ experiences – but vilifying pedophiles is not the way to go about it. Indeed, it achieves the exact opposite. Do the few pedophiles who murder children come to do so because it is part of the sexual excitement? No, of course not. They murder children in a panic when they fear exposure. They have been made dangerous by the atmosphere of paranoia that has been whipped up by media hate campaigns. If we really cared for children and if our motive were REALLY to protect them and not just to bathe in an orgy of hatred we would calmly think this through.

    And NO, (my dear humourless Christian-fanatical-PC-political-health&safety-clones who might be listening in) I don’t mean that we should give a free hand to pedophiles. What I say is that we should respond to pedophiles SANELY, with an eye to actually making society safer for children.

  6. Comedy…. Aristotle said to laugh cures the world’s ills… well supposedly. Black humor to be sure but it doe get the whole nightmare a good dose of light to reveal how ridiculous so much of it is. To a degree that the real monsters are operating within a crowd.
    And the world loses its freedom to read or draw what they will, the openness of the Internet (not yet but its getting close) etc..

  7. The topic should be “paedophiles harassed by paedophiles-philes”.

    Other than that, I think the vid is funny. It shows the weirdness about the way paedophiles are treated.

  8. OMFG….the actors were soooo serious. Not Ready For Primetime Players comes to mind. Yes, it is indeed ‘wrong’ in the most funny, anti-PC way possible.;-)

  9. Can I help it? There’s nothing hotter on this earth than Pedophiles….
    Anyone with with nude pedophile pics please contact me..

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