Pirates & Predators

An incredible number of amazing stuff comes from Sweden… magazines, models, sex idols, pedo vampires & zombies, queer kids and The Pirate Bay of course. And the guys behind the latter are working on another gift to the world: IPREDator. Its naming is a none-too-subtle jab at Sweden’s recently-launched IPRED or Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive, which allows copyright holders to identify individual file sharers. Therefore IPREDator counters this action by disguising your identity, just like any other virtual private network, although the key difference is that it doesn’t keep any records of your activity. No records means there’s nothing for law firms to go after, which is why it’s appealing to those living outside of Sweden’s new laws.

Not only file sharers will love this but also people who are getting nervous about new repressive laws regarding pictures of teenage boys. The service is currently in closed beta testing and the Pirates were kind enough to give me a beta key so I can tell you a bit more about it.

The sign up is pretty easy: You register an account, pay 149 Swedish Krona (about $ 19) for 3 months of anonymous surfing and you’re ready to go. Setting up the connection to their network is dead simple (they have instructions on their site). Once you’re connected through their service you will have a Swedish IP and can do whatever you want – everyone who tries to find out who you are will just see this IP which you share with thousands of other users and since no connection data are saved at the IPREDator servers no one can tell which user did what.

The speed is surprisingly good: I surf with about 4 Mbit here in Germany and even if I’m used to 32 Mbit with my normal connection that’s still a damn good speed to load some torrents or surf the web. It will be interesting to see if the speed stays at this level once the service opens up to everyone which should happen by the end of this month.


Rock my Pants

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For his die hard fans, especially donri, strawberri & sidney. It’s ok to rape him in your mind ;o)

Thanks for this god of adolescence, Sweden! Thanks for the Milk Star 2008!

Have a great Day Everyone! Stay fabulous & rock on!


Blog Spotlight *4

This blog is a somewhat innocent approach to the concept of boys. It’s not about tainted poses but cuteness. It’s hard to make such a blog nowadays without getting confronted with certain allegations due to the age of the boys or just the fact that the blog is hosted together with other blogs which focus on other aspects but it’s worth a try. Here’s the short description from the about page over there:  This is a my personal picture diary where I collect the cuteness of boys, kittens and other beings. It’s meant to be an innocent collection of joy and playfulness so enjoy your stay :)

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Smell of Rain

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Photo found at Bleeding Queers & Made by Sleeping Storm

If you like the music of 18 Summers be sure to check out another song I posted at my personal blog :)


Periodical Political Post *26




True Blood

Just a quick random post that will disappear again very soon ;) milkboys is the project that I put the most time into but I also make 2 other blogs so if you don’t want to miss anything you should follow them too. There is Skyclad Scribble, my personal blog which I don’t only use for posts not related to boys but also for pictures of boys I don’t wanna post here because I want to avoid the discussion resulting of that (see the most recent post there for an example). And there is Count Candy which I use to post photos which are more… naughty than the ones here.


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