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+++ We are drooling over hot criminals +++ Ian (a.k.a. Moosh) wants you to ask him everything +++ Jake is happy about the reunion of some queer candies +++ Josh doesn’t feel so bad about spying on boys changing at the beach +++ Toxiiic makes live porn for milk monee +++ Will takes a bath in milk +++ Mirrorboy takes a break +++ Heartkore made a new painting +++ Sid gets attacked by Nazi Zombies +++ Joe destroyed the mythical New Zealand puma +++ Stormy can hear the voices +++


Beautiful Boys

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Sky Siljeg

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When his brother bought him a skateboard for Christmas in 1999, Siljeg, then just five years old, vowed he’d practice every day until he turned pro. It didn’t take long. The Bothell, Washington–based wunderkind won his first competition less than a year later and scored a sponsorship with Jones Soda. Competing against pros twice his age, he finished 29th in the 2006 World Cup Pro Bowl North American rankings. Now 13, Siljeg has a license to distribute his Sky skate brand worldwide and serves as a consultant for Scholastic.com. "I don’t think of skateboarding as a sport," he says. "It’s more like art to me. It will be the same trick, but everyone has their own style."


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Boys Briefs 4

Six Short Films about Guys who hustle

The hustler is a common figure in gay arts and culture. While sex workers of all sorts appear in straight cultural productions, the queer hustler is different from his female other. Rarely, to the best of my knowledge, are female sex workers in heterosexual arts subject to the kind of sympathetic characterization and subcultural adulation as the queer hustler, gigolo, rent-boy, or street-corner cocksucker.

The hustler is simultaneously tragic, romantic, and heroic. Often his tragedies appear the result of dysfunctional if not outright abusive families, and are further tied to a general and pervasive societal homophobia. So, in Boys Briefs 4‘s Into the Night, Marcus’ (Bryan Marshall) father has rejected him, presumably because of his son’s homosexuality, and in Boy, Sam’s (Jesse Lee) life is characterized not only by poverty, but also by seemingly casual homophobia and violence. The hustlers’ stories represent all too common experience of anti-queer violence and self-determination in the face of intolerance.


The hustler is romantic as far as the audience’s fantasy extends to “rescuing” him. This is a role commonly fulfilled by a caring john. In Rock Bottom, Billy (John Militello), a sweet, overweight, 30-something, picks up twinkie street hustler Jason (Timothy Lee DePriest) and takes him home. Typical hustler-john shenanigans take place; Billy makes awkward small talk, Jason cases the apartment, insists he doesn’t kiss. Yet a real rapport develops between the two, and the film ends with Jason crossing his own hustler boundaries to kiss Billy, suggesting things might get better for both. In Gold, the aging, nearly blind artist Cal (Aron Tager) employs hustler Jay (P.J. Lazic) not for his body, but to assist him in painting new canvases; in teaching Jay about passion and beauty, he leads the young man to a kind of salvation.

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Ethan’s Equality Rally

After overhearing that a same-sex couple in his neighbourhood couldn’t get married, nine-year-old Ethan McNamee decided to organise a gay rights rally. The third-grader, from Denver, got the idea after hearing anti-gay insults in the playground and learning that his friend’s two mothers were not allowed to marry. With a little help from his parents and teacher, Ethan and several friends worked to gain permits for the rally, find speakers and raise awareness of the event in the community. On Saturday, more than 200 people turned up to show their support on the steps of Colorado’s state capitol. Addressing the crowd, Ethan told supporters: “I believe I am doing the right thing. I hope this rally will make an impact and let our voices be heard.” Despite critics suggesting he was too young to have views on same-sex marriage, Ethan’s teacher told reporters he had been careful not to impose his own views on his class.

Photo by Tom Andrews
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