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This blog is a somewhat innocent approach to the concept of boys. It’s not about tainted poses but cuteness. It’s hard to make such a blog nowadays without getting confronted with certain allegations due to the age of the boys or just the fact that the blog is hosted together with other blogs which focus on other aspects but it’s worth a try. Here’s the short description from the about page over there:  This is a my personal picture diary where I collect the cuteness of boys, kittens and other beings. It’s meant to be an innocent collection of joy and playfulness so enjoy your stay :)

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Smell of Rain

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Photo found at Bleeding Queers & Made by Sleeping Storm

If you like the music of 18 Summers be sure to check out another song I posted at my personal blog :)


Periodical Political Post *26




True Blood

Just a quick random post that will disappear again very soon ;) milkboys is the project that I put the most time into but I also make 2 other blogs so if you don’t want to miss anything you should follow them too. There is Skyclad Scribble, my personal blog which I don’t only use for posts not related to boys but also for pictures of boys I don’t wanna post here because I want to avoid the discussion resulting of that (see the most recent post there for an example). And there is Count Candy which I use to post photos which are more… naughty than the ones here.


Watch Yourself

Gosh, I hate when adults try to hit the zeitgeist of the younger folks. They never realise that their crappy shit is not trendy and that kids want to be taken seriously instead of hearing idiotic tips from idiotic 40 year olds who think they have a clue about how the youth speaks or act or how they can get reached. Adults trying to get a message along by doing “cool” propaganda must be one of the most embarrassing things on earth. The spot below was made for the German “Watch your Web” campaign. Its goal is to teach teenagers that they shouldn’t trust anyone they meet online and that the photos they upload to social networks could be used by peados to get off etc bla bla… The other way ‘round would make more sense if you ask me: Let the kids teach the grown ups about what freedom is, what self determination means and that the web is nothing to be scared of ffs. You guessed it… the only reason to watch this spot is the pretty cute guy. Just ignore that “Oh, it is 1992, right?” super hero at the end.

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Destroyer 09!

Destroyer 09 is out and on its way to the first lucky costumers. Here’s what Karl has to say about his newest baby:

I’m immensily proud to announce Destroyer 09. Why? Because of Nicola, a Swedish amateur photographer who took loads and loads of photos of beautiful boys in Naples in the 1970s. Some of them were published in the gay magazines of the time, but most of them were simply buried in Nicola’s drawers. Until now. In a 22-page double feature, we publish the best of Nicola’s photos in colour and black and white, along with an interview with Nicola himself, where he talks about the uniqueness of Naples and how it all suddenly changed to the worse in the 80s. I cannot enough emphasize the following: You do not want to miss this! D9 is the hottest issue of Destroyer since D2, which featured the 10-page interview with Cosidetto and was sold out only weeks after the release. D2 was printed in 1000 copies, D9 will be printed in 2000 copies. However, be warned that they might go very fast.

As usual, you can purchase Destroyer at!


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