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A Civil Solution to Gay Marriage

When a Jewish boy turns 13, he heads to a temple for a deeply meaningful rite of passage, his bar mitzvah. When a Catholic girl reaches about the same age, she stands in front of the local bishop, who touches her forehead with holy oil as she is confirmed into a 2,000-year-old faith tradition. But missing in each of those cases — and in countless others of equal religious importance — is any role for government. There is no baptism certificate issued by the local courthouse and no federal tax benefit attached to the confessional booth, the into-the-water-and-out born-again ceremony or any of the other sacraments that believers hold sacred.

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Only marriage gets that treatment, and it’s a tradition that some legal scholars have been arguing should be abandoned. In a paper published March 2 in the San Francisco Chronicle, two law professors from Pepperdine University issued a call to re-examine the role the government plays in marriage. The authors — one of whom voted for and one against Proposition 8, which ended gay marriage in California — say the best way out of the intractable legal wars over gay marriage is to take marriage out of the hands of the government altogether.

Instead, give gay and straight couples alike the same license, a certificate confirming them as a family, and call it a civil union — anything, really, other than marriage. For people who feel the word marriage is important, the next stop after the courthouse could be the church, where they could bless their union with all the religious ceremony they wanted. Religions would lose nothing of their role in sanctioning the kinds of unions that they find in keeping with their tenets. And for nonbelievers and those who find the word marriage less important, the civil-union license issued by the state would be all they needed to unlock the benefits reserved in most states and in federal law for married couples.

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The Gay Teen Battle

Even those point scholars with the darkest stories of adversity, like Emory’s Bryan Olsen, seem more buoyant than Point lets on. I heard Olsen speak to Point donors twice, once in New York City and again in Michigan. Both times he said that after his Mormon family learned he was gay when he was 15, he was sent to a boot camp for wayward teens in Ensenada, Mexico. Olsen says the facility, Casa by the Sea, required residents to wear shoes without backs so they couldn’t run. He says that as punishment for a three-meal hunger strike, he was forced to sit in a stress position—cross-legged, with his nose touching a wall—for two hours. Olsen’s small face, which is framed by a pop-star haircut that makes him look as though he’s still 15, scrunches with tears when he gets to the next part: “I could only come home when I wrote my parents and promised to be straight and Mormon.” There were gasps in the room the first time I heard him tell that story.

TIME Magazine – The Battle over Gay Teens


Riots, not Parades

40 Years of Stonewall

The Stonewall Inn was a small bar on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, New York City. It was rumored to be owned by the Mafia, but to most people it was a quiet place where gay people in 1960s New York City could go to socialize and be out of the closet for a few brief hours. In 1960s New York City, it was illegal for bars to serve liquor to homosexuals or suspected homosexuals. The lawmakers in the state felt that homosexuals were a menace and by giving them liquor, trouble was just around the corner. Like the few other gay bars in the area at the time, the Stonewall Inn operated without a liquor license. Raids for serving liquor illegally were quite common, almost a nightly occurence. The police would enter a bar, force the patrons outside, arrest most or all of them, and fine the bar owners. Many times, the arrested men and women had their names published in the papers the next day, which meant they were in constant danger of losing jobs and homes.

But that June night in 1969 was different.

Around 3 AM, several policemen entered the bar and ordered the patrons outside. Many of the patrons, mostly white men, were docile and followed orders. Some of the other patrons, Hispanic and African Americans and drag queens, were roughed up by police as they were forced outside. When the growing crowd saw the police acting this way, they started tossing pennies and shouting at them. Soon, the crowd grew angrier and started throwing beer bottles and garbage cans. The police barricaded themselves inside the Stonewall Inn and called for backup. While inside, they began smashing the place to bits: mirrors, tables, cigarette machines, all destroyed (the police were never charged with vandalism). Backup police soon arrived in full riot gear. The confrontation with the crowd lasted into the morning hours, and flare-ups and small riots continued for the next few days.

[Video found at Bleeding Queers]

Everyone was shocked that the homosexuals fought back. Most gay people at the time were so afraid of losing everything when outed that they stayed in the closet and out of the way of the police. But these riots proved to the police and to the world that the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered men and women of New York City, and the world, would not give up without a fight.  The Stonewall Riots are regarded as the beginning of the modern gay rights movement. Marches are held in many cities each year at the end of June to commemerate this historic event. The Stonewall Riots stand for oppressed people demanding to be treated as human beings, as the Constitution of the United States promises.

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Boys in Plastic



Luigi y Luca

Italian couple LUIGI Y LUCA — the hottest new discovery of the recent months. Their art is elegant, poetic, sensitive, obsessive and exhibitionistic. It’s a perfect blend of porn and fashion, high culture and marginal kink. More power to you, sexy bitches!!! — Slava Mogutin

More at their blog and website. (And something for Karl :p)


Give me a Break

Just today three blogs in the blogroll were deleted by Google/Blogger/Blogspot (however you wanna call them). I’m so tired of removing links of blogs hosted there every frickin day. That’s why I’ve decided to stop adding new blogs hosted at Blogger for now. Existing blogs will stay in the blogroll. There are plenty of alternatives to Blogger so if you really care about your new blog (which means you don’t want it to be killed within a few days) check them out, kthxbye.


Hard Evidence

Download this Video | Posted in the milkboard by Abbey91
From "Middle Sexes": An experiment on college students shows those who are homophobic gets most aroused when showed gay porn. And they’ll still deny it even when there’s evidence. Hard evidence ;) (Narrated by the great Gore Vidal!)


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