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Tender Thursday *67

There’s these two boys in my school… this morning they were holding hands in French class and here one is fondly stroking the other’s arm. When a friend of mine asked them if they were dating the one with the black sweater just smiled while the other one started blushing really hard and just stuttered a weak “what”.


Coming Out with Noah

My Coming Out Story

Submitted by Gotham


Time for Dota!

Hope you guys are watching The International 2014; which is, contrary to popular belief, not only a handsomeness competition between Pajkatt and Akke (see below) but also the greatest eSports event in history with a prize pool of 10. Million. Dollars. Games starts today (CET)! Go, Alliance! :)

No idea what Dota is? No worries! If you ever played video games you’ll have a great time watching it even if you never tried the game yourself. The International will also have a cast just for beginners!


Freedom for Some

For some Americans “Freedom” means that Christians and “conservatives” should be allowed to discriminate everyone who isn’t straight like they used to and often enough still discriminate everyone who isn’t white. On the other hand they liken those who demand the freedom to love whoever they want to the Nazis. Literally. In their eyes not wanting to be treated as a second class citizen because of your sexual preference makes you just as bad as those guys who killed millions of Jews, gays, intellectuals and socialists in concentration camps in World War II. Literally.

This mind-set is once again expressed in a film US senator Rick Santorum is producing in the wake of a verdict from the US Supreme Court that ruled that companies are people and can have religious views and therefore are allowed to circumvent the law that would require them to cover women’s contraceptives in their health care plans (which, unlike Viagra that these companies don’t object to at all is something many women actually need) and also gives them the freedom to just ignore laws made for example to protect queer employees from discrimination.

Please read more about you being a Nazi on Bilerico and watch the trailer for the film below…


I know You love to fall

I know you love to fall – Message To Bears


Outed, and kicked out of Home

Outed, and kicked out of home

Submitted by Green Lust


Freaky Friday *54


Mr Daley goes to Wimbledon

What shall I wear to Wimbledon?

Submitted by Oliver


Wet Wednesday *138