Skyclad Saturday *15


Photos by Mano Martinez


Face Friday *16

Face: Ole Sorensen | Found by Vera


Periodical Political Post *168

Queer News

Other News


Tender Thursday *52


Out & Allied @ NASA


Wet Wednesday *114

Photo by Sinal


Beach Skimmer II

Video by Sinal | Part 1


Tummy Tuesday *30


Periodical Political Post *167

Queer News

  • Nigeria bans gay marriages with 14-year prison term
  • Kuwaiti police sweep cafes, arrest 215 for being gay
  • Gay ‘conversion therapy’ fraud faces test in courts
  • Scotland to unveil its gay marriage bill next month

Other News

  • More than 3,000 people wounded in clashes in Turkey
  • US police can take DNA swabs from everyone they arrest
  • Google forced to hand over user data without judicial review
  • Sex-abuse investigations rip open Catholic church’s secret files

Mirror Monday *77

Photo by Frizzelle