Edge of Glory

Ronan is growing up

Ronan Parke sings: Edge of Glory [2013]

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Mirror Monday *75


Periodical Political Post *160

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Sexytimes Sunday *20

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Stolthet Saturday *2



Marc is in love with Olaf and dreams about a relationship with him. When they go camping together and his dream seems to become reality, he discovers something that smashes his dream completely.
Wastelands (2013) gay short film

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Feasting Friday *35


More Mankinis

Looks like Borat inspired a whole generation of silly boys

Dragonskolan (Mankini part 2)

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Wonderwear Wednesday *40

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Guess the Couple

Jimmy Kimmel asks his audience to play another gay guessing game like the one last week during the Supreme Court hearings in which he asked his audience to guess whether random strangers were for or against gay marriage. This time Kimmel asks the crowd at his show to guess whether random couples are gay couples, or straight friends. (via Towleroad)

Gay Couple or Straight Friends?