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  1. well whilst i want to give kudos to the guy for him being so open bout himself but i really found his voice to be fairly average he was good an all but i have a feeling hes going to wind up being one of them performers who gets by on his story and not his tallent . but hey who knows i may be wrong

    1. Seems to be how it works these days…

      I’m surprised Josh posted this given his vigorous support for the cissexual post a few weeks back.

      If you want to hear a good Phoenix voice (both as treble and broken voice) Youtube Paul Phoenix -tekken.

  2. You could have knocked me over with a fucking feather boa………I didn’t see that coming. Amazing.

  3. I am always eager to see stories like this, because there are so many of them. The more visible they are, the harder it is for right-wing-douchenozzles to make their claims that transgender people are anything less than regular folk with the same dreams and aspirations as everyone else.

  4. I think TCave, you may have missed the point about Cisgender News – its aim was to highlight how transgender people are represented in the media by means of parody, in order to provoke thought and debate. Transgender people obviously do face a unique set of challenges due to their identity and its societal context.

    On the one hand it is brave of him to stand on stage and say that, but I long for a world where gender identity, sexual orientation, age, race and disability do not figure in such perceptions of people. Of course the XFactor producers are going to dramatise any part of a person’s life, but still he answered Keating’s question honestly as to why he’d taken so long to pursue his career. I wish him he best of luck.

    1. No, I think you’ve missed it! Cisgender News is trying to suggest (using parody) that someone’s gender status is by and large irrelevant. Just like the fact they don’t draw attention to his facial hair or tattoos (which are a part of him and his story and personality, too).

      I really disagree with that BTW.

  5. How did I not see that coming??! God he looks fantastic and I love the quality of his voice. Great song choice too!!

  6. can some1 explain to me what happenned to him or something? i’m just 15 and english isnt my first language so i couldnt understand everything.

    1. Paige was born as a girl, but he felt like he was actually a man, so he had surgery to become a man.

      1. In the medical profession, we jokingly refer to that procedure as an “add-a-dick-to-me”.

        1. I use to work in ER as an emergency mental health worker and I really miss that often morbid but very creative hospital humor that seemed to always come from the physicians.

  7. Hij vertelt dat muziek alles voor hem is en hij was er eerst nog niet klaar voor om wat te doen met muziek. Nu wel! Omdat hij een geslachtsverandering heeft ondergaan en is dus transsexueel.

    Ook vertelt hij dat zijn beslissing om een man te worden, het beste is wat hij ooit heeft gedaan. Zo is hij nu de persoon geworden die hij graag wil zijn. Daarnaast is hij ook super blij dat hij zo’n goede steun heeft gekregen van vrienden en familie.

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