Pantsu for Boys

Magazines for & about cross-dressing boys and even healthy sex guides for traps are pretty common in Japan. One of these mags, Oto★Nyan, apparently wanted to save some traps the potential embarrassment of buying girly underwear in stores by adding a bra and panty to their latest issue as Sankaku Complex reports

Issue 6 of Oto★Nyan comes with a bra and pantsu for boys, randomly in either pink, green or purple horizontal stripes, in addition to the usual art, comics and articles addressing the finer of points of femininity for non-females. The precise size is not specified, but it is said to be “highly elasticated,” and so will presumably fit a wide variety of effete male frames.


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  1. I think that some boys only crossdress because they want to experiment how it feels to be dressed as a girl, or how girls feel in their garments. What do you think?

    1. I am currently in the process of losing weight and shaping my body a bit more feminine to crossdress. I’ll tell you, there are many reasons. Apart from the one you said, others are just teasing… My reason is because I don’t find myself pretty at all, but I feel as if, by looking feminine and crossdressing, I might feel better about myself.

      1. However and whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin & attractive to others. I really hope this works for you. There are tons of people attracted to the transgender scene. Best of luck, really. <3

  2. It’s amazing how stupid the “powers-that-be” can be regarding publications such as these. It’s like because of a few magazines and on-line posts, they come to some idiotic “conclusion” that the entire human race is becoming extinct or they’re somehow “losing” their heterosexuality and rights to pro-create. Or that the small percentage of individuals like these are trying to take over their country (this planet?).

    They really need to get a grip and let people be themselves and express themselves in any artistic way they wish. Earth isn’t going to stop rotating and changing seasons just because a few boys want to cross-dress.

    1. A true artist has always been a blend of the masculine with the feminine. They have an insight into themselves together with a unique and different but often accurate perception while keeping an ear to the ground. Yet no one wants their son or daughter to be an artist.

    1. I really like the depiction of his thick legs. I don’t know there’s something just really erotic about a girly boy who’s not stick thin, but has some meat on his bones.

      I’m so glad they thought to include panties as a bonus, because actual girls panties are often too small in the crotch area. Fortunately there are brands of Japanese underwear that actually make entire lines of bikinis for men. They make me feel so girly and sweet. Yay yay!


  3. If only these magazines came over here… I would definitely buy them. I am still trying to figure out how to buy the feminine clothing without looking weird.

    1. Back when I was a lad, in order to buy condoms, we had to ask the pharmacist because they were kept “behind the counter”. Asking for the first time was a nerve-wracking experience, but once overcome, it became easier and easier. Nobody ever challenged me (I was 15 when I started buying them) and I presently came to not give a flying-fuck what anyone thought about it. So just buy the clothes you want, it’s not like you’re going into the store and asking for pickled fetuses, nobody should say “boo” about it.

      ($ 0.02 USD Transaction Completed)

      1. The condom issue was something I used to have problems with too, it gets me nervous to ask for condoms in a pharmacy, yet I’m dealing with it. As for the clothing, I’ll try to make an effort, I think you are right with what you say. Plus, to feel confident also means ignoring stereotypes and prejudice. And I need to get that into my head.
        Thanks for your help :)

  4. Gotta love the Japanese and their willingness to play around with different looks including fabulous gender bending. KAWAII!

  5. Sounds like Japan is the place to be if your gay. You’d sure as hell never see this kind of acceptance or tolerance here in the US.

    1. Much agreed. I’m transgender and I had someone post this comment in my Milkboys Gallery yesterday:

      “Quick question, no offense, but do you ever dress like a normal ISH human being”

      Of course I’ll never forget my fave comment:

      “You need to get hit by a bus… Over And OVER AGAIN”

      So, yeah acceptance and tolerance is widespread in the U.S. :)


      1. It’s funny how any comment that begins with “no offense, but…”, can be counted on for being offensive. I wonder, if the commentator has ever considered that whatever he or she wears today, will likely be considered fashionably silly in the future. Much in the same way that victorian dress, considered proper and appropriate in its time, is viewed nowadays. When I consider the stuff I was made to wear (gag) in my childhood, I am appalled. So, consider the source and be who you’re gonna be.

        1. His latest remark, when I point out how girls can dress however they want:

          “I’m not sexist, I’m just saying I personally think, you look stupid…”

  6. PenboyX,I never thought I would say this but you hit this subject right on target.Go going.

  7. Crossdressing is about strict conformity to standards. I much prefer freedressing myself. Gender deviance is the most fun! ;D

    freedressing (n) preference for clothing and other accoutrements that challenge orthodox binary gender roles, but not for purposes of traditional crossdressing or performance art; genderqueer fashion expression


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