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  1. A wonderful story.
    This shows how important it is to donate your organs.

    I understand people don’t agree with donating organs but at least think about the life you could save…

    Thank you for sharing


  2. Beautiful mini-movie. Technically, it is quite good. I think most of the lighting throughout is exquisite. The boy did a superb job in his acting and the mother particularly good in providing the impetus to do a video such as this.

    I agree with Freckle – if another human is willing and science & medicine can provide, then it can be a great thing to donate an organ that can be deemed useful for saving or at least making a life more bearable.

  3. Very touching… i read the quote below “have you dontaed” and throughout the whole video i was wondering “how is this about organ donation?” hmmm, not until the very end did it get so emotional and collective.

    Great video, somewhat especially touching to me, and i’m sure a few others around here.

    This film is greatly made, wonderful camara filmography, and epic music to accompany it.

    Pluss it really emphasises how important young peoples organs are to others, i know that i know that. (hmm, organs are important to others… sounds tres creépy!!!)

  4. Very moving, to the factor that I had always been against donating my organs and now Im going to do it..

    1. cool :) codicil++ is the way to go ^^

      may I ask why you were against organ donation? Just being curious here…

    2. If you live in the US and are a ‘declared’ homosexual, you’re going to have problems donating blood, organs and bone marrow to others. It’s different state by state, but you should check into it to be sure. It’s an exercise in complete futility of they won’t take what you have because you’re gay.

      I was a bone marrow donor for yrs, but I had to lie about my sexual orientation to do it. No one should have to lie to give something so precious to someone else.

  5. There is no rational reason why a healthy person should not be an organ donor. It’s not like you’ll be using them after you die. You have to get over what ever trepidation you have and sign up.

    1. Yeah, donate before the fire or maggots get to them! :-) Or unless you’ve been inflicted with some serious disease(s) or you’re a major drug addict.

      1. That’s a great publicity line for organ donations:
        ‘Sign up before the maggots get you!’

        1. I agree. I always enjoy PenboyX’s comments but you are right, that would be a good publicity line. We read it first here on Milkboys.

          1. Yes, you read it first here on Milkboys, but remember, I said it first. :-)) “ORGAN DONATIONSign up NOW before the maggots get youAND SAVE A LIFE!” I could make a T-Shirt with that slogan …. should I? :-))

            Ahhh, pshaw …. I have fans? Very humbling, indeed ….. and, oh yes, thank you!

    2. there’s no healthy reason why people should not be queer, or sleeping with age difference or…so many things. It’s all morals, and morals are very very powerful in our society.

      1. “there’s no healthy reason why people should not be queer” — Just tell that to any of the religions or organizations now fighting tooth and nail here in California over same-sex marriages [they just lost a major battle but the war is still on]! Their hate-mongering is in major overtime right now.

  6. I knew the premise of this movie going in because I watched it first on FutureShorts. Their tagline is essentially a spoiler so I was prepared for it to be a poignant story.

    [*Spoiler Alert*]

    What I was NOT prepared for, was when Stefan’s mother put her ear to the boy’s chest to hear Stefan’s heart beating within… (fumbles for tissue) I was all verklempt, I’m just sayin’.

  7. nice vid :) Lite sad ;) Only for country where people can know doner’s name ! impossible in France for exemple !

    1. Watching the film, I wondered whether the story was even remotely plausible.

      As LanlAn mentioned, in some countries, organ donation is strictly anonymous. In France, for instance, the donor’s family can only know which organs were transplanted and the result of the transplant (source: http://www.dondorganes.fr/L-anonymat-et-la-gratuite.html).

      However, laws are not that strict everywhere in Europe. In the UK, anonymity is the rule, but there seems to be exceptions: the NHS’ website states that “In some instances donor families and recipients have arranged to meet.” (source: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Donation/Pages/Ethicsandworries.aspx).

      I haven’t been able to find information about Swedish law.

  8. Amazing! i really don’t know what to say. i’m not a donner, but after seeing this iv changed my views. and when i go to the dnv in 4 months to get my license i will change that. thanks Josh for posting that!

  9. So touching… and compelling. I’m not going to watch this for a quarter of an hour, I thought, but I did.

    I have to admit I am scared of organ donation, that they’re going to cut something out of you while you’re still warm and in fact kill you.

    1. MOST donors are not exactly what we could call in full conscience when they donate. It’s not generally done during tea time. While it is probably the best gift to someone, not very many will do that while still alive. And if you have/did, then more power to you (or what’s left of you).

  10. I have an organ I’d like to let others use, but haven’t had any takers in a while.

    1. at first i was …wtf is this guy talking about….then it hit me and i was: pwahahahahahha….

  11. The question at the bottom spoiled it for me but –not gonna lie– I still cried a little when the mom came running after him… (And yes, I’ve always had the pink dot ["Donor"] on my driver’s license.)

  12. It’s a shame that Yahoo partner mail users (in this case, AT&T) doesn’t mesh well with your server / internet host provider.
    This is a very, very well done short movie, with all parts in a perfect dove-tail fit with each other to a warm ending.
    Touching, moving, and so heartfelt. I haven’t cried that hard in a while.
    Thanks Josh. No one else will hear me but you, but I’ll write anyway.
    You rock,
    Kevin Harness
    San Diego, CA

  13. I’m an organ donor. This one really touched me. I was four years old when my mom had a heart transplant. Most with heart transplants don’t live for too many more years, but she survived for ten more, and in that time, she touched many lives with her story and her presence.

    Ultimately, it was a myriad of other health problems that killed her in 2000 when I was thirteen.

    But I and my family and friends were truly grateful for every second of life that donated heart of hers was still beating. I’m not sure of how the laws are now or if they’ve changed since 1991, but all we knew of the donor was that it was a 20-something year-old girl who died in a car accident in New York.

    I’m so happy my mom was given that second chance, and I had nine more years of knowing her that I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for that young girl’s amazing sacrifice.

    To her and organ donors everywhere….THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


  14. Wow, what a beautifully made little film…a little film with a big message. The writer and director really knew what they were doing. I have a scar just like that on my chest from my heart surgery and I do carry an organ donor card. I believe everyone should and they probably will after they see this film. That was really lovely and amazing to watch. Thanks so much!

  15. I give blood to Carter Blood Care, and back in my junior year in high school i joined the Bone Marrow Registry because a schoolmate of mine was in need of a transfer. Sadly he didn’t make it to his own graduation, but six years later i received notification of a woman who is a six point match and my blood is going under more tests for her. that was the happiest call i ever had, my only answer to if I was still interested in Donating was “yes, if I can do anything to make someone’s life better I’m in all the way.” So I encourage all of you to join a registry Blood, Bone Marrow, or Organ. Because the life you save could be someone close to you.

    P.S. thank you Josh

  16. What an absolutely beautiful and moving story. To be able to give the gift of life….and to receive such…..so many people just don’t know….to be that age and to be given such a second chance at life when it could have been so different….how two different families can be so affected so dramatically by such generousity and such grief at the same moment….it made me cry big tears just remembering….
    I know that here in Texas one can sign the back of your drivers license to be an organ donor, and what better place to do so. I have signed mine since I was first able to do so on my own and would urge anyone to do the same. I cannot think of a better, more generous, more giving thing to do.
    I am sure that perhaps some religious doctrines would frown on such, but really…..God forbid the circumstances, but if one body is dead but at the same time could then provide life to someone else….what greater gift? Be a donor.
    As several have already said; Thank you Josh for this one and I hope many will sign up. You never know who you might save.

  17. Wow, this hits close to home for me tonight. Not so much on the organ donor part. But mostly because I’m moving out of state and the family of a deceased friend who succumbed to cancer insisted on taking me out to dinner as a going away treat. At the end of the night, they thanked me for hanging out with him more than anyone else in the last year. Never realized that was the case.

    *Cry cry cry*

  18. All my life I denied being a donor until 2005 when I had a mayor accident. When I was home after 3 months in hospital I signed the donor card and carried it with me ever since. If you have been so close to dead as I was and might needed a donor part from somebody else, it’s only fair to do likewise. (hope you understand what I try to say).

  19. As a donor recipient (Bone Marrow) at 8 years old for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia this short film touched me so. I cried after I saw the ending.

    The short film also begs for a part two.

    Liam, 17

  20. A beautiful film. It is very emotionally charged and touches the heart.

    For those of us who are sick, it is a sobering reminder of the sacrifices unknown but giving people will do for their fellow humans. Thank you donors.
    I am not eligible for an organ should it come to that but it is still a deeply humbling and uplifting message.

  21. I was a little confused till the end and I balled! I’m telling you I never cry when watching a movie or a mini one at that and this really got me crying. I was so touched by this and want to share this with my FACEBOOK friends but it won’t let me :(
    I hate you for showing this but Thank you for showing this lol I know confusing but wow! I am an emotional wreck right now haha



  23. I love your blog site. U put so much into it and it shows. This was such a moving story like so many others that u post here. U have touched MY heart and stirred my emotions and thoughts so many times…and I thank you for that. Ur a class act.

    Hugs and warm regards to you.

  24. A great little film! I hope they keep producing work of that quality!

    I’m so glad that where I come from, the norm is that you are a donor. In fact, you have to carry a card around if you DONT want your organs to be transplanted. That’s the only practical way to keep a healthsystem going!

  25. This movie made me crying… First time in my life I being thinking about being an organ’s donor. Well, I have nothing against to save someone’s life after I die, but I against some fucking dork would make money on what was mine during all of my life.

  26. Touching story, yes. But let’s not forget it’s a story and someone’s view of the issue. If your view of an issue is based on sentimental rendering through entertainment media what hope do we have?

  27. When she touched Daniel’s scar and listened to her boy’s heart beating in his chest…oh, how I cried.

    There. Just did it again…

  28. Josh,

    Thanks for showing this again, it’s a great little film with an important message, and so simply and beautifully told.

    My mum always carried a Donor Card, and explained why it was important to do so. When she died, of pancreatic cancer, her only remaining useable organs were her corneas (part of the eye) which were particularly important to her life as an artist. It made our grief a bit more bearable knowing that one tiny bit of her was still around and doing something that was so essential to her.

    So please carry that organ Donor Card; it makes sense a reality.


  29. Incredible movie…saw it (here?) before. The real beauty of films like this is that there are still thousands yet to be made, about the human situation and what it is that makes us human.

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