Peat Bog Soldier

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Peat Bog Soldiers is one of Europe’s best-known protest songs. It exists in countless European languages, became a Republican anthem during the Spanish Civil War; was a symbol of resistance during the Second World War; and is popular with the Peace movement today. What makes it perhaps so poignant is the knowledge that is was written, composed and first performed in a Nazi concentration camp by the prisoners themselves. I have an article about this on my personal blog where you’ll also find the English version of the song.


14 thoughts on “Peat Bog Soldier”

  1. The broadcast was both moving and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    My father used to sing the French version.

  2. Vielen Dank für diese Horizontserweiterung :)
    Kaum zu fassen, dass ich noch nie bewußt von dem Lied gehört habe. Traurig, wenn es so geblieben wäre.

  3. Hey guys, :D
    Forgive me for being pedantic, but if this song became a favourite anthem during the Spanish civil war, then it cannot have been written in a Nazi concentration camp. The Spanish war ended before the start of WW11, and Nazi Germany used the Spanish revolutionaries to practice Stuka dive-bombing on as they supported Franco, a Fascist similar in outlook to Mussolini.
    Sorry again, but I love history! :)

  4. Thanks for putting this on your blog. When I was young my parents had a book of world folk songs and I used to play it on the piano. 50 years later the tune was still haunting me, but I could remember nothing more than the title. Now, thanks to you, I have both the English and German versions to listen to and remember.

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