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  1. “Women in the workforce might have less of a hard time if they had just decided to be men in the first place. Don’t even get me started on black people.”

    Well said. I’d laugh, but it’s all too sad.

  2. I am a gay teen and I did not support this. These people are ridiculous, but I think that whole band wagon is worse. People love things like this, because they feel better because they “did something”. But you aren’t really doing anything of substance.

    1. I agree to a certain degree, this post was meant to point out the general ignorance ‘tho, regardless of the occasion.

    2. These people are assholes! I cant believe he posted this, although I understand why he did. If I were a gay teen though, I dont know how Id feel about this post. Theres enough hate towards gay teens without shoving it in there faces! Why dont we all do one thing to help a gay teen realize that its not a choice and he is NORMAL! I admit I havnt done enough. I cant stand to see another news story about a gay teen thats killed himself because he’s gay. Along with his life he’s/she’s taken all the potential with him/her. What a shame.

  3. While I don’t agree with the “wear purple” thing because I think it marginalizes the other teens who have committed suicide, and causes people to remember the gay suicides as exactly that….”gay people” and not humans…
    I don’t see how you actually found a community of people this trashy. These guys would get scrutinized, even in Alabama…

    1. thats the best insight ive heard on this issue… everyone (even those who think they are helping) are actually separating us from the rest of the population

      notice black people dont like the idea of black appreciation month or whatever its called

  4. I can understand why people might want to wear purple on that day. They want to feel less useless, more in control, and maybe slightly admired by other for supporting a just cause.

    But the reality is that no one will remember the colour purple a week from now or what it represented. All it did in my school was point out the pro-gay and pre-gay people and queer kids who haven’t an original thought of their own. I didn’t wear purple. What I did do is volunteer at our GLBT Teen center for the weekend. I’m pot washer #1.

    I don’t agree with that dork Skylar Abernathy. It sounds like he is a little judgmental. He definitely knows nothing about the gay teens he is criticizing. As for myself, I was born gay. I was gay before I knew what “My Pink Pony” was all about. I was fabulous in the crib with baby blue fruffles. I was a designer in Pre-school and a clothing critic in 1st grade, and all before I had a word for my little eccentricities, or understood that they were more controlled by my DNA than by my penis, or my love for Scott Hamilton.

    It bothers me, Josh, that it was so easy to find such trashy people. Are there more of them, than us? God I hope not. I know that God expects US to save the world, but will we have any power over the Abernathys of the world before we get wings? I hope so. I want to BLAST HIS ASS TO NEXT SUNDAY and give him Boy George as a roommate.

    1. Liam, what happened to all 300 of those purple tees you taked about buying the other day? The ones you were going to hand out at school?….and now you say you didn’t even wear purple?

      1. No. Shamefully, I didn’t. I support the idea of commemorating the guys who took their lives.

        But then people began selling purple shirts at my school–making a profit. This really pissed me off. Turned me off.

        So I did something totally opposite to all of that. I created a PowerPoint presentation in the cafeteria. I found a lot about these boys…even called two Moms. I explained to everyone while they were eating about the lives of each of them. What I found out is that they were just like us. Just like me. They loved movies, hated politics, lived for their friends…to a point. One mom, Mrs. Brown, Asher’s mother, read me from his journal.

        He said: “I just want people to like me.” –Asher Brown.

        Call me the hypocrite. No, I didn’t wear purple. I would never do that again. At first it was a pure desire. Something I could do. And then it got perverted. I wanted no part of it. So I gave my PPP. Some people asked me more about Asher and Justin. God, I just wish I knew them before things got too serious.

        More of us need to stand up and speak up.

  5. I have a so called friend that had posted something similar saying that he wasn’t gonna wear purple that the children that killed themselves deserve no respect or sympathy and that its survival of the strongest..and he himself is gay…He had also posted that anyone that had wanted to wear purple was just ignorant and selfish because there are more causes out there..I understand that there are more causes but we all have causes which we hold more dearly . It makes me sick to see people that are that ignorant and mean..

    He had also pointed out that there shouldn’t be any thing to show the bullies what there doing because it happens in nature and that we should just set up more counselors so the kids that are picked on can be talked too…

    it really upsets me to see people like this :(

    1. Your so called ‘friend’ is a dipshit and doubly so because he’s gay. I can only image what his childhood was like and how he now hides in that adult, thoughtless shell…..

    1. Don’t hate. It’s not the fault of all the Skylar’s of the world. Its ours, for remaining silent. Hate me. I haven’t been doing enough. I saw many gays at school get bullied. Sometimes I just walk by. Blame me.

      1. Liam, you stood by your personal principles. I admire you greatly for that and further, don’t let yourself be judged by anyone here or at school. You are a sensational example of what gay teen youth could be. You can’t fight all the battles yourself. That’s why it’s important that the silence stops and everybody knows who we are. If not in school, then immediately in adult life.

        Bullies aren’t complicated, sophisticated beings. What they are doing, is actually quite primitive, predictable and stop-able. Whether you fight them back physically, outfox them or form groups to bully THEM…it doesn’t really matter…just so there is something besides silence.

      2. I do blame you! I blame myself as well. Its been a great many years since I was in High School and I was one of the “bullied”. However, back then, there really was no gay bullying as such, calling me a “fag” was not about gay really, it was just a knock. I blame myself because Ive been saying to my husband that Id like to go to a local high school and talk to you gays and try to tell them theyre NORMAL! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise! Those creeps doing the bullying are repressed! Me thinks thou doest protest to much!

  6. These people should be glad this site is not 4chan. Their names are in full view of everyone… :-W

    1. That’s the funniest thing about 4chan. Though they address everyone as “faggot”, if anyone were to be homophobic on 4chan they’d get enough angry remarks to sink a ship.

      1. That’s because everyone is a faggot on 4chan (either a newfaggot or an oldfaggot). Getting called “faggot” on 4chan is like getting called “human” in real life ;)

        And they’re probably doing a good thing there. If faggot becomes a term everyone can identify with, it can’t be used to hurt people anymore :D

    2. Well, this picture HAS actually found its way to 4chan. Hope that doesn’t surprise anyone by now.

  7. Of course it is a choice, just like most people choose to be overworked, underpaid, behind on bills, hated by others, abused, ridiculed, or even get sick and die. If people would just choose to not do those things life would be so much better for them. duh life is what you make it.

    ( nothing like taking ignorance to the next level.. but I can’t get it to all fit on a t-shirt yet.. ) lmao

  8. @ Asparagi39:
    “People love things like this, because they feel better because they “did something”

    Sorry, but did you really understand the “targets” of this Purple-Shirt-Day?
    It is the zealots and the bullies.
    Bullies are no better than predators, Both use violence against – gay – kids.

  9. Also, let’s not forget that since being gay is a choice, being straight must also be a choice. Therefore, according to that faulty logic, everybody is automatically bisexual.


    EDIT: I happened to do a quick search on these people, and the last person, Marshall Hoke (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000029332282&v=app_3396043540) is a total assclown, as you can tell by just a quick perusal of his COMPLETELY PUBLIC profile.

    My favorite like of his: ” The last time an airplane was a shooting star, the twin towers went down. So NO, airplanes can NOT be shooting stars. now shut the fuck up.” …wut?

  10. So therefore, I think his should be discredited, because the people who posted this are total idiots anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

  11. I wore a purple shirt today because my heart is still broken for the boys who found their will to die
    was stronger ……
    than their will to live.

    Gay or straight, if you are attacked by a bully, usually IF you show some HEART and fight back, even if you get your ass kicked, they begin to respect you for it and it stops. Just because you showed some heart and didn’t take it like a weak pussy. Boys will be boys guys

    That’s how I made it past junior high in a far away galaxy long long ago deep in the redneck land of Texas.

    I studied Kempo Karate and they really backed down then. Had a great bod too with a smokin six pack.

    Did I mention the straight boys later who wanted to play dirty with me after some beers? :-P
    “How sweet it was!”

    They had to believe I would deny it and protect their straight honor of course.

    I got to have my fun in the INN/END!

    Deep in their new hairless hearts of Texas :-)

    HInt: “Gay Bashers become gay trade”.

    “Today’s trade, becomes tomorrow’s competition”

    Have fun with the truth.

  12. I forgot to say some more to this….’
    It doesn’t matter if you fight bad. Even girls know to fight if they have to. You can fight like a girl and they will still respect you for fighting back.

    Gay bullies have something to hide; gay feelings they aren’t ready to deal with yet. When they bully us they are hiding and studying us. They haven’t met the right boy to help them get born into their true selves, still with their male pride intact.

    Can you become that boy? The rewards are worth it.
    Kempo is the best Karate for a small guy and a blast to learn too, but any Karate or Martial Art will do.

    And the body it will give you is fu*king incredible in no time.

    The Karate studio is a great place to meet other boys just like you….2!

    Live well kids. You only get one pass at this.

    1. By mistake I read this thread from the top down and entered a long discussion on many thoughts not properly linked are replied in a chain. I’m new here and made that mistake. Excuse my broken train of thought please. If you read my posting on down the thread they are all related to this one.
      My experience in such a thread path as you have here was new to me.
      Thank you.

  13. Too funny, jt. .

    Yeah, I did the kick ass in junior high school thing too. Science class, 8th grade, he knocked me over in my desk, hit my head hard … with blood running down my face, I came up a kickin, kicked his ass into next week. I walked away, he got carried away.

    Nobody ever fucked with me after that even though I was this meek little runt of a boy.

    The bullying problem is greater than just gay kids. I wasn’t ‘gay’ then (lol, bible belt brat) … I was bullied without mercy for being a little runt faggot kid with golden blond hair.

    I feel for all kids who are bullied for any reason (unless they are being a dipshit, and even then … I draw a line).
    The kids need to realize that self worth is not obtained from other people, it has to come from within, ultimately – God if you or they believe in he/she/it/something greater than ourselves – such as a part of nature.

    1. Terminal Closet 101, it just is. Not impossible. Just a rare breach gay birth by a confused strong boy with heart.
      They buck real good the first time too :-P

      1. jtsecrets:

        Terminal Closet 101, it just is. Not impossible. Just a rare breach gay birth by a confused strong boy with heart.
        They buck real good the first time too :-P

        I’m missing something here–is there some reason you left this reply to me? Are you actually calling me “Terminal Closet 101″?

        1. tqe | Adam:

          This is appalling.

          Your answer got placed in the middle of another discussion underway.
          I answered that remark. You seemed to call my information about bullies coming out appalling.
          I called them Terminal Closet 101. OK? Two threads of thought got mixed up.

          Looking back I realize you were probably answering the original thread at the top. My bad! Sorry about that. I’m new to this website, and missed it.
          I beg your pardon for the error on my part.

          1. You’re kind of right — my comment is a first level response and directed at the original post. I won’t dispute that bullies often turn out to be gay — see Ken Mehlman as a prime example.

            As for your comment, it comes off as being directed at me and if there is anything I’m not, it’s being a Terminal Closet case.

            1. I admitted my mistake. I’ve now learned how to correctly post a reply. Wird es genug sein für Sie?

  14. Don’t blow away life. Learn how to blow the newbies.
    If your good and hot looking, they’ll roll over and purr for you.
    I know.

  15. As a response to Asparagi39. I understand the sentiment of the “band wagon” mentality. I am also gay, just turned 20, and have recently come out. I wore purple today, not for the purpose of making me feel like some quasi activist but because it allowed me an outlet of expression that other people could comprehend. The idea of events like this, at least to me, encourage people to demonstrate their resolve in something they stand for without being asked, approached or otherwise solicited for their opinion. Like you, I find agenda based collectives a little too embellished in fad. But small things such as seeing someone in a purple shirt and somber expression can be very meaningful and comforting to depressed teens or anyone else who feels persecuted. Most importantly, I feel, it shows you cared enough to possibly earn yourself verbal abuse, scathing looks, and general bigotry to, for lack of a better word, champion the equal treatment and acceptance of our youth.

    1. “But small things such as seeing someone in a purple shirt and somber expression can be very meaningful and comforting to depressed teens or anyone else who feels persecuted. Most importantly, I feel, it shows you cared enough to possibly earn yourself verbal abuse, scathing looks, and general bigotry to, for lack of a better word, champion the equal treatment and acceptance of our youth.”

      I like this and you ‘get it’.

    2. Wow, are you really 20? Im impressed. You a very thoughtful, well spoken boy! Keep it up!

  16. one of the characteristics of Josh which causes me come here is his attention to little things. he brings up just a short text or a pic and puts it on the table for looking at and discussing about it. during this many of our feelings and thoughts reveal.
    it’s not wonderful that normal ppl can’t understand us. it’s not weird that they can’t realize that being a gay is not a choice! they think that we like to be gays. they see it queer, as it is, but they blame us for that. i would like to be a normal guy, who doesn’t like to be? but how?
    i remember that when i was a young boy, say 12 yo, and looked at a very beautiful face and i felt the heavenly feelings inside my heart and said wow! what a beautiful boy and then realized that it was indeed a girl, i remember that it was decreased from to heaven to this normal world. oh! she’s a girl! i mistaken! she was beautiful anyway! continue looking at her! but she was not beautiful anymore! because she was a girl and it was normal for a girl to be beautiful.
    i don’t know why, i don’t know what caused my feelings to be so, but i know that i couldn’t help it and it was not my choice.
    when old enough ppl may not understand us, u expect normal kids realize what?!

  17. Gay Facts:
    Kids who talk shit about gays grow up to stop it because they soon learn it makes gays worse to be around. They learn to tolerate us as different ppl in time. The bullies are another special case usually (see above).

    In a bad economy ppl attack those on the bottom. Guess what? Gays and minorities are the first targets. I remember losing jobs in a Recession to make jobs for straight guys. Are you experiencing that shit today?

    The gays before you had it a lot worse than you have today. The gains we made are the result of what we earned for the gay kids today. You’re standing on our shoulders boys.

    It’s ok to smell the flowers and love beauty, but always be ready to kick shit at the drop of a hat. Life isn’t fair no matter who you sleep with and if you’re poor it really sucks. Learn to support and defend yourself. That’s common sense.

    Lovers who want to be protected will love to be loved by you. Some of the butch-est acting guys are so afraid.

    Heart is more than the ability to fight. It’s having goals, a burning thirst to live, and win in work, love, and life. Heart is being smart, and know how 2 talk for your winnings. That comes after you learn to fight and gain confidence.

    It gets better; when you get better first.

    Learn how to pour the piss out of a boot.
    Then he belongs to you to keep or pass down and take the next one who come a lone.

    Keep one and have what lovers have. That’s the best life has to offer you.

    Tough times never last but tough people do!

    Become a proud, strong, wise and winning gay I.

    I know.

  18. 1. Life is hard, the weak are weeded out one way or another eventually, whether it’s physical, emotional, or intellectual weakness. We don’t get to decide who’s weak, that’s up to nature, physics, and god (for those that believe in one or more of them).

    2. Bullies don’t pick on gay people, they pick on weak people (or those they perceive are weak). Their sexuality is just an excuse.

    3. Right or wrong (concepts I really don’t believe in in the first place) these kids better learn to either put up with or deal with bullies, cause there’s just as many of them out there in the real world.

    4. Remember the 90’s when it was bullets kids were dodging in schools rather then fists? I call that progress….

  19. These people are narrow minded neo nazi,s. No one asks to be gay i didnt its just life and gay,s shouldn’t be punished because of these people.

  20. I know that wearing purple for one day isn’t going to solve all the problems of bullied kids everywhere or bring back those who tragically opted to end the bullying forever in the worst way. But, I think that for gay teens who saw their friends, classmates, acquaintances, and strangers wearing purple today; it may have been just that little bit they needed to see to know that they are not alone; that some people do care, and do take their plight seriously. Perhaps, for some on the verge of making a terrible choice, it was just enough to see it through until tomorrow, where things may just look a little brighter.

    It’s a small gesture, sure, but maybe that’s all some people can make at this point. Those who can do more, I applaud you and know that you encourage others to do more with your actions alone. But, the people who chose at least to wear purple today are light years ahead of the Skylar Abernathy’s of the world!

  21. …, and the earth is a disk is a disk , a disk, disk, … AMEN.
    And if you don’t believe; …

    It is you to decide if you want to get punished.


  22. I’m going to say things about myself in this forum where older men usually hide out pretending to be young.

    I’m 56 years old with 3 College degrees.
    I have a 21 year old with me and he has been with me going on 3 years. He’s beautiful and gets hit on all the time by boys and girls, and he comes home with me almost even night unless having fun with his friends.

    I let him have a girl if he wants it; he never lets another man near him for me. It works for us very well. We have a second bedroom for appearances and the rare lady friend who comes over.
    They don’t get past the trick stage.

    He is very strong. muscles like rocks. I built him like that.
    He’s learning on my nickel. My best and proudest investment.
    I could not be more proud of my boy/man.

    His family hates my old gay guts. We laugh about that a lot.

    What does he see in a man like me?
    Travel, Wisdom, fun, security, school and he loves my I.
    I’m easy to please so he has it very easy with me.
    He is not my first male building to raise up.

    Some of my past projects are married with kids today. Some are gay.

    Any questions boys? What will you be at 56 Years old?

    Will you know how to do what I can do?
    Could you afford the commitment emotionally and have the $$$?

    Or will you be alone?

    I know.

    1. Ummmm….some of your rant disturbs me. The part about ‘building’ young men and keeping them like ‘investments’. Actually, quite a sad picture. Seems to me that the ‘fair’ way to be with someone younger is to treat them like an equal; not a toy. Therefore they love YOU and not your money & circumstances. Young adults know that older adults have more experience and often more wisdom from age, but they generally don’t like to be reminded of it, or beat over the head with it.

      Honestly, it sounds like you’re both using each other, rather than true love and you’re quite willing to do it again and again….and have in the past. But, I’m not here to judge you…just not agreeing with your methods. Your bragging, swaggering and challenging is not impressive to me, to say the least.

      1. If I sounded like ranting it was because I was up late and writing quickly. This was in addition to other comments in this thread with someone else in conversation at the time. My young friend is not a boytoy; he’s a very intelligent human being who deserves a chance in life. He’s very much an equal in this home.

        Symbiotic would best describe our relationship. We mutually lift up each other now and take care of each other, and when the time comes that my young friend moves on I love him enough to let him go. I’ve had other older gay male friends call him my parasite and I defended him from those comments and remind those men they are living alone and I don’t. They have lived years without a lover and I have lived years and developed several rewarding lifetime friendships in the process and never lived alone. I can do what his own family can’t or want do for him.

        Unlike many older gay men who don’t care about the condition of young people I’m rewarded with the ability to watch them grow with my assistance, and I have the companionship from them during that time. It isn’t a lover relationship per-say; however, it’s an arrangement where we both win.

        I only wanted to point out that there is more than one way to enjoy your gay life when you age in the future. If you’re successful you can help others and it’s most rewarding to do it if you choose carefully who you help.

        Trust me when I say you’ll age much faster than you can possibly imagine.

        1. A mostly unknown Oriental parable says:
          “There is only one true love in nature and that is when one loves, and the other lets love happen.”

        2. OK then how about this…..ever consider working with young men on a true mentoring, non-sexual level? I ask because:
          1) It’s less stressful
          2) You’ll reach many times the number of boys you could ever hope to live/sleep with
          3) You won’t be judged by anyone, in fact you’ll be lauded
          4) You rarely run the risk of some great relationship rift/split and you can watch them age as long as you live.
          5) It does more for the community as a gay role model than just a sexual relationship with someone young enough to almost be your grandson
          6) I’ll age no quicker than you will and I’ll enjoy many more boys
          7) You won’t ever be the recipient of hate from the young man’s family
          8) You’ll never have to invariably force the issue that he picks you or his family

          1. Just got home from today’s classes; I’m JT’s “kept boy” using his account to answer this.
            My father threw me out of our house on my 18th birthday for being gay. I became an escort with a friend on Craig’s List to survive and try to go to junior college.
            JT was a client for an overnighter that turned into a weekend. Since then I’ve never left him.
            He gave me an opportunity to be in school and not have to sell my sex to survive. That was real stress.
            Under his guidance, I’ve learned I like girls too. He made me mentally strong enough to explore that side of myself. Would/could a gay lover do that for me?
            I’m a pre-law Political Science major with a 4.0 average who will finish law school with his substantial help.
            My own father wouldn’t give me a dime for college nor did he know how to help me emotionally. They resent JT for doing for me what they couldn’t do. It’s more jealous of him than hate.
            You assumed I trade my sex for his help. He never forces himself on me and he’s better in the sack then men half his age. He’s in great shape and a blast to be with. Our life is full of laughter and love. Nowhere does JT say we have sex in his comments. You assumed it was the foundation of his willingness to help me. It’s not.
            My old friend still turns tricks to live and he now has a Meth habit. That could have been me.
            If JT insisted I became his lover I wouldn’t have stayed with him. I don’t want any other men in my life today so it’s my choice to just be available for him. I don’t need another man to grow.
            We do mentor other gay/bi youth on the sidelines as needed but they don’t have the security I have.
            At first he only loved me but I’ve grown to love him very much. He probably saved my life and my future. He dedicates to one young man at a time to insure they win. I know all the ones before me and we’re like his family.
            Now Real1, judge me. Judge us for finding such a good man in time.

            1. I’m sorry but I’m not going to take that story on face value. It could have just as easily been conveniently concocted by ‘JT’-if you’re going to continue this ruse, at least get a separate account.;-) You say you sold your body for money and then through JT’s help, you found you like females. Lots of young male adults were sexually abused and/or found themselves brought into the ‘rent boys’ life and then eventually found they liked females more. How you got there doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you were finally able to leave it…..assuming you and your story are real.

              Many young males involved in prostitution for whatever the reason, often lose the healthy ability to explore their natural sexuality. A lot of the choice/change crowd use their stories to illustrate how once a homosexual male prostitute can miraculously change into a heterosexual by choice.

              And, if you reread my post, I was NOT judging ‘JT’, just offering another way to be around youth, while being a positive gay role model for the community he lives in.

              In your own ‘story’, JT was an overnight ‘trick’ and in his own words refers to you as an “investment”…pretty much objectifying your existence. Now he waves it all away by saying it was late at night when he wrote that and it was in reference to somebody’s comment. I don’t see how voluntary bragging, swaggering and challenging was in response to anything anyone else said.

    2. My biggest problem with your “rant” is that you felt you needed to start it off with accusations and assumptions about others. And, then end it with more of the same.

      Who is that a picture of in your profile icon?

      1. It wasn’t meant to be ranting. I just shared some of my life with others. The opinions from me are my own. I’ll just say it’s a photo and leave it at that. ~JT

  23. it is disappointing, even offensive. but, this doesn’t upset me. seven years out from high school i can say there is a better than even chance skylar is gay.

    guys who go out of their way to bash gay guys almost always are. straight guys will often react homophobic when the issue is presented to them, but the issue is not on the tip of their tongue. –no pun, no pun!

    and, to be fair asking people in an adolescent environment to wear… young men… to wear purple no less could actually invite a backlash of homophobia. boys at an age with a lot of social proving grounds already are going to want to make it clear they like girls — even if they don’t.

    these people are very young. fitting in is still oh so important. and, sadly so is distinguishing yourself from the people who do not fit in.

    instead of asking the non-bullies to stand out, why not turn the tables and make the bullies stand out. the staff in the school should actually be trained to identify and stop kids who are bullying. and, when those kids are identified have them walk around in bright pink t-shirts that say “BULLY” and segregate them. make them sit separately at any assembly or the lunch room, bar them from any school activity — permanently if they are repeat offenders.

    stigmatize the bullies even when they are the super popular kids and the bullies will suddenly become the people who don’t fit in.

    1. Skylar could be closet or just impressing that girl online how straight he is for her. Hard to know what is really inside his head without more information for me.

      I love your solution for bullies. Two thumbs way up!

    2. @Heinousasswhiteboy:
      “instead of asking the non-bullies to stand out, why not turn the tables and make the bullies stand out. the staff in the school should actually be trained to identify and stop kids who are bullying. and, when those kids are identified have them walk around in bright pink t-shirts that say “BULLY” and segregate them. make them sit separately at any assembly or the lunch room, bar them from any school activity — permanently if they are repeat offenders.”

      Psychologically, I like that idea and your heart is in the right place. But, in REALITY, that could/would be a school’s worst nightmare. Just ONE image of that “segregation” would have all the religious parents (as well as a few other parents) running to their lawyers lining up lawsuits against all the teachers and administrators involved. That would be the worst drain (not to mention the time involved) of the school’s resources ($$$) when all that money should/otherwise would be going to the school’s needs and its students (hopefully).

      Again, great idea (in the mind), but would never be practical in today’s life (USA, anyway) and would end up having the opposite effect (now the school would be considered a bully in court).

      1. not necessarily. if you did three things…

        1 make the policy about conduct directed at another student, not self-expression. students should not be disciplined for the content of their speech but by the injury to common right-of-way, enjoyment and liberties of another student that is already well understand as disorderly.

        2 apply this scarlet letter policy across all disciplinary problems as a last resort and…

        3 apply the solution only when there has been a pattern of behavior not a single incident.

        btw, homophobia is not an invention of religion. and a policy like the one i am proposing can’t be about stopping homophobia. it has to be about bullying, conduct that stands outside any particular religious, cultural, or political povs and prohibits behavior that stands outside self-respect, a reasonable right-of-way from anyones pov.

        1. It’s not going to fly with civil liberties. Your idea is nothing more than singling out and demeaning another ‘group’. We have to start moving away from this pack mentality and notions that some ‘groups’ of young adults deserve to be punished more than others and/or publicly ridiculed. The juvenile justice system is full of young adults that were deemed ‘bad boys’ in the courts and the boys in that system are rarely better for it.

        2. @Heinousasswhiteboy:
          Do you even understand what homophobia is? “homophobia is not an invention of religion”
          I have no intention of arguing who actually “invented” homophobia because now it’s irrelevant, but in today’s world, it is absolutely the effect of “god-fearing” religion through 1) their “sermons” & bible studies, et al and 2) the parents of today’s children who, if they didn’t learn it directly from their churches, learned it from their parents and their parents before them, etc. Homophobia today continues to be passed on through churches and the parents of those congregations who blindly believe what’s being preached and fear of the “unknown.” You should listen to some of these sermons, especially from churches of our southern U.S. (including all those wailing black preachers, sometimes who denounce it the worst.)

          Do you actually think that Proposition 8 in California would have been passed if not for the mormon church and their multi-million$ they gave in favor of that hateful proposition (particularly in the last few weeks just before the election)? And every anti-gay marriage proposition/law that has been passed in the last 50+ years have most definitely been supported and paid for by the various churches/religions. (While a lot of that money came from corporations and wealthy people, don’t for a second think that it wasn’t religious-based within their “souls”).

          Do you actually think that all this crap going on with our Military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is not the result of all the religions in this country — all that fear passed on to the congregation’s parents and then to their military-aged children (starting from very young, like around 3-4 yrs. old) so that they [are convinced they] are “afraid” of any homosexual-types: 1) working along side them, 2) rooming [bunking] near them, or [and this is what really frightens them] 3) showering next to them — all if they “come out” while in service? None of those religious social idiots will ever stop and actually realize that all 3 of those conditions have always been and will always continue to be whether any military gay person will “come out publicly” or not. In all societies today, it is absolutely the result (or effect) of any of the religions in that society — whether directly or through their “god-fearing” congregation as parents of “their future congregation.”

    1. That was excellent and totally true.
      It really is that simple to explain why people are gay.
      From experience I know some boys are too weak to be fathers so they lean gay if they could choose. Another form of natural selection at work and should work that way. It’s natural for it to happen if they’re bi-sexual and can’t grow strong enough to be ready in the parenting phase of life.
      The weakness can be on many different levels too.
      It really nails why the Fundamentalists are so wrong.
      They still fight over Evolution in textbooks today.
      They have so much to defend.
      When did the Church finally admit the world was round?
      Wasn’t that about 1992 if I recall?

  24. I wore purple. I’m not disillusioned that I’m changing the world, nor is it a solution to “the problem”. But it is something that causes awareness. It might not be much, but its something– its greater than zero. Some number of 3rd, 4th, 5th graders are going to see the older kids at school and ask questions, and when they see support they at least have a person showing its ok to believe that gay people are real people too–its ok to empathize and accept them. It might not be a huge number– but its greater than zero. Since its free– its completely worth it.

    The world is not philosophically pure. There is too much complexity and variance for things to work perfectly– like machines. Civilization, politics, etc. isn’t about “making things right”– its about making things better. I don’t know that there is a canonical “right” for everything, everywhere. It may be that we’re always on a never-ending approach to “better”. In that case, the challenge isn’t about finding the “right” answer and sticking to it– regardless of the cost. The challenge is how to make incremental improvement towards the “goal”. In this way, the goal can move, but you’ve still made progress. You’re able to make it a “little” better for someone rather than no better for anyone.

    This is compromise, and while it might feel like concession to some of the more “philosophically pure”, I challenge that. Given the intrinsic variance and complexities which define the human species (and more than likely this variance significantly contributes, physiologically, to our success as a species), there is _no_ reality in which humans have such homogeneity to all agree on a canonical “right” for everything. So we are relegated to focus on solutions that get us closer to “right”. To take a hard line, and forget compromise, slows improvement.


  25. In response to the 4chan comment, I may just post this on 4chan and see what happens >.>

  26. @Skylar – being gay is NOT a choice – some people are born that way, and they can’t help it

    1. As for being gay—NOT A CHOICE.

      My own mother said that I have gravitated towards male companionship since my birth. I did breast feed. Quite robustly, I was told. But it was father who held me every night till I was calm enough to sleep. For hours.

      By pre-school I was declaring my fashion sense to everyone who cared to see me wear my mother’s clothes. This continued to my teenage years.

      By six, I was amazingly talented in design and colour. Window treatments were a favorite.

      By 10, I could sing every Cher song.

      At 12, I had my first boy crush. He remained my boyfriend till high school. Now we live in different countries.

      At 16, I find myself an activist. Still boi crazy. Still trying to fit in to this world. That’s were the story continues.

      So you see, I was gay since I fell out.

      1. @Liamsurf:
        “As for being gay—NOT A CHOICE.” Agreed.

        “I did breast feed. Quite robustly, I was told.” That’s survival, not ‘gay.’

        “it was father who held me every night till I was calm enough to sleep.” That’s parent’s controlled sanity, not ‘gay.’

        “By pre-school I was declaring my fashion sense to everyone who cared to see me wear my mother’s clothes.” Extreme curiosity? “This continued to my teenage years.” OK, now it’s beyond curiosity.

        “By six, I was amazingly talented in design and [color].” Most young children enjoy bright colors.

        “By 10, I could sing every Cher song.” No big deal, I knew some of her songs by heart even in my teens. But, if you were in a [see-through] dress with a totally open back while singing them, then we need to talk.

        “At 12, I had my first boy crush.” OK, now you’ve earned your first gay flag.

        Sorry, no offense, I just had to have some fun with that post. And someone was asking what camp is? ‹(•¿•)›

  27. OneNorth:

    “What is this 4Chan you speak of?”

    It is a legendary place, set high in the Himalayas, known only to followers of the Yum.

  28. Yeah, the non-heterosexual people are just a bunch of masochist. We had it coming, right? And most certainly the problem does not fall on those with a medieval mindset or an ill-informed opinion.

    Under these conditions it’s totally acceptable to inflict physical & psychological harm like barbaric fucktards… I mean, it is not like bullying is a choice.

    Hurr durr.

    1. Fucktard, now thats a good word! I agree, theres no excuse under any circumstances for physical abuse in any form! Its not hard enough to be a gay teen with all that goes with it you have to have these bullys in middle and high school who are probably repressed homos beating up on the kids who are brave enough to come out! I was a jr homo in the 70’s and coming out was not an option. Sometimes I envy the teens of today because they are more free to be who they are, but in some ways, things havnt changed all that much!

  29. This is what Christianity vomits on earth. Double standards.

    Love for your christian brother, hell for anything non-bible thumper.

    Backwards as fuck. Devolving. It makes me ill.

    1. homophobia is not a peculiar product of christianity. paladino did not give his homophobic remarks to the applause of southern baptists. he was speaking to orthodox rabbis who had supported hillary clinton. homophobia is not about religion, even if religion is one of the most popular vehicles for it.

      even in the much gloried “ancient greece and rome” males who were passive in anal sex were considered to be lower in social rank.

      homophobia is about something atavistic and basic to people’s understanding of biology and reproduction. fighting homophobia involves connecting gay people to values and expectations equally common in the human condition.

      1. “even in the much gloried “ancient greece and rome” males who were passive in anal sex were considered to be lower in social rank. ”

        Actually, if you really want to delve into this….only those male ‘citizens’ who chose an openly homosexual life, were deemed to be lower in social rank. What WAS acceptable/desirable; male citizens taking a young boy as a lover (or lavish gift receiver), so that the young boy could acquire eventual social status. When the young boy entered into adulthood, he was expected to marry and procreate. However, there was no barrier to the original ‘friendship’ as long as expected duties were maintained on face value. Many of these relationships were without anal sex, yet most assume falsely, that was a requirement. If anything, that life was the very root of the words, ‘drama’ & ‘tragedy’.

  30. You realize of course, that the Net is full of posers, liars, cowards and people suffering from multiple personality disorder. Social networking, youtube and anonymity have encouraged these dolts to come ‘out’ and flourish. Common choice of words: ‘you are a fucking faggot’, ‘that is gay’, ‘you’re fucking gay’, ‘that is so gay’, this is too gay’, etc, etc, etc.

    If you want to depress yourself, just read the troll comments on anything in youtube that isn’t traditionally ‘masculine’ and involves males….even tweens being tweens & silly. AFAIC, we’ve reached up the colon of America for the material to let this ignorance run rampant.

  31. If only being gay were a choice;
    I’d be straight in a second.

    Living in America.

      1. “Funny. I have a straight friend who’d rather be gay.”

        Well….if he’s willing, have some sexual fun with that one.;-)

        1. Already did. He wasn’t into it. He grew up around a lot of people who claimed sexuality is a choice and I guess he was just making sure they were wrong lol.

    1. To use Fenrir’s term, we are living amongst ‘fucktards’.

      Honestly though….I wouldn’t change, even if I had the choice. Some of my best and most memorable experiences stem from the fact that I’m gay and the knowledge therein. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the depth of love I’ve felt, replicated in the hetero kingdom.

      Some of my worst experiences too, for being gay…..oh well.;-)

    2. Why is it so hard for the supposed “intelligent, super religious” to see that? Why would anyone choose to be bullied, called names, spit on? Not my idea of a great choice!

      1. That’s always been an argument that they have no answer for. Why would we put ourselves in harms way(?)….because it’s chic & trendy these days to be gay….don’t think so.;-)

        Oh wait, lest I forget….we have this beautifully bound book with golden lettering called “The Gay Agenda” that we carry to schools and door to door…..

  32. HAHAHAHAHAHA! These comments are hilarious; for those SCREAMING and DEMANDING equality, you’re committing your fair share of DISCRIMINATION as well. Hypocrites.

    1. Really? Blacks ‘screamed’ and ‘demanded’ equality once…were they hypocrites? And since most of us believe we were born this way, the parallels are obvious and should be to you as well.

      1. I hate to say it but most blacks dont see the fight were fighting as the same. They are the first to discriminate!

        1. Of course not. They see civil rights has something they fought alone and basically at the time, they are mostly correct. They are not generally sympathetic because they believe it’s a ‘choice’ issue and we can change. If they truly believed we were born this way, they’d be fighting alongside us.

          Traditionally, Blacks and Latinos are woefully homophobic. They see gays only as weak stereotypes that would drag down the image of their communities. To be a Black or Latino homosexual is a true ‘double whammy’. Also, the most troubled gay boys I mentor are Latino & Black. Their families don’t hesitate to throw them out in the street….again, going back to the choice thing and ‘shaming’ the family.

      2. I’m not talking about the FB comments; I’m talking about everybody else commenting here about the actual blog entry. Sorry, I should have dumbed it down for you.

  33. Tortoise:

    That’s the funniest thing about 4chan. Though they address everyone as “faggot”, if anyone were to be homophobic on 4chan they’d get enough angry remarks to sink a ship.

    I remember in high school band — and this was the 80’s — we were self-described band fags — everyone. It was a badge of honor. In some ways it seems society has become less tolerant and not more, but I believe that it is natural for hatred to reach an apex before it dissipates. The reason is that what was hidden (Dionysian) has be brought to the surface (Apollonian). Homosexuality is more openly talked about and thus more openly hated. It is a phase and it will pass. Consider the black civil rights movement: the point at which true equality was being pressed the hardest was also the point of greatest, open hatred.

    That said, I realize this is little consolation to today’s gay teens and absolutely no consolation to the recently fallen souls.

  34. jtsecrets:

    BR>From experience I know some boys are too weak to be fathers so they lean gay if they could choose.

    What!?! Where to even start with this?

    1. For example some straight or bisexual boys living in the street are too weak economically and they end up gay to survive. It happens more than many people know about.

      The will to reproduce and or marry a woman is a very complex subject. Weak was a poor choice of words for lack of a better term. Of course a gay man can father children in a gay relationship with a surrogate and many do. This comment doesn’t include them.

      I was speaking of the complex psychological nature of bisexual boys and men growing up. In my lifetime I’ve known many. Some didn’t have the experience to become fathers, some didn’t have the desire. Some grew up in horrible homes with lousy dads. If they could love a boy or girl equally and they don’t have the inner constitution or financial ability to become a parent my experience was they usually ended up gay since the bisexual route is a very fine line to walk for very long. Girls want a man who can support their family. With help some of them became outstanding parents in a straight relationship later in life.

      I’ve had the good fortune to help a few reach their full potential sometimes. Of course they had to have a sexual attraction to women for that to happen to begin with. It isn’t a simple subject just as people aren’t simple either. Each case in my experiences were unique.

      1. Again, I don’t even know where to begin with this.

        It could be my lack of three college degrees, but it sure seems to me that you are saying that there are connections between financial ability and sexuality and that bisexuality is something you can opt into or out of at will. You arguments sound much like the lunacy of the views of Skylar and his pals above, who think that sexuality is a choice.

        What does the desire or lack thereof to be a parent have to with innate sexuality? Let me get this straight: you take in bisexual young men, help them figure out if they can be/want to be parents, and then turn them straight or gay accordingly?

        Did I read correctly above, that you helped your “kept boy” realize he liked girls, as well?

        1. “Again, I don’t even know where to begin with this.”

          Ditto….I tried, good luck with this one.;-) Honestly, I really come here for the voices of youth and not the “Clash of the Titans’ scenario.

  35. Just a quick break I love reading every ones point of views it is amazing how many different ways there are to look at something! for my opinion I just hope in the end it all works out. cause even though I love the viewpoints, sometimes things will not change.

  36. I just want to say to all you scary people who don’t know anything about homosexuality: Try and come to Scandinavia and say that Gay is something you choose. You would be sent right back to your narrow minded, ignorrant and fucked up super country of yours. I’m sorry that the kids in the States don’t have the same possibillities as we do here and I hope you will try and break free and make opinions of your own one day.

    Peace out.


  37. I don’t understand why some guys come here to post their comments saying they are not gay. Why are you here then if you’re not gay? I think there are lots of guys on here who are not true to themselves. Get real.

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