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  1. Okay, this pope is a false one anyway (an agent of Turkey as he has revealed himself at a visit there). So everybody, who’s still listening to him, must be stupid. We just need another pope after our gusto. Any volunteers here? :)

  2. Poor Obama, getting painted with disappointment before even taking office. People never really did listen to all he had to say. They just used him as a blank slate to project their own wishes. Any that thought he was going to be the president of the left-wing, leading all their causes and slaying all their enemies, well, you just didn’t pay attention. And shame on you if you turn on him before giving him a chance to govern.

  3. Pope claims mankind needs protection from homosexuality.

    Please the Pope would need to would have to remove a large part of his own church. Talk about a fucking Hypocrite.
    There is homosexuality going on it the US military.

    I even heard that the Pope had a gay lover. Think we need to Lock up the Pope. Old man and his crazy talk.

  4. I’m from New Zealand, The spying on greenpeace is very minor compared to other things that go on in NZ/world. If only people really knew what happened every time they picked up the phone or sent a email etc.

    Who cares about the pope, God is just an imaginary friend for grown up’s!

    Shame on the Bush govt for not signing the declaration, close minded Americans.

  5. You’re not even an American who gives a shit what you think about American politics or the President. Go back to your little third world country and leave the important decisions to America. Obviously nobody else can handle things.

  6. Obama has always said that he wanted to increase the troop levels in Afghanistan. It’s certainly preferable to the Taliban re-gaining power, which would be the most probable alternative.

  7. Read what the pope actually said, not what the BBC claims for him to have said. Yes, the two quotes in the video are the closest non-references to homosexual behavior in the address. Leave the irrational responses to speeches you haven’t heard or read to the illiterate Mohammadean mobs demanding the deaths of Scandinavian cartoonists.

    As for the Americans concerned with legal recognition, protest Barack Obama, who still opposes gay marriage.

  8. Derek Munn misrepresents the Pope’s position. The Pope never suggested that the human lives of those who are not in heterosexual marriages are “of less value.” When one has to misrepresent a position in order to argue against it, as Derek Munn did, it only reveals the weakness of one’s own position.

    Nor did the Pope say that “mankind needs to be protected from homosexuality.” I’ve read his actual text, available on the Vatican website in German at (unfortunately not given in English). I’ve compared the Italian version. It seems to me, with my limited German and Italian, that what he is saying is that those who engage in homosexual behavior diminish their own personal humanity, not that they are some kind of big threat to the human race. One may disagree even with that, but, again, one should argue against what he said, not against what he didn’t say.

  9. Whether we like it or not, the United States is a conservative nation, one that always seem a bit backwards when it comes to social legislation and civil rights.

    But for all that, it is nation that does preserve and protect the rights it guarantees in laws, it is a nation that encourages free speech and protest, even as some citizens shout down others, and most importantly, it is a nation that, with time, grows more accepting, more free, and more open, all under a stable government.

    That’s impressive.

    Don’t knock Obama just yet because he doesn’t endorse every single liberal position immediately.

    He may believe in those positions – hell, I willing to bet he does – but like he said on election night, he was elected to be all of America’s president, and that means he’s the president of everyone from the stereotypically racist, homophobic bigot in Georgia to the hustlers and rent boys on Sunset Boulevard.

    And he’ll stay in the center, he’ll try to move America forward while respecting those who don’t want to move, and he’ll try to be as fair, as open, and as considerate as possible. It’s not an easy job, and he’s going to get a lot of hell from all sides before he’s done, but he’s a good man, and he’ll do the right thing.

    That said, now is not the time to be complacent or to rest on our laurels. Obama has been elected. Excellent. Let’s keep up the pressure, keep protesting Prop. 8, keep demanding Health Care reform, Education reform, Military reform (“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – Bullshit), Business regulation, and corruption watch dog groups.

    “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” – Turns out TJ didn’t say this, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

    Now for a technical, point by point rebuttal:
    -Obama’s not in office yet, it is not his government, but Bush’s, that refused to sign the resolution on homosexuality.
    -Obama always said in his campaign that he wanted to pull out of Iraq and continue the fight where it was most important: Afghanistan
    -Dick Cheney’s approval of Obama’s defense team will only give Obama’s administration more clout when it decides to withdraw from Iraq. Besides, Obama’s appointment of Gen. Shinseki (famously clashed with Rumsfeld over the war in Iraq before it began, claiming that it would take “something in the order of several hundred thousand soldiers” to pacify the nation) just shows that Obama is appointing his own men, not just Bush’s lackeys.
    -Tom Vilsack is an intelligent, capable politician. He was the first Democratic Governor of Iowa in 30 years, and a damn good one, too. He was the second Democrat to join the primary race for President this election, and the first to throw in the towel. He’s qualified, intelligent, and knows what he’s doing. Granted, he’s not a big fan of organic farming, but that’s because he knows organic is not practical, and he has not only the US to feed, but a couple other nations to feed as well. He believes in clean, practical energy, and I doubt he’ll throw any more corn into this ethanol nonsense. Give him the benefit of the doubt, he’s earned it.

    Now, it’s 1:30 in the morning in my corner of the US and I’m going to bed. Thank you, and good night.

  10. ”Builder” you are becoming my typical stereotype of an AMERICAN!
    My country is not third world, maybe you should look around your own country first before making poverty remarks.

    You can stick your country where the sun don’t shine and I don’t give a crap about your President. I am proud to be apart of the Commonwealth & Britain.

    If nobody else can handle things then why is your country suffering a recession and not mine…

  11. Kiwi”

    America proudly is printing it was rich not producing it’s way rich. And we been in a recession for years. And Obama can’t fix shit. “Wow, new idea print more money so we can devalue the dollar.” I feel sorry for the man personally. If America is going to fail blame it to a black man. Nothing New.

    I see it strange that the price of gold is not sky high in the USA.

  12. “Builder” Between Corporate America, the CIA, World bank, And US Gov’t didn’t go around the world starting shit with people for profit. There would not be as many third world countries as there are. Do you understand Globalization?

  13. ”grimkommando”

    Thank you for your comment, you have an interesting point regarding Mr Obama :)

  14. the Pope did not say that I curse you gay fags, you will burn in hell
    he made a speech, wich is starting ponit of a debate
    but it seems, no one undertands him and noone is interested in

    Josh, hast Du etwas von Ihm gelesen? ich einverstande nicht mit seiner Theorie
    aber wir müssen erkennen, dass er ist einigen von grössten lebenden Denkern
    was ist deine Meinung?

  15. It’s amusing to see people defending the pope…as if any sugar-coating changes the substance of catholic dogma. “Gay fag you will burn in hell” and “Homosexual behavior diminishes your humanity” are the same in meaning, it’s just that the second one uses fancy, non-offensive language.

  16. Something that people seem to have missed. The article about the US refusing to sign the decriminalization of world-wide homosexuality is dated December 18, 2008. Barack Obama will not be president for another few weeks! George W. Bush is still the current president of the United States.
    Besides, the whole thing is just politics. After all, prop 8 passed in California just a short while ago. No one said that the world would change overnight. If you were expected that, you are wrong.

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