Periodical Political Post *101

Queer News

  • Prominent Canadian gay rights activist killed in apparent hate crime
  • Argentina on verge of adopting a far-reaching transgender rights law
  • Louisiana lawmakers don’t believe gay people really get bullied
  • Nearly 20% of Taiwanese gays & lesbians have attempted suicide
  • Pope says nuns too focused on poor, not enough on gay bashing

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13 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *101”

  1. Louisiana “intelligence:”

    “Louisiana lawmakers don’t believe gay people really get bullied”


    “teacher was fired for being inside a classroom where two third grade students were allegedly having oral sex under a table”


    “The district has one of the poorest rankings in Louisiana for its performance score. It ranks 59 out of 62 districts on the list, which is based on drop outs, attendance and overall student achievement.”

    The oral sex must have been 2 boys — if it were a boy and a girl, (in that state) they most likely would have received high fives.

    I just recently watched, Inherit The Wind, (1925/1960) and amazingly, little has changed even today in those areas [States] with regard to “morals” [re: if you don't believe in our religion, you're disgusting.]

  2. I could puke! Sorry for the hard words! Everywhere are unfortunately still discriminated against homosexuals! And Louisiana inspired an anti-mobbing law from!
    The most recent example but was Kenneth Weishuhn! OK, he came from IOWA! But that’s a damn!
    Sadly, this is our time have found in so little tolerance!

    1. I agree! Made me laugh.

      And to make the point that Daily Mail is stupid even stronger, we don’t even say ‘3rd grade’ in the UK. We say Year 3… Such a poo ‘news’paper

      1. In Scotland we would say “Primary 3″. Primary 1 through Primary 7, then in Secondary in would be “1st year”, 1st year through 6th year. 13 years in all. In England it continues Year 1 through to year 12.


        P.S. In Scotland we would also say 3rd Grade, BUT only with the Secondary High School/Academy. i.e 3rd Grade would be 13 to 14 year olds.

        1. I’ve never in my 13 years of Scottish education heard anyone refer to it as “grade”, it’s always “year”.

  3. I have some news. my stupid state(North Carolina) has a amendment for marriage between only one man and one woman. Please vote it down if you live in this state thanks

  4. Argentina is leading the rest of Latin America in progression. We’re right behind (I hope) you!

  5. Re: Catholic Church. Isn’t this realy NAMBLA International? I find it amazing how much control the Catholic Church really has. I can understand a young adult male and a teen boy falling into a relationship. But the priests and the Church truely are above the law when they use their flock as their own personal playground and abuse their authority.

    1. Bruce. The Roman Catholic Church is a continuation of the Greek Gymnasium. Man/boy love. As the Church says, “It’s a SIN to put it in, but it’s a SHAME to take it out. lol.


      BTW, what’s the difference between an “oo” and an “ah”?

      Answer: 2 inches. lol.

      1. I suspect that you just might be on the right track. In fact, there are so many instances of man/boy sexual contact throughout history as a means of mentoring that one has to wonder if it was less damaging when it was acceptable and done in the open and now more damaging because of all the secrecy involved in that kind of mentoring. By the way I do mean mentoring as in it wasn’t simply about buffing a boy. In fact if I’m not mistaken young boys were not to be used until they had reached a certain age(puberty?). Also the mentoring included all the other aspects of life.

        As for the joke it did make me laugh. A bit of a relief after reading the article about the Canadian gay activist. It really isn’t getting better when in a country that is supposed to be one of the most gay friendly places in the world you still see gays being murdered simply because they are gay.

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