Periodical Political Post *103

Queer News

  • New socialist French president Hollande expected to legalise gay marriage
  • Argentina makes sex-reassignment surgery legal right in landmark trans law
  • Chile votes to pass anti-hate-crime law in wake of gay man’s brutal murder
  • After no pride march in 2011 this year 2500 march for queer rights in Tokyo
  • Map of North Carolina shows link between education & stance on gay marriage
  • American gymnast and Olympic hopeful Josh Dixon comes out as gay

Other News

  • New research suggests some people might be born as homophobes 
  • UK provider forced to use anti child-porn tech to censor file-sharing sites
  • U.S. wants to save military budget by cutting food stamps & medicaid money
  • Highly religious people less likely to be moved by compassion than atheists
  • Pentagon didn’t support The Avengers because America wasn’t heroes’ boss 
  • Religious sites more likely to infect computers with viruses than porn sites

14 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *103”

  1. Queer News

    “New socialist French president Hollande expected to legalise gay marriage”

    What this article forgetting to say is that Francois Hollande was elected with 90% vote of the electors of the Muslim community which is 15% to 20% of his constituents … Is it really sincere?
    Not sure…
    He is a great friend of Muslims. He is in favor of wearing the burqa and the halal slaughter of animals …

    Mr. Holland is able to promise everything as long as we vote for him.

    1. Real News,

      You should start listening to the electoral debates, and stop writing insane bulls***. That would be very kind of you.

      Oh, and I quite frankly doubt this place is the right place for that kind of message.

  2. “U.S. wants to save military budget by cutting food stamps & medicaid money”

    Please don’t lump us all together. This was a bill proposed by the house GOP. Not a single democratic member voted for it, and it has absolutely zero chance of passing.

  3. What? No mention to the US president taking a positive stance on gay marriage? Typical of Milkboys to only report on negative queer news in the US….

    1. It isn’t relevant anyway, all I can think of is Obama saying that only to have more votes and increase its advantage over his rival at the cost of a religious backlash that might hamper his administration in case he gets re-elected.

      1. So by coming out in favor of same sex marriage, Obama will move more undecided voters to his side than those this stance will push away?? Surely you jest.

      2. A Gallup poll released today shows that twice as many voters say Obama’s support of same sex marriage will make them less likely to vote for him, that those who say it will make them more likely to vote for him.

        So much for your claim that he only said this to get more votes.

    2. It’s not really news-worthy unless he *actually* does something to ensure marriage-equality and (yet) the whole thing actually got it’s own post, that’s why it’s not mentioned (again) in this post.

  4. I’m not surprised about being more likely to catch a viruses from religious sites. It already poisons the mind,so why not a computer?

    1. Its a bit like saying “being gay kills more people than being heterosexual” just because the number seem to indicate that. If one does adopt hillbilly-logic, one tends to look like a hillbilly.

  5. Can I make a suggestion that in your link throughs, don’t call it “gay marriage”… Do you drink “gay coffee”? Drive around and then take part in some “gay parking”?
    It’s a marriage. You should look to promote the term “marriage equality”.

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