Queer News

  • New socialist French president Hollande expected to legalise gay marriage
  • Argentina makes sex-reassignment surgery legal right in landmark trans law
  • Chile votes to pass anti-hate-crime law in wake of gay man’s brutal murder
  • After no pride march in 2011 this year 2500 march for queer rights in Tokyo
  • Map of North Carolina shows link between education & stance on gay marriage
  • American gymnast and Olympic hopeful Josh Dixon comes out as gay

Other News

  • New research suggests some people might be born as homophobes 
  • UK provider forced to use anti child-porn tech to censor file-sharing sites
  • U.S. wants to save military budget by cutting food stamps & medicaid money
  • Highly religious people less likely to be moved by compassion than atheists
  • Pentagon didn’t support The Avengers because America wasn’t heroes’ boss 
  • Religious sites more likely to infect computers with viruses than porn sites