Periodical Political Post *104

Queer News

  • Four Iranian men due to be hanged for sodomy says human rights group
  • New Prime Minister of Croatia moves to recognize same-sex marriages
  • Thousands of peoples rally for same-sex marriage in seven cities over Australia
  • Cuban president’s daughter leads gay rights march, gay marriage could follow
  • Burma prepares for first ever public queer rights celebration in the country
  • Teacher videotapes, humiliates gay student who took trans date to prom
  • Gay couple barred from High School prom because of “catholic principles”

Other News

  • British Prime Minister pledges to look into plans default porn block for UK citizens
  • State of New York decides that possessing illegal porn is a crime, watching it not
  • There’s no such thing as “porn addiction” or “internet addiction”, says medical research
  • New Kansas abortion bill lets doctors lie to patients, withhold cancer treatment
  • Texas sentenced grandma to life in prison without parole for first-time drug offense
  • Strange, horrific & weird ways societies have policed sex throughout history

14 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *104”

  1. Re: Lesbians at Prom

    I want to be absolutely clear. I do not agree with what the school chose to do.

    That being said, it is a Catholic School. Assuming it is not a public school (most, if any, religious based schools aren’t) than the school has the right to operate according to the beliefs it was founded on. I would never send my kids to a Catholic school, especially if I even thought for a second they were gay. I don’t get why this is news.

    1. Because they can back it up with their religious fairy tales they should be allowed to discriminate? That’s dangerous bullshit you come up with there.

      1. I’m not going to tell them what to believe, the same way we don’t want them telling us what to believe. I do not walk into churches and tell them they are stupid, despite the fact that I think they are.

        Is it shocking that a catholic school has problems with homosexuality? Were these two lesbian girls really that surprised?

        There are, of course a lot of unknowns because that article was pretty incomplete. We have no idea what or how the school handled it, or what their position on homosexuality is in general. It is even an assumption on my part that it is a private school.

        But yes, a private organization that some one ELECTS to attend, has a right to adhere to it’s own beliefs. Don’t want to be discriminated against? Don’t attend anything Christian based.

        1. Most little kids don’t really get to decide which school to attend, you know? And your arguemnt is crap as nick pointed out. Even private organisations should not be allowed to discriminate. You wouldn’t say a restaurant can turn away black people just because black people could just chose to not go to that restaurant, would you?

          1. Oh, I’m sorry… I thought these were high school students, not “little kids”.

            But no, your right, people shouldn’t be free to practice their beliefs in a private institution.

            Keep it up, you are all starting to sound a bit like the Republicans.

            1. I assume what Flo meant is when you start school as a kid you don’t get to decide which school you will attend. And this is still true for high school students.

              And no, people shouldn’t be free to practise beliefs when these beliefs discriminate minorities, no matter how private the institution is.

              Freedom goes only so far and when you reach a point where you interfere the freedom of someone else you clearly went to far. And this is the case here.

            2. What about the school’s freedom to practice their religion? A private institution, funded by private dollars, should be allowed to do whatever they want on their own property.

        2. “We have no idea what or how the school handled it, or what their position on homosexuality is in general”
          Well, if their position is based on the Bible, then they could very well disapprove of sex between two women. Did the girls in question intend to have sex during prom? Because if they didn’t, I don’t see what their problem is. Sure, they could have had sex after the prom, but so could all the hetero couples that attended that night, the majority of whom presumably aren’t married.

          Let’s face it, sinning isn’t their problem, homophobia is. Sure, it is a private institute. Still, I bet that if they tried to ban an interracial couple from prom, all hell would break loose. Some forms of discrimination are apparently more acceptable than others.

    2. Of course, being a private school, I have to agree with you — as much as I hate to because of what they represent. I just feel for the girls in question (and of course, any boys in that school who are gay) — they’re stuck in the middle of this rock and a hard place.

      This is just one reason why I’m against any religion/church sponsoring any type of “education facility.” But, in America and other places, they are allowed and even encouraged. The sad thing is they do take some of the financial burden off our public school system by being there.

      And that is really pathetic for the advancement of real education in our (or any other) society — to “need” to rely on the actual opposite of education to teach our young people.

    3. The majority of children and young adults that go to a private, religious based school do so because their parents send them there. It’s not a choice issue; it’s parents doing what they believe is ‘best’ for their children. That’s one of the points to the movie “Saved”; all these young adults stuck in some wretchedly hypocritical God-fuck school and how they deal with it.

  2. Every person and every private organization ( including private schools) has the full right to discriminate, against anything and anybody. It’s known as “freedom of association” that necessary includes the freedom NOT to associate.
    And yes, restaurants have the right to turn away black people ( as well as white, yellow, or green people). The fact that government deprives them of their rights doesn’t mean these rights have disappeared. If a mugger “deprives” you of your wallet this doesn’t mean you lose your right on it.
    Governments don’t create rights and can’t abolish them.

  3. Just like we have the full right to sue them for said discrimination. The government doesn’t create rights and can’t abolish them, true, but the government DOES create laws making it illegal to act on these rights.

  4. PenboyX:

    The sad thing is they do take some of the financial burden off our public school system by being there.

    Is it true? They still are a burden on those that pay for those schools either through their church on sunday or through the tuition fees. Right? But what about the fact that they don’t have to pay taxes for the services THEY use just like the rest of the people? Anyway I used to believe in live and let live but the problem is that they are using their religion as a shield to inflict hate upon those they don’t like. Shut them down, final.

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