Periodical Political Post *106

Queer News

  • How one flawed study spawned a decade of lies about gay cures
  • Brazil takes first steps to eventually legalise same-sex marriage
  • Christians oppose anti-bullying rules, demand right to fear queers
  • Zimbabwe rejects gay rights, says gay people will be imprisoned
  • Equality law a step forward but queers still second class in Moldova
  • Twelve reasons why marriage equality will definitely ruin society

Other News

  • A 7-year-old in Detroit has committed suicide after being bullied by his peers
  • Obama officials demand renewal of once-controversial warrantless wiretapping
  • Over 700 students arrested in Canada during protest against tuition fee hikes
  • White jury declares white cop innocent despite video of him beating black teen
  • A justice system that deserves its name: Crime and punishment, Norwegian style
  • WikiLeaks founder Julia Assange stands ‘real chance’ of election in Australia

13 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *106”

  1. Of course Christians are apposed to anti-bullying rules. They are bullies who project their fears onto those who defy them.

    1. And it was just a question of time before an other kid died because of their bigotry. What makes it even worse is how young this kid was. Of course no one will be held accountable.

    2. It’s very like saying that because somebody is afraid of heights you must therefore harass those people who climb cliffs.

  2. JOSH!! — I love you :D
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    This is by far the best Blog and checking for new content is the first thing I do as soon as I start each day no matter where I am.

    SO…. A Big Saturday Thankyou! :)

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  3. “Christians oppose anti-bullying rules, demand right to fear queers”
    Why do we give haters – poromoting bullying – The honor to call them Christians ??
    Why do we always fall for their lies?
    It is not the thoughts of humanitarian acceptance of minorities, that is indoctrinating kids.
    It is the thoughts of hate – in the name of a supposed to be hating God – that those “Wanna-be christians” impose on the kids.

    Don’t let’s fall for these haters calling themselves “christians”
    Bullying is murderous, let’s tell this to those “christians”!!
    hugs all around.

  4. “Christians oppose anti-bullying rules, demand right to fear queers”

    “Everybody wants to rule the world….” – tears for fears

  5. FLAWED STUDY – already discussed.
    BRAZIL – “South America is like a great dagger, pointed at the heart of Antarctica.” Dr. Henry Kissinger, Sec’y of State.
    CHRISTIANS – The ‘progressive’ war on the 1st Amendment began innocently enough with political correctness, and the banning of a few especially egregious words, like the N word, but has now grown into a full-scale attack on freedom of speech, of thought, of association, and of religion. It is an attack on the same scale that fascists launched 40 years ago on the 2nd Amendment, which is only lately being successfully repelled. Morality cannot be legislated, neither can thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Nor should they be. However, behaviors can be encouraged or deterred. Nice kids can be rewarded, real bullies should be arrested, prosecuted and expelled, not counseled. But “Hey, Teacher! Leave them kids alone!” Educate, don’t indoctrinate. Stop trying to turn kids into ideological drones. For the sake of safety and order, control what they do, but that’s all. If you have a social agenda to offer, do it on a voluntary basis, and, just like religion, off campus.
    ZIMBABWE – Mugabe. ‘Nuff said.
    MOLDOVA – Incrementalism is better than nothing.
    TWELVE REASONS – Hurray! Well done.
    7 YEAR OLD – Mom knew about him being bullied, and did what? Nothing? What about dad? We don’t know – not nearly enough info here. Sad though.
    WARRANTLESS – The 4th Amendment only protects us from “unreasonable” search and seizure, but as long as we are in an asymmetrical war againt radical Islam, it’s all “reasonable.” I wish these phony-baloney “rights” groups like the ACLU were as eager to defend gun rights and religious rights. Truth is, they’re all just political hacks.
    CANADA TUITION – TANSTAAFL. If you don’t want to pay tuition, do what Zuckerberg did – drop out, use your head, and make billions. Quitcher Bitchin’. The increase is only $250 a year for cryin’ out loud.
    WHITE COP – The camera doesn’t lie, bit I would like to hear the sworn testimony and other evidence before making a decision on this one.
    NORWAY- I’m sure we get the same results from the “trustees” in our prisons, but as long as convicted criminals are fully punished first, and then rehabilitated, I’m all in for that. And let’s not forget full restitution to their victims. It should really be all about the victims.
    ASSANGE – hopefully, the CIA will one day take this guy out.

    1. Asymmetrical war, really. The mightiest military machine in history of humankind against a handful of bearded peasants with Kalashnikovs (and against millions of innocent civilians).
      “They are here because we are there” – Ron Paul.

      Assange and Manning are heroes, whom every honest man should admire.
      CIA = KGB.

  6. Canada: As odd as it sounds, it’s a bit more difficult in so many fields. It’s like having both the capability and knowledge to perform surgery, but not the license. Even moving to a new province can means shelling out 1000$’s in retaking the certifications you already have, prior to landing your new job, just so that you can legally work in the field that you studied in. Otherwise, you’re basically working for the company at 2-3 pay scales lower then what you should be paid for if you are even legally allowed to work.

    The student loan business is a complete mess as well. Anybody whose family that isn’t completely piss poor gets more or less shafted for how much you can receive, independent from the actual tuition. Any family that isn’t above the median average will most likely have to work through university just so that they can make ends meet. You then get out of college and enter the work force with a wage that is more location dependent then the statistics lend credence to.

    Coupled with high interest from the get go, you really have to decide if even going to university is the right choice.

    If you’re single, it gets even worse because you end up at a point where it’s impossible to get a credit card. Yay! 100k population city. 28k a year from a multinational corp. hmm… I don’t qualify for a credit card. Damm… student loan interest is at least 5% higher then they advertised. No credit score? No better priced loan available because you can’t build a credit score. More taxes with same rent costs as actually living in a large city.

    Then they add an additional 4-8000$ on what you have to pay back to the government, in addition to a fair chunk more in taxes.

    Going from a 5 year payment re-reimbursement to an 8 or 9 year payment for the exact same product is somewhat counter-productive.

  7. no wonder why the government isn’t doing anything, doing important meetings while having a hangover.

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