Queer News

  • How one flawed study spawned a decade of lies about gay cures
  • Brazil takes first steps to eventually legalise same-sex marriage
  • Christians oppose anti-bullying rules, demand right to fear queers
  • Zimbabwe rejects gay rights, says gay people will be imprisoned
  • Equality law a step forward but queers still second class in Moldova
  • Twelve reasons why marriage equality will definitely ruin society

Other News

  • A 7-year-old in Detroit has committed suicide after being bullied by his peers
  • Obama officials demand renewal of once-controversial warrantless wiretapping
  • Over 700 students arrested in Canada during protest against tuition fee hikes
  • White jury declares white cop innocent despite video of him beating black teen
  • A justice system that deserves its name: Crime and punishment, Norwegian style
  • WikiLeaks founder Julia Assange stands ‘real chance’ of election in Australia