Periodical Political Post *108

Queer News

  • Tunisia rejects United Nations call to decriminalise same-sex acts
  • Moscow police cracks down on banned gay pride rally, arresting 40
  • Petition urges Ukrainian president to stop anti-gay “propaganda” law
  • High School graduation party turns into attempt at burning gay man alive
  • Support for gay marriage higher among African-Americans than U.S. average

Other News

  • Cardinal pays $20K to priests who raped kids, then rails against immorality of gays
  • India sets age of consent to 18, makes sexual intercourse for consenting teens illegal 
  • U.S. Republicans block law aiming to battle wage discrimination against women
  • Researchers funded with European tax money release anonymous BitTorrent client
  • Mother in U.S. state of Connecticut arrested for letting 13-year-old son babysit siblings

19 thoughts on “Periodical Political Post *108”

  1. Re: Moscow. While america is supposedly becoming more secular, it is said that russia is becoming more religious.

    1. Yes, it’s true. The backlash of decades of enforced atheism. The Law of Unintended Consequences.

  2. Cardinal and his 20k largesse..
    From the news article I noted a remark from a reader that religious organisations should lose their tax exempt status….

    I fully agree.
    These churches should be made prove their worth to wider society on an annual basis. The whole concept of television evangelism in the USA is focussed on monetary profit. It’s amazing how they’re viewed as something Holy, normal and acceptable.

  3. Not long ago gays were cheering the law in India for making gay sex legal. Now they have raised the age of consent from 16 to 18 and if two people under 18 have sex with each other they are charged with rape. Be careful what you wish for. Truman Capote warned about “answered prayers”.

    1. the law giveth, and the law taketh away. welcome to the hypocrisy of the developed world, india!

  4. Re High School Beating: Well, of course it’s a hate crime, seems painfully obvious to me. Why are the authorities always so cautious when it comes to such things? Regardless, there is no excuse for ganging up on, kicking and beating, then attempting to throw a person into a fire pit. Some animals need to be put on leashes.

  5. “It gets better” in Russia for the next century: “Moscow city court has upheld a decision to turn down the LGBT activists’ request for permission to hold gay pride parades for the next 100 years.”

  6. “Support for gay marriage higher among African-Americans than U.S. average”…What?

    This seems odd, being in stark contrast with the previous post about homosexual hatred being most prevalent among African American males. Also, I saw in the news the other day that one black reverend is on the brink of having to close down his church due to people leaving because of his support for gay marriage.

    Unfortunately, Obama can only do so much, but I think his public statement is sure forcing a lot of homophobes to change their tune, which is good, but I wonder if such ideals are going to fade after his next term is up (provided he wins the election of course, which I have faith that he will).

    I would have to assume that the gay marriage issue perhaps has a greater impact with African American girls, considering I’ve seen plenty both on TV and downtown where our gay club is who have tons of gay and bisexual friends or are lesbians/bisexual themselves. What I think also helps is that they have loud voices, both literally and figuratively lol, so that can be a good thing as well.

    It’s kind of cool to think that they have just as loud voices about gay issues as their grandparents did during the Civil Rights era, and they may just be the people who can swing this thing around quicker than we think =)

  7. The lady was not arrested for having her son babysit – she was given an appearance ticket.

    Totally different.

    There were complaints filed so the police have to follow up – hence the appearance ticket.

    A bit biased against the US huh?!?!

    1. Yes, an American newspaper reporting that “Police say they arrested the woman for leaving her children unattended” must surely be biased against America.

  8. “U.S. Republicans block law aiming to battle wage discrimination against women”
    I don’t believe women are paid less for equal work.Women take more days off and work less hours, hence…. less pay.There’s also the fact that some employees get paid more because they’re more productive and/or are more valuable to the business.When a woman complains she’s paid less because she’s a woman, remember that there are many other factors at play for why she might be making less.

    “Mother in U.S. state of Connecticut arrested for letting 13-year-old son babysit siblings”
    This story is outrageous. First of all, a 13 year old is old enough to be a babysitter.Second,the neighbor is an idiot. There’s really nothing more to say except how unbelievably shitty the world has gotten.

    “Cardinal pays $20K to priests who raped kids, then rails against immorality of gays”
    What else could have been expected here?The catholic church is a sick organization.They,along with all religions,should be taxed.Catholics(and others) choose to interject themselves into politics, therefore they should not have tax exemption.

    1. The gender pay gap is significantly smaller in Sweden than in the U.S. yet women have, for example, 480 days of maternity leave in Sweden (0 in the U.S.) so that can’t really be it.

      1. Actually each parent gets 240 days but it is possible to transfer these to the other parent, except for 60 days. That is, one parent can maximally get 420 days – if the other only keeps the nontransferable 60. If there is only one parent, it will get 480 though. Just a note. :)

          1. I meant in Sweden. ;)

            Btw “Only four countries have no national law mandating paid time off for new parents: Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, and the United States”. United States of Swaziland. :D

  9. Re: Tunisia. I enjoyed the comments by Professor Aman De Sondy. Especially when he stated “Dilou is clearly incapable of bridging beautiful Arab-Muslim traditions to contemporary realities.” This would apply to our Christian leaders in positions of authority.

  10. Thank You for your insightful research. I often use your article finds to help the issues locally.

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